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100:03:08,100 --> 00:03:09,260Come in.200:03:11,269 --> 00:03:13,069Mr. Feng, it's time.300:03:13,771 --> 00:03:14,892Ten thousand.400:03:28,202 --> 00:03:29,361Let's go.500:03:29,411 --> 00:03:31,570Here began the last bloody march600:03:31,662 --> 00:03:33,181toward Appomattox,700:03:33,248 --> 00:03:36,967where General Grant metGeneral Lee for the first time,800:03:37,125 --> 00:03:40,084and brave men bled to setthe course of history.900:03:40,212 --> 00:03:43,531I'm so honored to be herecelebrating the 150th anniversary1000:03:43,674 --> 00:03:45,233of the Overland Campaign.1100:03:45,300 --> 00:03:47,299Thank you to CountyAdministrator Roberts,1200:03:47,385 --> 00:03:49,504to all the dedicatedre-enactors,1300:03:49,595 --> 00:03:51,674and of courseto Governor O'Keefe1400:03:51,764 --> 00:03:55,404for organizing sucha wonderful three-day event.1500:03:57,144 --> 00:03:59,663- That's all, sir?- That's it. Short and sweet.1600:03:59,772 --> 00:04:02,252Or at least just short.1700:04:08,155 --> 00:04:10,714In Gaffney, people called itthe War of Northern Aggression.1800:04:10,824 --> 00:04:13,263I personally take nopride in the Confederacy.1900:04:13,368 --> 00:04:15,926Avoid wars you can't win,and never raise your flag2000:04:16,036 --> 00:04:19,356- for an asinine cause like slavery.- He's on his way.2100:04:19,498 --> 00:04:20,898Fine.2200:04:25,129 --> 00:04:28,008- People will move on.- They won't.2300:04:28,132 --> 00:04:31,331- The less you say, the more they'll dig.- Let them.2400:04:31,467 --> 00:04:36,907- Willa, could you give us two seconds?- I'll be right outside.2500:04:44,104 --> 00:04:46,585McGinnis happened in college.2600:04:46,692 --> 00:04:49,690The abortionhappened five years later.2700:04:49,819 --> 00:04:53,539- There aren't any medical records.- None at all?2800:04:53,698 --> 00:04:56,056We specifically made sure.2900:04:56,157 --> 00:04:57,796A nurse, somebodyin the waiting room?3000:04:57,867 --> 00:04:59,627The doctor wasthe only one there.3100:04:59,704 --> 00:05:01,861- Then where is he now?- It's a long time ago, Connor.3200:05:01,954 --> 00:05:06,515He passed away.And if I'm not worried, you shouldn't be.3300:05:06,710 --> 00:05:10,630Even still, sexual assault is partof the conversation now.3400:05:10,798 --> 00:05:12,675Every article and columnmentions you.3500:05:12,757 --> 00:05:15,876If we offer nothing,we can't shape your image.3600:05:16,009 --> 00:05:18,368I made it very clear,I don't want exposure.3700:05:18,470 --> 00:05:21,710When we have somethingnew to say, we'll say it.3800:05:23,224 --> 00:05:26,063Willa? Any luckwith the Joint Chiefs?3900:05:26,186 --> 00:05:28,305The chairman's office stillsays he's unavailable.4000:05:28,397 --> 00:05:32,755But they did offer to send thedirector of the Joint Staff.4100:05:32,941 --> 00:05:35,141- Eleven a.m. tomorrow.- Confirm it.4200:05:35,235 --> 00:05:37,954We'll meet in Francis'soffice at the West Wing. Anything else?4300:05:38,072 --> 00:05:40,350No. I should get going.Hit the road.4400:05:40,448 --> 00:05:41,609Thank you, Connor.4500:05:43,076 --> 00:05:45,395Get Congresswoman Brookson the phone.4600:05:45,495 --> 00:05:50,054And see if the First Ladywill be available this afternoon.4700:05:50,249 --> 00:05:52,690You want a brief on everyone on theChinese side of the summit?4800:05:52,796 --> 00:05:57,353No. What Durant's doing in Washingtonis a facade. This is the real negotiation.4900:05:57,548 --> 00:06:00,147Give me what you have on Feng.5000:06:00,259 --> 00:06:03,618Xander Feng. Deep familyconnections to the party.5100:06:03,763 --> 00:06:06,282Grandfather foughtside by side with Mao.5200:06:06,390 --> 00:06:10,189Big in the telecom industry.Estimated net worth is over 50 billion.5300:06:10,351 --> 00:06:13,750- More than Raymond's.- By a few billion, but who's counting?5400:06:13,896 --> 00:06:16,295Do they have anyother business partnerships5500:06:16,398 --> 00:06:18,997- other than the rare earth refinery?- Not that I could find.5600:06:19,110 --> 00:06:21,309All right. Get a progressupdate from Durant.5700:06:21,403 --> 00:06:24,082Tell her I'll be in touch as soonas we know what Feng wants.5800:06:25,907 --> 00:06:28,865When a man like Raymond Tuskgets involved in state diplomacy,5900:06:28,992 --> 00:06:31,152you can be sure he's notafter the Nobel Peace Prize.6000:06:31,246 --> 00:06:34,005He's an opportunist.But so am I.6100:06:34,123 --> 00:06:39,001Maybe this is my opportunityto loosen his grip on the president.6200:06:39,210 --> 00:06:42,250You must be the manager.Thank you for having us. Good morning.6300:06:42,381 --> 00:06:44,620Mr. Vice President,do you have any idea how long...6400:06:44,717 --> 00:06:46,596Any commentson the talks with the Chinese?6500:06:46,677 --> 00:06:48,275Can we get acomment on the summit talks?6600:06:48,344 --> 00:06:50,143The vice president willbe working from his room6700:06:50,221 --> 00:06:53,101for the remainder of the day.All day.6800:07:06,737 --> 00:07:09,935Mr. Feng, it's a pleasure.6900:07:10,073 --> 00:07:11,953Likewise,Mr. Vice President.7000:07:14,535 --> 00:07:16,815- Coffee? Tea?