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History of Malaysia

History of Malaysia. Prehistorical History Early stone age or Paleolithic age 35,000 years ago Mesolithic Age 15,000-12,000 year Neolithic age 5,000 years

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History of Malaysia Slide 2 Prehistorical History Early stone age or Paleolithic age 35,000 years ago Mesolithic Age 15,000-12,000 year Neolithic age 5,000 years ago Metal Age 2,500 years ago Slide 3 Early kingdoms in Malaysia Malay Sultanate - 1400 by Parameswara fled from Palembang to Temasik- Muar- Bertam- Melaka - from the tree he rested on/ arab word meaning Market -threat from Ayuthia (siam) - request protection from China - china protect melaka from attack - embrace Islam in 1414 (Iskandar Shah) - attrack traders from India & Arab - Sultan Muzaffar took over- Malacca Strong Slide 4 Continued during Mansur Shah until Sultan Mahmud Shah European penetration- 1509 sendLopez to negotiate trading but was imprisoned by Sultan. Alfonso de Albuqerque attacked Malacca for 130 years 2 princes of Sultan Mahmud set up their own country Johore & Perak Johore continue legacy Acheh was a threat 1641 Dutch chased Portugese out Slide 5 British colonisation Colonisation of Penang - achieved through agressiveness & deception- 18 th century Strategic as military and commercial base Industrial revolution in europe and msia rich in natural resources Facing military treats from Siam and Burma Offered British settlement if willing to help Francis Light agree without approval of EIC When EIC refuse to help, ordered to leave Slide 6 British attacked Seberang Perai Sultan Kedah had to accept beginning of British occupation Difficult to get food supply- force Kedah to deliver Seberang Perai on certain payment They look for better location Stamford Rafles took side during the dispute of two Johore Sultans son and as gratitude allowed settlement in Spore Slide 7 Anglo Dutch Treaty 1824- Dutch surrender Malacca to British while British surrender Bankahulu to Dutch Thus Penang, Malacca & Spore = Straits Settlements 1874- Pangkor Treaty British interfere in Perak through Resident System Resident to advise Sultan on adminstration except Religion and Custom JWW Birch killed in Pasir Salak Slide 8 Due to weakness in Resident System, The federated Malay states was form in 1895 to unite- Perak, N Sembilan, Pahang, Selangor Bangkok Treaty 1909- Perlis, Kedah, Trengganu & Kelantan& Johore given to British by Siam The Unfederated Malay States Malay ruler persuaded to accept a British Commisioner Slide 9 Japanese occupation Early 1940s Japan encountered problem due to shortage of Raw material and agricultural purpose Japanese invaded Malaya through Kota Bahru Spore- 18/12/1941 Army also landed in Siam Japanese treated malay well and chinese badly Slide 10 Reasons for Japanese success British not prepared to face sudden attack Prince ofWales and Repulse were destroyed Japanese trained for guerilla attack Japanese landed in Kota Bahru when British defended in Spore Japan received cooperation from Siam Japanese received info from Siam Slide 11 Socio-economic effect on Japanese occupation Epidemic Citizens being tortured and killed Shortage of food supply Suspicions against each other Unemployment Extinguishing all British influence Forced labour Confiscating of medications Slide 12 Difference in treatment towards different races Malay :- as police and military Asia for Asia Chinese :- -bad treatment moved away from town area -started MPAJA/joined PKM - affected by war between China and Japan Indian :- used to help chase away British from India Slide 13 After effect of Japanese occupation Encourage the development of nationalism Eg KMM Communalism becomes very strong among the races Economic downfall Starts the idea of requesting of independence Slide 14 Malayan Union After Japanese return, British announced Malayan Union on 10/10/1945 uniformity in administration Harold Macmicheal send to obtain signature who threatened and forced Sultan to sign Malayan Union failed due to :- strong opposition from Malays Wrong timing Non support from non Malay leaders MacMicheal approach Slide 15 Upon dissolution of Malayan Union, a new constitution was drafted and came into effect :- 1st February 1948- Federation of Malaya Constitution with a British High Commissioner placed as highest administrator -Include the preparation of self-rule -The first election held in 1955 and Tungku become the first PM Slide 16 A meeting held in London attended by Tungku Abdul Rahman decided to form the Reid Commission headed by Lord Reid to draw a new constitution for independent The commission consist of expert from UK, Australia, India and Pakistan Draft accepted and declared as Constitution of Federation of Malaya on 31/8/1957 Slide 17 After 6 years, Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak joined with Malaya to become Malaysia Cobbold Commission was set up to examine the reaction of people of Sabah Sarawak- after confirmation, drafting started Wef 16/9/1963 Constitution of Malaysia Reasons behind forming of Malaysia was :- The threat of communist Racial imbalance Independence of Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak Economic corporation Slide 18 In Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew conducted referendum and shows 70% supported Brunei-large number objected Brunei back off last minute following an armed revolt staged by Brunei Parti Rakyat and decided not to proceed to avoid reoccurence In 9/8/1965- Singapore withdrew Philippines objected and claimed Sabah & Sarawak were part of them Indonesia protested and launched confrontation but it came to an end when took over by Sukarno 1965 Slide 19 13 th May 1969 The worst racial clash has resulted in the worst ever scars in the heart of all Malaysian It started with invasion of Japanese which had destroyed our trust towards each other. After General election 1969 Parti Gerakan (then the opposition) had won many seats and started with the procession which later turns ugly Started in Kampung Baru, KL and then spread all over Malaysia Slide 20 Many people died, property and vehicle destroyed by fire. Many people were arrested. The PM, then Tungku Abdul Rahman declared emergency and things got better eventually. The incident had proven that Malaysian then has not been united especially among the races. The Government decided that something must be done to intergrate the multi racial society in Malaysia. The Rukun Negara came about on the 31/8/1970 to ensure the integration among Malaysians Slide 21