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HMC Taxila_Internship_Report_Amjad_Faizan_Mohsin_15_July_2015

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Text of HMC Taxila_Internship_Report_Amjad_Faizan_Mohsin_15_July_2015

  • Internship Report

    Submitted by

    Amjad Mehmood, Faizan Ahmad, Mohsin Nazir

    (University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore-54890, Pakistan)

    Submitted to

    Mr. Mudasir Chaudry

    (Management Training Centre)

    Incharge MTC

    Mr. Ali Asghar

    Dated: 15th July, 2015

    Heavy Mechanical Complex (Pvt) Ltd Taxila: 47050 Pakistan

  • ii


    Dedicated to workers, staff members, supervisors and officers for their support and supervision

    especially Mr. Ali Asghar (I/C MTC) and Mudasir Chaudhry for their guidance

    A. Mehmood

    F. Ahmad

    M. Nazir

  • iii


    Practical knowledge have become important in the industrial environment to produce products

    for the service of mankind. The knowledge of manufacturing practices is highly essential for all

    engineers for familiarizing themselves with modern concepts of manufacturing technologies. The

    basic need is to provide practical knowledge of manufacturing processes to all the internee

    students. Therefore, an attempt has been made through this internship to present the practical

    knowledge. Considering the general needs of internee students and the fact that they hardly get

    any exposure to hand tools, equipments, machines and manufacturing setups, this internship will

    be very useful to them in their future.

    At the end, we thank Ms. Ayesha Tayyab, Mr. Qaiser Naeem Butt, Mr. Shamshad Gill and Mr.

    Abid Hussain for their special support and guidance.

    A. Mehmood

    F. Ahmad

    M. Nazir

  • iv


    We thankfully acknowledge the cooperation of Mr. Amjad Hussain (Instructor) as he helped

    throughout our internship, with his kind cooperation; by which we had a complete exploration of

    the practical experiences.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction 1

    Premises and Assets 1

    Departments 1

    Facilities 1

    Products 2

    Quality Certifications 2

    Major Achievements 3

    Technical Collaborations 3

    Civic Amenities 4

    2. Assembly Shop 6

    Assembly 6

    Fitting 7

    Fits 7

    3. Heat Treatment Shop 8

    Heat Treatment 8

    Heat Treatment Processes 8

    4. Fabrication Shop 11

    Fabrication 11

    List of Machines 11

    Raw Materials 11

    Layout 12

    Fabrication Techniques 13

    Cutting 13

    Forming Processes 13

    Welding 15

    Welding Defects 16

    Surface Cleaning 18

    Boiler 18

    5. Production Planning and Control 20

    Sales Order Numbering System 20

    Core Planning 20

    Project Planning 20

    Material Management 20

    Process Planning 21

    Tool designing 21

  • vi

    Dispatch Cell/Material Handling 21

    Income tax Cost and Revenue 21

    6. Steel Foundry 22

    Casting Process 22

    Advantages of Sand Casting 23

    Limitations 23

    Steel Melting Furnace 23

    7. Non-Destructive Testing 24

    Radiographic Testing 24

    Ultrasonic Testing 24

    Magnetic Particles Inspection 25

    Liquid penetrant Testing 25

    Eddy Current Testing 26

    8. Basic Machine Shop 27

    Production Planning Section 27

    List of Machines 27

    Machining 28

    Classification of Machined Parts 28

    Turning and Related Operations 28

    Hobbing 28

    Lathe Machine 29

    Shaper Machine 30

    Planar Machine 30

    9. Technology Department 31

    Feasibility Study 31

    10. Material Testing Lab 32

    Metallography 32

    Mechanical Testing 32

    Universal Testing Machine 32

    Charpy Impact Testing Machine 33

    Brinell Testing Machine 33

    Rockwell Testing Machine 34

    11. Inspection 35

    APPENDIX: Schedule of Internship 37

  • [1]

    Chapter No. 1

    Introduction Heavy Mechanical Complex Pvt Ltd. Taxila is a State owned capital goods manufacturer which

    brought Pakistan into the category of industrially advanced countries. Its performance is linked

    with the policies and overall economy of the country

    It was established in 1971 as a mechanical working company with the aim to shift emphasis from

    manufacturing of consumer goods to capital goods, achieving optimum imports substitution in

    plant, machinery and equipment, saving foreign exchange and achieving technological up

    gradation. Its forgings and foundry section was established in 1977.

