How does the weather affect our lives?. By: Churna Miller

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  • How does the weather affect our lives?

  • By: Churna Miller

  • .Please!Ok! Mom, can we go to the park.Hey kids your breakfast is ready!

  • `After I finish cleaning we can go to the parkAs she was cleaning, she noticed the sky was turning gray through the window.

  • Mom began to yellBoys , Boys come hereYes, Maam

  • Look out of the windowIt looks like it is going to rain

  • .They are Nimbostratus cloudsWe can predict the weather by looking at the cloudsHow do you know it is going to rain?

  • `Nimbostratus clouds produce rainLooks like we cant go to the park today and what are nimbostratus cloudsAnd they are dark gray!

  • .Who taught you guys about the weather?Ms. Miller!She has a website that can teach you about the weather

  • .Can I visit the website?SURE!!!

  • Click on the link the visit site things to check out on the site


    Websites on weather


  • Thanks kids! I learned a lot from the website.Ms. Miller is a great teacher.



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