How Cell Phones Have Changed Society By: Anita Neuhaus Meta Skillrud.

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How Cell Phones Have Changed SocietyBy:Anita NeuhausMeta Skillrud

HISTORY OF CELL PHONESCell phones were first used in the 1920s. At first they were large, bulky, and hard to hold on to. Now, cell phones have drastically decreased in size, as you can see below. Today there are more than 135 million people now registered as cell phone users. Inventors started creating games and applications to make life easier, although many people do not know how they have harmed society.

How have cell phones changed society?They make people less interactive (face to face).They bother people around them.They harm your health.Many more laws have been passed regarding cell phones.They take responsibilities away from kids.Cell phones make people less interactive.When people own cell phones, many of them are so focused on their phones that they dont respect their responsibilities such as homework or chores.If you walk out in public, several people will be on their phones, even if theyre with a group of friends. This can make others feel left out or less important.

How do cell phones bother people around them?Cell phones can bother many peopleIf you are at the movie theater and somebody turns on their phone, bright lights can disturb you in your movie. Also, if somebody talks on the phone while at the movies, you will be able to hear them.Being on your cell phone can be offensive at some times. People may gloat and seem richer if they have a better, more expensive phone. How can cell phones harm your health?

This is a brain from before brain damage caused by cell phones.This is the result of brain damage caused by cell phone use.As you can see, the brain on the right has leakage in inappropriate locations to have them in. Talking on cell phones reacts to your brain, therefore causing a loss of internal cell structure. Laws of Cell Phone UseIn New York City it is illegal to walk on the sidewalks with your phone on because you may cause accidents with other pedestrians.In Illinois it is illegal to audio tape a police even in a public place. You can be sentences to 15 years in prison!In most states, it is illegal to be on your phone while driving. It is the main cause of death from phones.

Taking Away From ResponsibilitiesKids nowadays are taking away from their responsibilities because of cell phone usage. They are more interested in their cool new phones. Parents are concerned for their children in a way that they havent been before cell phones.

Car Crashes From Cell Phones

9What The People ThinkWe showed our presentation to three adults and interviewed them about what they think.Q: How do you think cell phones have changed society in a negative way?A: Nowadays, you dont talk to people in person. Instead, you text them.

Q: Hearing about what cell phones can do to you, would you stop using them?A: This has definitely changed my opinion on cell phones, but I will stay to texting so I dont damage my brain.

Q: Do you feel like cell phones take away from your surroundings or what you are doing?A: Yes, I use my cell phone everyday and without it I would be lost.

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