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Promoting reconciliation and peace By rebuilding

Hope Homes Education LivelihoodsMap of AfricaCan you find the small country of Burundi just at the upper left corner of Tanzania which is on the East Central Coast of Africa.

See the long lake that runs south of Burundi.Burundi in central AfricaFlag of BurundiBurundi--a people in conictCofns of Gatumba VictimsUN Troop ReinforcementUN Thai Troops60% of Homes DestroyedOrphans with ProsperProsper & JRMD OfceProsper NdabishuriyeProsper & Team LeaderA JRMD Finished HomeBricks at Carama DistrictBricks Being MadeWalls Going UpUnder ConstructionReady for RoongMetal RoongHouse Getting New RoofGrass Huts for Refugeesthis is the current living conditions of many refugeesWaiting for New Home40% are Widows or OrphansUnloading DoorsDoor CeremonyDoors InstalledBeans and Cornfamilies start gardens in Carama on their landsMrs. Anastasie Nduhiyabandi&FamilyMrs. Antoinette MbonihankuyeMr. Rurahemuka Gaspard and his wifeMr. Gaston KagariMr. Eric NsengiyumvaMrs. Germaine Nyandwi2000+ People in this VillageHelping kids go to SchoolLinking students & SchoolsAfricaAmericaExchange (AAX)AAX began Fall 200428 schools in program14 Schools in Washington State 14 Schools in BurundiSchools are partneredEach follows parallel curriculum Students correspond with one anotherSome US students will travel to Burundi.C.E.S.T.E. School, BujumburaCESTE School GroundsA typical ClassroomBlackboard & ChalkAt CyberCafestudents come to CyberCafe to learn internet skillsStudent & Teacher WorkshopBayview School, Langley, WA.Lycee du Lac Tanganika StudentsGrant Street ElementaryLycee Municipal KinamaLycee Municipal RoheroEagle Harbor High School