    Premises and Assets

    Total Factory Area: 226 Acres

    Total Colony Area: 345 Acres

    Total Area: 571 Acres

    Covered Area in Factory: 46 Acres

    Covered Area in Colony: 24 Acres

    Total Covered Area: 70 Acres

    Gross Assets: 2 billion PKR


    Sales and Marketing Department

    Design and Engineering Department

    Production Planning and Control Department

    Production Shops (HMC1 & HMC2)

    Quality Assurance Department

    Project Management Department

    Human Resources Department

    Finance and Budgeting Department




    Heat Treatment




  • [2]

    Tool Making


    Design and Engineering with well-equipped Computer Aided Design (CAD) facility

    Well-equipped Quality Assurance Department with ISO 9001 Certification and authorization to use ASME STAMPS, PP, S, U, U2


    Sugar Plants

    Alcohol Plants

    Cement Plants

    Chemical and Petro Chemical Plants

    Oil and Gas Processing Plants

    Industrial Steam Boilers

    Thermal and Hydral Power Plants

    Road Construction Machinery

    Railway Equipment

    Over Head Traveling Cranes

    General Steel Structures

    Highly Sophisticated Castings and Forgings

    Items for Defence and Strategic Industry

    Quality Certifications

    ISO 9001


    Design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of plants and machinery including

    cement, sugar, thermal, hydro, chemical, oil and gas processing plants, agriculture machinery,

    boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, cranes, road construction machinery, steel structures,

    plain and alloyed steel castings, free and automatic die forgings, steel billets and other similar

    heavy engineering equipment.



    U: Pressure vessel according to ASME section VIII, Div. I

    U2: Pressure vessel according to ASME section VIII, Div. II

    S: Power Boilers

    PP: Pressure Piping

  • [3]


    First class manufacturer of fusion welded pressure vessels

    Registered as Qualified construction Company

    Major Achievements

    Pioneer in getting ISO 9001 certification and helped other local industries to acquire ISO 9001 certification

    Acquired Authorization from American Boiler Board to use ASME STAMPS for power boilers, pressure vessels and pressure pipes

    Attained capability to design, engineer, manufacture machinery for turn-key supply of higher module sugar and cement plants

    Pursue a dynamic marketing and engineering product diversification, policy as a consequence diversified into energy sector (Thermal and Hydral Power Plants) and oil

    & gas processing industry etc.

    Technical Collaboration

    Table. 1.1 Technical Collaborations of HMC, Taxila

    Product Company Country

    Cement Plant and



    KHD Germany

    F. L. SMIDTH Denmark

    FCB France

    ONODA EN 66 Japan

    Sugar Plant and Machinery POLIMEX-CEKOP Poland

    WALKERS Australia

    HEIN LEHMANN Germany

    COMPLANT China

    Alcohol Plants INTERIS France

    Chemical/Petro Chemical CE-NETCO Singapore


  • [4]

    TITAN PROTELTS Ltd. Canada


    WILKINSON Malaysia



    Small Hydral Power Project SULZER ESCHER Switzerland


    Boilers Industrial Utility COMPLANT China



    TAKUMA Japan

    Cranes R.STAHIL Germany

    KONE Finland

    Road Construction

    Machinery COMPLANT China

    BEUMAR Poland


    Auto Forging PARSON Turkey

    Water Resistant Casting

    and Grinding Media BRADLEY AND FOSTER UK

    Civic Amenities

    Residential Colony

    Family Accommodation: 1091

    Bachelor Accommodation: 342

    Flats: 30

    Mosques: 3

  • [5]


    Rehnuma Girls Higher Secondary School

    HMC Boys High School

    Junior Model School


    Male dispensary: 10 beds

    Female dispensary: 20 beds

    Other facilities

    Shopping centre

    Officers Club

    Guest House

    Police Station

    Post Office

    Utility Stores


    Play Grounds

    Subsidizing Electricity