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    Consultants, Inc. 4650 Carol Lane

    Shingle Springs

    California, 95682

    June 15, 2017

    Mr. Cleve Morris

    City Manager

    City of Placerville

    3101 Center Street

    Placerville, CA 95667

    Re: City of Placerville – Proposed Engineering Services

    Clean Water SRF Loan – HCWRF Solar Power System

    Dear Cleve:

    As requested, we are submitting a proposal to provide the engineering services necessary to assist

    the City in obtaining a Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) loan from the State Water

    Resources Control Board (State Water Board) for installation of a solar power system at the

    Hangtown Creek Water Reclamation Facility (HCWRF). The solar power system project would

    qualify under the CWSRF program as a Green Project Reserve (GPR) project and thus be eligible

    for special loan forgiveness provisions.

    Scope of Services

    Enclosed is an Agreement for Engineering Services that includes the scope and schedule for the

    proposed services. In summary, the scope includes the following tasks:

    • Task 1. Meetings. Conduct meeting with City and CWSRF staff to:

    ✓ Review CWSRF Loan Program requirements;

    ✓ Identify the information, documents and other attachments required to complete the application;

    ✓ The proposed outline for the Project Report; and

    ✓ The proposed schedule for submittal of the CWSRF Financial Assistance Application.

    Summarize discussions in minutes that are distributed to the participants. The minutes will

    include action items.

    • Task 2 Project Report. Gather and compile required records and documents. Clarify report requirements needed for project involving addition of solar power system at HCWRF.

    Prepare Project Report in accordance with CWSRF Program requirements. Meet with

    City staff to review the draft report and obtain comments. Upon receipt of City comments,

    finalize the report and upload as an attachment to the CWSRF Financial Assistance



  • (530) 677-1854



    Mr. Cleve Morris

    Page 2

    June 15, 2017

    • Task 3. CWSRF Financial Assistance Application. Prepare application for the City project using the on-line Financial Assistance Application Assistance Tool (FAAST). The initial

    application will only include the General Information package. The final application will also

    include the Technical, Environmental and Financial Security packages and related attachments,

    including the Project Report prepared by HEC and the CEQA documents prepared by the City.

    This task will also include preparing draft resolutions for adoption by the City Council and

    monitoring City progress in preparing other required documents.


    The schedule to provide the proposed services is as follows:


    Proposed Completion Schedule

    Task 1 Kickoff Meetings

    By July 31, 2017

    Task 2 Project Report

    Draft Report for City Review August 31, 2017

    Final Report for City Review 14 days after receipt of City comments

    Task 3 CWSRF Financial Assistance

    Application (complete with all required


    By 10/15/17

    However, the above schedule must only be considered preliminary. In addition to the tasks that

    will be completed by HEC, the schedule is also dependent on the preparation of a number of

    attachments by others, including resolutions that must be adopted by the City Council. The

    schedule will be refined after meetings with City and CWSRF staff.


    As shown in the Engineering Agreement, the estimated fee to provide the proposed services is

    $18,700. All services would be provided by HEC on a time and material basis in accordance.

    If you have any questions, please contact me directly.


    Stephen D. Herrera, P.E.





  • Herrera Engineering Consultants Page 1 of 8 Pages 06/15/17 Agreement





    THIS IS AN AGREEMENT made as of the 15th day of June 2017 between City of Placerville (hereinafter, OWNER) and Herrera Engineering Consultants, Inc. (hereinafter, ENGINEER) for the PROJECT that consists of providing for professional engineering services to assist OWNER with obtaining a Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Loan related to installation of a solar power system at the Hangtown Creek Water Reclamation Facility (HCWRF).

    OWNER and ENGINEER in consideration of their mutual covenants herein agree in respect of the performance of professional engineering services by ENGINEER and the payment for those services by OWNER as set forth below. SECTION 1 - BASIC SERVICES OF ENGINEER 1.1 - GENERAL

    ENGINEER shall perform professional engineering services as hereinafter stated which include customary environmental and civil engineering services.

    The ENGINEER agrees to a mutual exchange of pertinent documents for the PROJECT with OWNER.

    The ENGINEER shall meet with the OWNER and staff as necessary to answer questions and keep them informed of the PROJECT status. 1.2 - SPECIFIC SERVICES

    In addition to the general engineering services, the ENGINEER shall provide the services described in Attachment A.

  • Herrera Engineering Consultants Page 2 of 8 Pages 06/15/17 Agreement

    SECTION 2 - ADDITIONAL SERVICES OF ENGINEER 2.1 - Normal and customary engineering services do not include services in respect of the following categories which are usually referred to as Additional Services. If OWNER wishes ENGINEER to perform any Additional Services, he shall so instruct ENGINEER in writing, and ENGINEER will be paid therefor upon such terms as the parties may agree. ENGINEER shall not receive compensation for any additional services unless he first gives OWNER notice that he considers the services to be Additional Services or otherwise beyond the scope of this AGREEMENT, and OWNER authorizes performance of the services as Additional Services. Additional Services include:

    2.1.1 Services in connection with substantive change in scope of the PROJECT; and

    2.1.2 Services related to litigation that may arise out of conduct of the PROJECT. SECTION 3 - PERIOD OF SERVICE 3.1 - The provisions of this Section 3 and the various rates of compensation for ENGINEER'S services provided for in Section 4 of this AGREEMENT have been agreed to in anticipation of the orderly and continuous progress of the PROJECT through completion. ENGINEER'S obligation to render services hereunder will extend for a period which may reasonably be required to complete the PROJECT in accordance with the PROJECT schedule set forth in paragraph 3.2 below. 3.2 - The PROJECT Schedule is anticipated to be substantially as follows: Tasks 1 through3 As Required SECTION 4 - PAYMENTS TO ENGINEER 4.1 - Compensation shall be on a time and materials basis using the sum of hourly labor costs for ENGINEER's employees, subconsultant costs, and other direct costs. The ENGINEER agrees not to exceed the upper expenditure limit of this AGREEMENT without written approval from the OWNER. The expenditure limit is as follows. Tasks 1 through 3 $18,700 4.2 - Hourly labor billing rate for ENGINEER'S employee shall be as follows:

    Principal Engineer $125/hour *Note: The above rate includes corporate overhead and profit, as well as general administrative

    office services. The hourly billing rate covers direct labor, indirect costs, computer time, and professional fees in a total amount to be billed per hour worked for each category of labor. This rate is firm for this project through June 30, 2018.

    4.3 - Fees for subconsultants shall be billed at actual cost paid by ENGINEER times a factor of 1.00.

  • Herrera Engineering Consultants Page 3 of 8 Pages 06/15/17 Agreement

    4.4 - Other direct costs, which shall be billed at the actual purchase price and on the basis of usual and reasonable commercial charges for items provided by the ENGINEER, include the following:

    4.4.1 Printing and binding, and similar costs that are not applicable to general indirect costs.

    4.4.2 Identifiable reproduction costs applicable to the work such as printing of drawings, photostating, multilithing and printing. Photo reproduction shall be billed at $0.20 per page.

    4.4.3 Identifiable communication expenses, such as long distance telephone, and postage

    other than for general PROJECT correspondence.

    4.4.4 Reasonable traveling expenses of employees for business directly connected with the services, including automobile travel at current Federal mileage rates.

    4.5 - Payment by the OWNER shall be made monthly within 30 days of receipt of an invoice which itemizes the hourly labor costs, subconsultant fees, and other direct costs. 4.6 - Special Services - Additional Services, as defined in Section 2 o