- I have already been offered.7100:07:16,914 --> 00:07:19,354- But thank you.- Thank you, Meechum.7200:07:23,377 --> 00:07:26,296It's a long flight from Beijing.You must be exhausted.7300:07:26,421 --> 00:07:30,981I keep Western hours.My midnight is your midnight.7400:07:31,176 --> 00:07:34,215So have you had a chanceto look over the proposal?7500:07:34,346 --> 00:07:36,505- I have.- Shall we?7600:07:36,599 --> 00:07:38,318Page four.7700:07:40,727 --> 00:07:43,886- The refinery.- With Mr. Tusk.7800:07:44,021 --> 00:07:45,581With the highest bidder.7900:07:47,525 --> 00:07:49,804We are prepared to offerClayton West a 40-year lease8000:07:49,902 --> 00:07:54,981on the Mei Mei rare earth elementsrefinery, to which I will lend my name.8100:07:55,199 --> 00:07:57,438I understand that you andRaymond are business associates.8200:07:57,534 --> 00:08:00,172But you're gonna haveto open it up to bidding.8300:08:00,285 --> 00:08:02,364Mr. Tusk will outbidany competitors.8400:08:02,455 --> 00:08:05,495Well, even so, you know,for appearances.8500:08:05,625 --> 00:08:09,224Yes. Appearances.If you must.8600:08:09,378 --> 00:08:13,416- So there are no issues here, then?- We may proceed.8700:08:13,591 --> 00:08:17,671- Page six.- The bridge.8800:08:17,845 --> 00:08:22,444The committee on foreign investmentwill approve a pilot infrastructure project8900:08:22,640 --> 00:08:26,438to build a bridge over theLong Island Sound fromPort Jefferson to Milford9000:08:26,603 --> 00:08:30,442in exchange for a 25-yeartoll-taking contract.9100:08:30,606 --> 00:08:34,486Before we consider the bridge,there's one more item I'd like to discuss.9200:08:34,652 --> 00:08:36,611Consider? I thoughtthe bridge was definite.9300:08:36,695 --> 00:08:40,734- Nothing is definite.- This bridge is a priority-one item.9400:08:40,908 --> 00:08:45,067It's very important to yourpresident. I understand.9500:08:45,245 --> 00:08:46,684What would you like to discuss?9600:08:46,747 --> 00:08:48,866The currency manipulation suit9700:08:48,957 --> 00:08:50,316which you have filed against us9800:08:50,375 --> 00:08:52,413in the World Trade Organization.9900:08:52,501 --> 00:08:56,821Which we are preparedto drop if all other conditions are met.10000:08:57,007 --> 00:08:59,326The point of this meetingis to allow us to say things10100:08:59,425 --> 00:09:01,464that cannot be saidin formal settings, yes?10200:09:01,552 --> 00:09:04,990- Yes, of course.- We don't want you to drop the lawsuit.10300:09:05,137 --> 00:09:10,016Forgive me, I...I don't understand.10400:09:10,225 --> 00:09:13,944Do not back off in the WTO.10500:09:14,104 --> 00:09:17,183But you've been fighting us oncurrency manipulation for years.10600:09:17,315 --> 00:09:19,275Free-floatingcurrency is inevitable.10700:09:20,653 --> 00:09:22,334Now I have somethingI can work with.10800:09:23,739 --> 00:09:26,537- Why the suddenn change of heart?- Not sudden.10900:09:26,658 --> 00:09:29,057It has taken those of uswho are more forward-thinking11000:09:29,159 --> 00:09:31,078many years to convinceour counterparts.11100:09:31,162 --> 00:09:33,642But China could just do it.I mean, you know as well as I,11200:09:33,748 --> 00:09:37,307- you don't require WTO ruling.- Appearances, as you say.11300:09:37,460 --> 00:09:43,739It's important that it looks like Americaforced us out, not that we gave in.11400:09:44,007 --> 00:09:47,125Well, I'll need a littlemore time so that I canbrief the president.11500:09:47,260 --> 00:09:49,860I'm here foras long as necessary.11600:09:49,972 --> 00:09:52,732However you would like to communicate,I leave that to you.11700:09:52,850 --> 00:09:55,929- Thank you, Mr. Vice President.- Thank you, Mr. Feng.11800:10:01,565 --> 00:10:05,165In Gaffney, we had ourown brand of diplomacy:11900:10:05,319 --> 00:10:09,479shake with your right hand,but hold a rock in your left.12000:10:13,201 --> 00:10:15,041Well, look who gotstuck with the pool.12100:10:15,121 --> 00:10:17,400We volunteeredbecause we hate ourselves.12200:10:17,497 --> 00:10:20,938- All's well on the Southern Front?- No news is no news.12300:10:21,086 --> 00:10:23,243Come on. I hear there'smuskets out there.12400:10:23,336 --> 00:10:25,055When you giving ussomething real?12500:10:25,130 --> 00:10:27,009We're here in beautifulSpotsylvania, aren't we?12600:10:27,090 --> 00:10:29,328This is dress-up forgrown men with toy guns.12700:10:29,424 --> 00:10:32,463Sounds like 500 words to me.12800:10:32,593 --> 00:10:36,833Tell Durant that Ch

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