HfS Blueprint Report Blueprint Report Talent Acquisition Service Providers – Partners on the Path to Total Talent Management Excerpt for Accenture. August 2014 A Comparative

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  • Architects of Global Business

    HfS Blueprint ReportTalent Acquisition Service Providers Partners on the Path to Total Talent ManagementExcerpt for Accenture

    August 2014

    A Comparative Analysis of the Evolving Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Contract Labor Vendor Managed Service Provider (MSP) Marketplace

    Christa Degnan ManningSenior Vice President, Global Workforce and Talent Strategies Christa@hfsresearch.com

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    Table of Contents

    Topic Page

    Executive Summary and Scope 3

    Research Methodology 18

    Service Provider Capabilities 25

    Service Provider Profile 32

    About the Author 34

  • Executive Summaryand Scope

  • 2014 HfS Research Ltd. Proprietary Page 4

    Introduction to the HfS Blueprint Report: Talent Acquisition Services

    The Talent Acquisition Services HfS Blueprint Report is the second application of HfSBlueprint methodology in the Workforce Support Services arena. Going beyond theadministration of traditional human resource functions and processes, Workforce SupportServices include the acquisition, development, reward and recognition, and collaborationand connection of workers today, regardless of employment status (i.e. full time, contingent,outsourced staff.) This reorientation from HR function and processes to supporting theworker is to help companies improve peoples productivity, engagement, and overallcontributions to achieving business outcomes today.*

    Unlike other quadrants and matrices, the HfS Blueprint identifies relevant differentialsbetween service providers across numerous facets in two main categories: innovation andexecution.

    HfS Blueprint Report ratings depend on a broad range of stakeholders with specificweightings based on 1,355 crowd-sourced responses. Stakeholders include:

    Enterprise Buyers Service Providers Industry Influencers (sourcing advisors) HfS Analysts

    * For more information, see Reorienting HR to Create the Employee Experience, HfS Research May 2014.


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    Talent Acquisition Services Definition

    HfS defines Talent Acquisition Service providers as those third-party firms that support companies in thestrategy, sourcing, and engagement programs and processes required to attract and activate workers asbusinesses desire today.

    Talent Acquisition Service delivery is evolving from the traditional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) andcontingent or contract work managed service providers (MSP) worlds as companies seek access to more flexiblelabor pools and talent sourcing and management support models as well.

    This market did not emerge from a vacuum, however, so the service provider relationships in place for talentacquisition evaluated for this study may have been intertwined with BPO arrangements in multi-process humanresource outsourcing (HRO), indirect procurement service delivery, or broader back office arrangements led byfinance or IT. Some relationships come from traditional recruiting and staffing firm client expansions.

    Neverthetheless, the competitive skills and geographic dynamics of todays labor markets as well as thecomplexity of matching people to the right roles in the right company at the right time is requiring new formsof sophisticated specific Talent Acquisition capabilities expertise, technologies, and staff.

    This means some early multi-HRO service providers are opting out of the Talent Acquisition marketplace, whileothers are doubling down. New entrants are also emerging specifically to deliver technology-enabled talentacquisition services that support overall talent management excellence and agile business outcomes.

    This report seeks to put a stake in the ground around this evolving space and to help define what progressiveTalent Acquisition Service delivery will mean and how it fits in with in the context of Workforce SupportServices and technology-enabled business services overall moving forward.

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    The Workforce Support Services Map: Engaging and Empowering Workers

    This Blueprint Focuses on Talent Acquisition Services


    Central support with omnichannelcommunication mechanisms




    Collaboration Travel Mobility

    Knowledge Management

    Development Assessment

    Payroll Benefits Other Rewards

    Strategy Source Engage





    What am I doing?

    Why am I doing it?

    Who am I doing it with?

    How am I getting it done?

  • 2014 HfS Research Ltd. Proprietary Page 7

    Acquiring Talent Today Involves Attraction and Retention

    Strategy Source Engage


    Progressively supporting a company in talent acquisition services todayrequires service providers be involved in labor strategy from understandingwhat the business needs and where and how workers are available to meetthose needs through finding and securing the talent through modernsourcing methods. Increasingly identifying the factors that make sure a workeris a good match and will be motivated to ultimately support the business indelivering results engaged is also a key part of the capabilities anddifferentiation delivered by service providers today.

  • 2014 HfS Research Ltd. Proprietary Page 8

    The Candidate Experience Leads to the Employee Experience

    As the workplace and the workforce have been changing dramatically, companies are desperateto acquire engaged, productive, and resilient workers. To attract people to open positions andwin the best talent, organizations have increasingly been focused on their employer brands,employer value propositions and the candidate experience during the recruiting and hiringprocesses. This calls for new roles and skills in marketing and communication, creative sourcingsolutions, and compelling change management capabilities.

    Yet this also means companies increasingly need to worry about the experience of what it is liketo actually work for and within their companies as well. This is pulling service providers whosupport talent acquisition processes further into talent management operational supportservices. It also leaves internal HR staff the need to focus on the key things they can influence todeliver a good employee experience:

    Workforce strategy Company culture Leadership and career development

    This means more companies are looking to third-party service providers to support them inthese higher value talent acquisition and talent management activities and initiatives beyondsimple candidate sourcing and requisition filling today.

  • 2014 HfS Research Ltd. Proprietary Page 9

    Workforce Support Services Details Elements of Acquire

    HfS Value Chain Definition: The Workforce Support Services value chain refers to the series of functions, departments, or programs that carry out value-creating activities to support a companys workforce, from talent acquisition through day to day productivity enablement, as well as on-going motivation, engagement, and retention or relationship with the worker over time. In this Blueprint evaluative usage, we refer to the value chain as the range of processes and support services that providers offer to their clients, in this case across the talent acquisition sub-spectrum of Workforce Support Services.


    Workforce planning Hiring strategy Labor type decision

    support Employer brand value

    proposition development

    Risk mitigation and compliance

    Diversity planning Change management Role development and

    administration Career progression

    mapping Succession planning Continuous



    Recruitment marketing Social media marketing Full time staff search Specialty role search (IT,

    finance, craft, etc.) Contract labor search Freelance self-employed

    labor search College recruiting Intern recruiting Consultant (statement

    of work) search Executive search Board member search Candidate solicitation Referral program



    Applicant tracking Candidate

    management Assessment

    refinement Interview scheduling Audio/video

    interview facilitation Candidate in-person

    travel administration On-site facilitation Reference checking Background checking Compliance

    reporting Offer development Contracts


    On-boarding Start date

    readiness Company

    culture indoctrination

    Internal social network facilitation

    External social network facilitation

    Quality of hire evaluation

    SOW milestone monitoring


    Alumni talent pool administration

    Passive candidate cultivation

    Passive candidate pool administration

    Professional employment services

    Pre-qualified sub-contracted supplier community



    Internal talent assessment

    External talent assessment

    Hard skills assessment

    Soft skills assessment

    Job description crafting

    Market mapping Workforce


    Strategy Source Engage

    Talent Acquisition Key Areas of Service Provider Value

  • 2014 HfS Research Ltd. Proprietary Page 10

    The Era of the Extended Enterprise Demands Broader Talent Acquisition Capabilities Across Types of Labor Too

    Just as acquiring talent has expanded to cover strategy and engagement, it has also expanded to cover a broader segment of the workforce: contract and contingent workers.

    More and more types