How do insecurities affect the lives of teens everyday?

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How do insecurities affect the lives of teens everyday?. Mallika Kumar Salma Siddiqui Nilam Trivedi Health A1 04-21-09. What is an Insecurity?. An insecurity means to lack in self-confidence or assurance. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>How do insecurities affect the lives of teens everyday?Mallika KumarSalma SiddiquiNilam TrivediHealth A104-21-09</p></li><li><p>What is an Insecurity?An insecurity means to lack in self-confidence or assurance.Its something that makes a person feel vulnerable to attack, generally emotionally, resulting in anxiety.Its not being comfortable with ones self.Ex. Feeling ugly, not being comfortable with your body, not being accepted by the people around you, not meeting standards, feeling stupid, feeling hated or unloved, etc.</p></li><li><p>Why People Become InsecurePeople feel this way when they dont meet standards, or feel that they stand out in some negative way. Emotional scarringPop cultureIssues in locationBody Image</p></li><li><p>Emotional WoundsSome feel that they are to blame for:Parents divorceThe child feels that their parents did not love him/her enough to stay together (though that is hardly ever the case).Death of a loved oneSurvivors guilt plays a factor when one sees that a friend or family members life has been taken. They think things like Why couldnt it have been me? They believe that the mistake they made could happen again, and so they try to protect others around them by isolating themselves from the others.Rejection by a loved oneThe rejected will feel that he/she is not good enough for the pursued, and will take desperate measures in trying to fit that persons standards.</p></li><li><p>Pop CultureEveryone wants to be like the model, the singer, or the actorPop culture taints teenagers ideas of what should be in their livesImages of drug use and sexual activity are ubiquitous, influencing the initiatives of others.Stick thin figures, expensive clothing, cars, and being the center of attention is often displayed, and conforming to that expectation is difficult for some, so they strive towards that goal through drastic measuresThis often results in eating disorders, depression, and shying away from friends and family. </p></li><li><p>SurroundingsSurroundings play a large role in affecting teenagersParents often put pressure on their children, and when they dont meet expectations, they feel that they have failed in some way.When one becomes the new kid in a fresh setting, he/she is pressed to dive into the mainstream to be accepted.Some people feel that they are not as smart as those around them, so they do not socialize with others.</p></li><li><p>Body ImageBody image tears people apart in many ways. They believe that if they do not look a certain way, they will remain unloved, resulting in a variety of dilemmas.Teenage girls and boys feel pressures to be thin and/or muscular. These conditions are difficult for some to meet because of things that they cannot help such as:Bone structureMetabolismMental and physical disordersNot meeting these standards can cause teens to turn to drastic measures, including eating disorders and steroid use.</p></li><li><p>How Insecurities Make us FeelInsecurities have many consequences, especially during teenage yearsThe prefrontal cortex (part of the brain that causes people to think sensibly) does not operate correctly, because it is not fully matured.Insecurities make people feel suicidal, depressed, under attack, pressured to meet standards, etc.</p></li><li><p>Shocking Statistics75% of teen girls would trade their body for a celebritys71% of all teens have wished for plastic surgery because they dont like how they look51% of teens say that the pressure to look perfect is too intense66% of girls criticize their own body every day52% of teen girls think theyre not likable because of how they look or how much they weigh72% of teens know that their appearance will be judged every day at school1 in every 3 teens is depressed30% of teens commit suicide</p></li><li><p>Statistics from IA Student Survey33% of surveyed students reported to criticizing themselves on a daily basis.50% of students reported to criticizing themselves a few times a week.50% of surveyed students are constantly worried about how people see them.Only 12.5% of surveyed students feel confident about the way they look.When asked, Explain how an insecurity affects you everyday students responded:-I feel insecure about whether people like me, since Im shy and I dont hang out with a lot of people. I also feel insecure about whether I am perceived as smart or not, since I worry people will think Im just a dumb blonde or something. I feel like I have to prove Im smart and good at things.-The biggest insecurity that I have is about my appearance (beauty/weight). This affects my everyday because of the way that I perceive myself and the way I think others perceive me. It embarrasses me everyday, and sometimes makes me uncomfortable when others look at me.-The major insecurity I tackle is about how I look. I know that going to school everyday, people will be thinking and whispering about me. And that bothers me a lot every single day.When asked, Do you change yourself to fit in with others? students responded:-I think I do to a certain extent in order to fit in.-I think its pretty much necessary in order to fit in with groups that are different from your own.-Yes, in front of others that I dont know that well because I want to fit in. Or else, theyll think Im weird or something.</p></li><li><p>How to Become SecureIt is a lot harder than it sounds, but it is not impossible to block out negative comments and know who you are, without trying to change that. 25% of IA students believe this is an effective method of raising self esteem.Because some teens believe that they have no place in life, try something new, find something that youre good at, and stick with it. It will give you a sense of pride and place in the world, something majority of surveyed IA students agreed was a way to increase self esteem.Dont let minor incidents get you down.Dont over exaggerate during bad situations, they could just turn worse for you. Talk about it! People understand, they dont want to watch you suffering through it.</p></li><li><p>Importance of this SubjectMost of us have gone through an insecure phase, and for some of us, have even been scarred by them. We dont want anyone to feel that way, so it is important to educate people about feeling insecure, and how scary it is for families and friends to watch you go into seclusion and sometimes throw away your life. Its common and infectious. Dont make yourself vulnerable to it. We picked this topic to educate you all on this important struggle that teens face on a daily basis. Now, take the initiative to help friends when they need it and help others build high self esteem.</p></li><li><p>Enough said</p></li><li><p>Works CitedBrown, Nancy L. "How to Improv - Parent a Teen!" Healthline - Health Search Engine and Medical Information. </p><p>4 Mar. 2009. 7 Apr. 2009 .</p><p>Dew, Diane. "The Troubles Teens Face. 11 Mar. 1995. 8 Apr. 2009 .</p><p>"How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem?" KidsHealth. 8 Apr. 2009 </p><p>.</p><p>Overcoming Insecurities and Nervousness. Help With Family And Life Problems. 14 Apr. 2009</p><p>.</p><p>Perera, Karl. "Building Esteem FAQ." 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