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Home Décor Basics From House to KrisHna’s Home

Home Décor Basics · Home Décor Basics From House to KrisHna’s Home. A Home Rejuvenates the Body, Mind and Spirit Home Physical Safety, 5 senses are pleased Emotional ... (14)

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Text of Home Décor Basics · Home Décor Basics From House to KrisHna’s Home. A Home Rejuvenates the...

  • Home Décor Basics From House to KrisHna’s Home

  • A Home Rejuvenates the Body, Mind and Spirit


    Physical Safety, 5 senses are pleased


    Happy Relationships, Peace, Joy, Satisfaction of 5 senses

    keeps one emotionally balanced

    Spiritual Worship Krishna- 9 processes, Peaceful Place , Can soberly

    think of Krishna

  • • Soft Natural Fabrics, Comfortable Seats, Rounded Smooth Edges Touch

    • Fresh Flowers, Cleanliness, Clean with flower extracts, Good Prasadam, Fresh Air Smell

    • Kirtan, Sounds of nature, Wind Chimes, No Traffic Sounds Hearing

    • Good prasadam of four kinds, Fresh water and milk Tasting

    • Deities, Live greenery, Sunlight, Pictures of Krishna, Colorful flowers, pillows, draped fabrics.

    • Harmony of Layout Colors and Furniture , Vaastu Seeing

  • The Sense of Beauty!!

    Why must our homes be beautiful?

  • • Because Krishna is present

    • Pleasing atmosphere for family and guests


  • Why Nature?

    Nature Heals

    Nature Soothes

    Nature Restores

    Nature Connects

  • Why Nature?

    Whatever we see around us has been

    created by Lord Krishna

    When we see that connection we remain inspired in spiritual life

    7th,10th and 11th Chapter are about

    meditation on Krishna through his opulence

    Increases your meditation on Krishna

    Watch Video: Patterns in Nature


  • Fractal Spiral Layers Lotuses

    Peacocks Vines Cows Paisley( Mango)

    Elephants Conch Sudarshana Gada

  • Can be expressed through

    Marble Inlay Work

  • Embroidery, Cutwork,


  • Wall and Floor


  • Fabric Painting and Block Prints

  • Upholstery and Drapes

  • Direct Depiction

    of Krsna’s


  • Thus seeing each thing in the house becomes a meditation on Krishna.

    While doing embroidery, fabric painting, block printing, rangoli one gets a chance to meditate on Krishna just like the Gopis!

    More so when one does direct depiction of Krishna’s pastimes!

  • (5) alekhya -- art of painting

    (8) pushpastarana -- art of making a

    covering of flowers for a bed

    (10) mani-bhumika-karma -- art of

    making the groundwork of


    (11) sayya-racana -- art of

    covering the bed

    (12) udaka-vadya -- art of

    playing on music in water.

    (13) udaka-ghata -- art of splashing with


    (14) citra-yoga -- art of practically applying an

    admixture of colors

    (15) malya-grathana-vikalpa -- art of designing a

    preparation of wreaths.

    (26) suci-vaya-karma -- art of

    needleworks and weaving.

    (27) sutra-krida -- art of playing with thread.

    (35) tarku-karma -- art of

    spinning by spindle.

    (36) takshana -- art of carpentry.

    (37) vastu-vidya -- art of


    (38) raupya-ratna-pariksha --

    art of testing silver and jewels.

    (39) dhatu-vada -- art of


    (40) mani-raga jnana -- art of tinging jewels.

    (41) akara jnana -- art of


    (51) yantra-matrika -- art of


    Some of the 64 arts mastered by Radharani and the Gopis involve the home arts we have discussed !


  • Make Your Homes Pleasing by making

    beautiful motifs and patterns through various arts that

    remind you of krishna

  • Thank You