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  • 1. What is search relevancy? |1

2. 2 3. 11 With richer and richer content... 100,000% Growth in ContentWith more andmore links40,000%More andGrowth in URLsmore sites2,000%Growthin Sites973 4. Growing search needs Growing frustration25%42% 50%4 5. Cheap running shoes |5 6. What is more personal thanyour phone & your address book?6 7. Geo-localisation New marketing models7 8. Computer saysif they liked, so should you8 9. Everything you do in theAnd reciprocally, whatsocial media spheres will happens in search canappear in the searchinfluence your social mediaengine at some point9 10. Customer intentOfficial Owned Influenced Paidcaptured 10 11. 5 millionMicrosoft use Yahoo! anduniquesearchers not GoogleReach 23 millionuniquesearchers using Yahoo! and Microsoft sites11comScore qSearch (custom), November 2010. 12. Introduction to theMicrosoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance12 13. Competition EfficiencyCustomer service Innovation PerformanceCreate a SimplifyProvideFaster ImproveWhy competitivenew choice your search a better searchinnovationthrough your ROI join in searchadvertising experience for thescaleforces?consumers 13 14. % of click-throughs leading to secure pagesTwo best converting search engines7.0% 6.5%Together Yahoo! Search 5.9%and Bing audiences are... 4.8% 4.6%41% more likely4.1%to convert than the average UK searcher47% more likelyto buy online than Google searchers worldwideAverage Bing Yahoo! GoogleAOLAskUK Search14 Source: NNR-UK, May-October 2010. 15. A competitive choice in search marketing connecting you to a larger, highly converting audienceof over 23 million mobile and PC British searchers through the convenience of a single global account.www.searchalliance.com/uk15 16. Thank You.Cedric ChambazEMEA Marketing Lead, SMB AdvertisingCedric@microsoft.com@CEDRICtus16