Hollywood Temple SanTa BarBara Temple ... - Vedanta teaches that humanity’s real nature is di-vine,

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  • Sunday Spiritual Talks 11 am

    2 Yogi Shiva Swami Sarvadevananda

    9 The Divinity of Man Swami Vedarupananda

    16 Understanding the Power of Love Swami Mahayogananda

    23 Demystify Yourself Swami Satyamayananda

    • Classes •

    Tuesdays 7:30 PM Nectar of Supreme Knowledge Swami Sarvadevananda

    Wednesday 7:30 PM Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna 5, 19 Swami Sarvadevananda 12 Swami Satyamayananda 26 Swami Atmatattwananda

    Thursday 7:30 PM 6, 20 Bhagavad Gita Swami Satyamayananda

    13 See Other Events 27 Self–Help Swami Vedarupananda

    Sunday Spiritual Talks 11 am 2 The Divinity of Man Swami Vedarupananda

    9 Demystify Yourself Swami Satyamayananda

    16 Yogi Shiva Swami Sarvadevananda

    23 Relationships Pravrajika Krishnaprana

    • Other Events • 1, 22, 29 Saturday 5:30 Pm Reading from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna 6:30 pm Ramayana at the Convent 8 Saturday 5 PM Class Katha Upanishad Swami Satyamayananda

    14 Friday 6:30 Pm Vedanta in Australia Robert Grant

    15 Saturday 4:30 Pm Class Bhagavad Gita Swami Sarvadevananda

    21 Friday 11 PM SHIVA RATRI


    Sunday Spiritual Talks 11 am 2 Demystify Yourself Swami Satyamayananda

    9 Yogi Shiva Swami Sarvadevananda

    16 Love of God Swami Atmatattwananda

    23 Spiritual Life Swami Harinamananda

    • Other Events •

    Wednesdays 7:30 pm Scripture Class Sundays 2:30 PM Spanish Scripture Class Swami Dhyanayogananda (in person or live video)

    Friday 7:30 PM

    7, 14, 28 Living Wisdom of Swami Abhedananda

    21 See Other Events

    Saturday 2:30 PM 8, 22 Chanting for Beginners

    Sundays 9–10:35 AM Sanskrit Class Sukirtha Alagarswamy

    Sundays/Domingos 2:30 PM Spanish Scripture Class Swami Dhyanayogananda (in person or live video)

    • Other Events •

    1 Saturday 6:30 PM Ram Nam

    13 Thursday 7:30 PM Vedanta in Australia Robert Grant

    15 Saturday 9 AM–12:30 PM Karma Yoga Day

    21 Friday 6 PM–1:30 AM


    28 Friday 7 AM Vigil


    Hollywood Temple SanTa BarBara Temple ramakriSHna monaSTery


    1946 Vedanta Place Hollywood, CA 90068 323 465 7114 Temple Hours 6:30 AM– 7 pm Bookshop Hours Mon–Sat 10 AM–12:30 pm & 2–5 pm Sun 10–11 AM, Noon–5 pm Bookshop Closed Wednesdays

    927 Ladera Lane Santa Barbara, CA 93108 805 969 2903 Temple Hours 6:30 AM– 7 pm Bookshop Hours Mon–Sat 11 AM–5 pm Sun 10 AM–1 pm Bookshop Closed Wednesdays

    19961 Live Oak Canyon Rd. PO Box 408 Trabuco Canyon, CA 92678 949 858 0342 Daily Visiting Hours 9–11 AM, 3–5 pm Bookshop Hours Mon–Fri 9 AM–11 AM & 3 PM–5 PM Sat & Sun 10 AM–5 PM Bookshop Closed Tuesdays

    Orange County Hollywood Santa barbara

    2 Sunday 4 pm Retreat with Swami Sarvadevananda 4 pm Meditation and Singing 6 pm The Letters of Swami Viveka nanda Reading and Discussion

    FEBRUARY 2020

    ViVekananda HouSe 309 Monterey Road

    South Pasadena, CA 91030 323 254 1546

    Visits by Appointment

    south pasadena

    “To many it is not given to hear of the Self. Many, though they hear of it, do not understand it. Wonderful is he who speaks of it. Intelligent is he who learns of it. Blessed is he, who taught by a good teacher, is able to understand it.” —Katha Upanishad

  • FRONT COVER 8.5 × 14 Accordion Fold

    San diego

    aBouT VedanTa


    Ramakrishna Order of India

    FEBRUARY 2020


    SWAMI SATYAMAYANANDA Assistant Minister

    Online at vedanta.org

    · Orange County · South Pasadena · High Desert

    Hollywood Santa Barbara

    San Diego

    Vedanta teaches that humanity’s real nature is di- vine, that the true object of human life is to unfold and manifest this divinity, and that truth is univer- sal. Vedanta accepts all the religions of the world and reveres the great prophets, teachers, and in- carnations of God, because it recog nizes the same divine inspiration in all.

    The Vedanta Society of Southern California was founded in 1930 and incorporated as a non-profit religious corporation in 1934. The Society main- tains a tem ple, convent, and monastery in both Hollywood and Santa Barbara; a monastery and shrine each in San Diego and Trabuco Canyon; the Vivekananda House in South Pasadena, and a Retreat in Pinon Hills. There are a number of offi- cial Vedanta Societies in the United States, Europe, and South America. Although the societies are under the spiritual guidance of the Ramakrishna Order of India, each is an independent, self-sup- porting unit.

    Membership is open to those who are seri ously in terested in the teachings of Vedanta and have attended lectures and classes for some time. Applications are available in the Society office and bookshop.

    Private instruction is available from Swami Sarva - devananda to those who have attended classes and lectures for some time and want to deepen their spiritual life in the path of meditation. There is no charge for this instruction. Appointments may be made at the local centers.

    Information and books on Vedanta and other reli- gions are available at our bookshops and websites.

    San Diego

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    “Where there is a living being, there is Shiva.”

    Sri Ramakrishna San diego CenTer

    1440 Upas Street San Diego, CA 92103

    619 291 9377 Visits by Appointment

    FEBRUARY 2020

    The Vedanta Society is Online

    Vedanta Society · vedanta.org Vedanta Catalog (Books) · vedanta.com Books in Spanish · saradamapublishing.org

    8, 22 Saturday Spiritual Talks 10 AM Singing, Meditation 11:15 AM Swami Arupeshananda 8 Keystone Habits 22 On Atheism 12:30 PM Vegetarian Potluck

    15 Saturday Retreat 9:30 AM–4 PM Svetasvatara Upanishad Pravrajika Dayaprana

    720 Sage Road PO Box 720575

    Piñon Hills, CA 92372 949 326 3002

    FEBRUARY 2020 High desert

    piñon HillS reTreaT

    Spiritual Talks 11 AM SUNDAY or as noted 1 SATURDAY 11 AM Demystifiy Yourself Swami Satyamayananda 8 SATURDAY 11 AM Yogi Shiva Swami Sarvadevananda 16 Seeing God With Open Eyes Swami Chetanananda Vedanta Society of St. Louis 23 The Emotional Me Swami Dhyanayogananda

    • Other Events •

    4, 11 Tuesday 6:15 PM Scripture Class MARCH 1 Sunday 10:30 AM SRI RAMAKRISHNA PUJA