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From an invited lecture at Jagaloneon Univ in Krakow on art and trauma/disaster. Holocaust begins on slide 63.

Text of Holocaust + art

  • 1.The Artist, Collective Memory,and Crisis of the Natural andUnnatural KindJanuary 27, 2010A Lecture to Jagalonian University CulturalStudies Program, Class in VisualityDr. Lori KentFulbright Fellow, Academy of Fine ArtsLeadbelly (1930s) Ox Drivin Blues from the album King of the 12-StringGuitar

2. From an artists point of view.Where does art come from? 3. Where does art come from?memory?Imagination? experience? Representation? Passion? re-presentation ???? 4. Where does art come from?memory?Imagination? experience? Representation? Passion? re-presentation ???? 5. Johannes Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance, c. 1664 6. Where does art come from?memory?Imagination? experience? Representation? Passion? re-presentation ???? 7. Edgar Degas, Ballet Rehearsal on Stage, c. 1874, 8. Where does art come from?memory?Imagination? experience? Representation? Passion? re-presentation ???? 9. Matthew Barney, Film Still from the Cremaster Series, c. 1992 10. Hieronymus Bosch , The Last Judgment, c. 1482 11. All that you can imagine, you already know- Sir Stephen Spender 12. Where does art come from? memory? Imagination? experience? Representation? Passion?re-presentation ???? 13. Francisco de GoyasDisasters of War SeriesThe National Museum, Krakow 1807-14 Peninsula WarCreated in 1812-14 Published in 1863 14. Goya With Reason or Without 15. Goya What Courage 16. Goya They Do Not Want To 17. Goya And There is No Remedy 18. Goya What More Can Be Done 19. Goya Bury Them and Be Silent 20. HURRICANE KATRINA August 29, 2005 21. Riverboat on MIssissippi 22. French Quarter Shotgun house 23. Mardi Gras beads 24. Caf DuMonde at late night 25. Lucky Dogs on Bourbon Street 26. Riverfront at Night 27. 80% of the City flooded 28. Malcolm McClay 29. 0%Malcolm McClayMalcolm McClayLino Cut Print 30. Untitled(2007)Archival Digital Print 31. Malcolm McClayUntitled(2007)Archival Digital Print 32. Malcolm McClayUntitled(2007)Archival Digital Print 33. Untitled(2007)Archival Digital PrintMalcolm McClay 34. Malcolm McClayUntitled(2007)Archival Digital Print 35. Malcolm McClayUntitled(2007)Archival Digital Print 36. Generic ArtSolutions 37. FloodlinesDebra Howell 38. FloodlinesKrista Jurisch 39. FloodlinesJan Gilbert 40. http://artinaction-nola.blogspot.com/ 41. Floodwall by Jana Napoli 42. http://www.floodwall.org 43. http://www.floodwall.orgWhat will come out of Haiti? 44. Childrens Art after the2005 Indonesian Tsunami 45. This painting was drawn by a child from a town close to the epicenter,where 8,200 people drowned in 20 minutes 46. They also show the effect on property and how some people survived the huge wave. 47. Sri Lanka was a holiday paradise for holidaymakers before the tsunami.. 48. Source http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/4075970.stm 49. The Holocaust 50. The Holocaust Camp ArtSurvivor Memory-Based Art Nazi Propaganda Art Degenerate Art 51. http://www.thejewishmuseum.orgMayer KirshenblattGalacia Museum in Krakow 52. Town Panorama (1994) Opatow Poland or Apt in Yiddish 53. Mother Giving Birth to My Brother Vadye(1994) 54. The Kitchen (1994) 55. The Pisher(1994) 56. Jadwiga Washing Laundry (1992) 57. Mother Blessing the Sabbath Candles (1995) 58. The Gramaphone(1999) 59. Synagogue (1994) 60. Town Panorama (1994) 61. Market Day (1992) 62. Market Day (1992) 63. The Kleptomaniac Slipping a Fish Down Her Bosom (1995) 64. New Bermedresh: Playing Soccer (1992) 65. MoyreShimhesKhayder(1991) 66. The Boy in the White Pajamas (1992) 67. We shall discover and encourage the artistswho are able to impress upon the State of theGerman people the cultural stamp of theGermanic race . . . in their origin and in thepicture which they present they are theexpressions of the soul and the ideals of thecommunity." (Hitler, Party Day speech, 1935) 68. Nazi Approved Art 69. Arno BreckerPreparedness 70. Adolph Wissel (1939) Family from Kahlenberg 71. Ernst Leiberman (1939) By the Water 72. Marc Chagall (1915) The Kiss 73. Ghetto and Camp Art 74. WADYSAW SIWEKBackgroundPrior to World War II, Siwek studied at the Krakw Academy of Fine Arts and worked for theKrakw Railway Headquarters.Arrest and Deportation to AuschwitzHe was arrested for resistance on January 14, 1940 and sent toMontelupic prison. October 8, 1940, Siwek was deported to Auschwitz, where he was assigned prisonernumber 5826.Art Produced at AuschwitzHe was initially assigned to hard labor in the stone quarries and becameemaciated and ill. Siwek was then sent to the prisoner infirmary, where fellow artist and prisoner LeonTuralski helped secure him an easier labor assignment with the painters labor detail. May 1941 throughSeptember 1943, Siwek produced calligraphy, portraits, landscape paintings, and hunting scenes for theSS. In addition to portraits of the SS families, he did portraits, in secret, of over 2000 prisoners. 75. WADYSAW SIWEK Interrogation in Cell Block 11 76. WADYSAW SIWEK A Group of New Arrivals 77. http://remember.org/then-and-now/tn04.html 78. WADYSAW SIWEK Summary Court Marshall 79. WADYSAW SIWEK Selection at Apel [Roll Call] 80. WADYSAW SIWEK Arrival of Soviet POWs 81. JaninaTollikA Street in the Womens Camp 82. JerzyPotrzebowski Entrance to the Krankenbau (Hospital) 83. JerzyPotrzebowski 84. NIGHT. A brick has comeloose from the low wallseparating out cell fromthe next where otherlarvae sleep, moan, anddream under the blanketsthat cover them theseare shrouds covering themfor they are dead., today,tomorrow what does itmatter, We feel that weteeter on the edge of adark pit, a bottomless void it is the hole of the nightwhere we strugglefuriously, struggle againstanother nightmare, that ofour real death.* MieczyslawKoscielniak, from the series: "A Day in the Life of a Woman Prisoner" 85. ZofiaRosensztrauchThe Last Execution 86. MieczysawKocielniak 87. You dont have to be an artist to draw.Create a small scene fromyour life, at any age, that ismemorable.Use imagery only, no text.Unknown Artist (1944) Portrait of AlbertFrecke