Henry Ranson McBay Developed a treatment for prostate cancer using acetyl peroxide – 1981

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Text of Henry Ranson McBay Developed a treatment for prostate cancer using acetyl peroxide – 1981

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Henry Ranson McBay Developed a treatment for prostate cancer using acetyl peroxide 1981. Slide 2 Patricia Bath Patented the method for laser removal of cataract lenses 1988. Slide 3 Levi Watkins Performed the 1 st surgical implantation of the automatic heart defibrillator 1980. Slide 4 Paul Cuffe (Kufu) Wealthiest man in the U.S. in 1800s whose ships returned many Africans to West Africa. Slide 5 Toussaint LOuverture Conquered British and French colonization to win Haitis independence 1801. Slide 6 Matthew A. Henson The very first human to reach the North Pole 1909. Slide 7 Daniel Hale Williams Founded Provident Hospital in Chicago. Performed the worlds very first open-heart surgery 1893. Slide 8 Claud Anderson Developed an economic system that empowers impoverished communities 2001. Slide 9 Jean Baptiste DuSable Founded the city of Chicago in 1770. Slide 10 Garrett Morgan Invented the safety hood in 1914 and the electronic traffic signal in 1923. Slide 11 Elijah McCoy Invented The Real McCoy automatic lubrication system for train engines 1872. Slide 12 Valerie Thomas NASA analyst who invented the illusion transmitter that causes 3-D projections to appear as if they are in your living room - 1980. Slide 13 Granville T. Woods Developed system for overhead electric railroad lines 1888. Slide 14 The Buffalo Soldiers Known as the fiercest fighters of the U.S. Army 9 th & 10 th Calvary, 1866. Slide 15 Benjamin Banneker Built the first clock made in America 1752. Slide 16 George Carruthers Developed 1 st moon-based ultraviolet camera to be placed on the moon 1972. Slide 17 George Washington Carver The first to develop and teach the system of crop rotation to preserve soil viability. Slide 18 Meredith Gourdine Pioneered the research in electrogasdynamics that converts natural gas to electricity for everyday use. Slide 19 Charles Drew Discovered method for freezing blood and established the 1 st blood bank 1940. Slide 20 Alice Parker Invented a new and improved furnace that provided central heating 1919. Slide 21 Lewis Howard Latimer Invented the carbon filament that enabled the incandescent electric lamp to glow. Slide 22 Mark E. Dean Co-invented the microcomputer system with Bus Control for peripheral devices 1980s. Slide 23 Bessie Blount Invented an electrical device in 1951 that allowed WW II amputees to feed themselves in their wheelchairs or beds. Slide 24 Barack Obama 1 st Black president of Harvard Law Review and elected President of U.S. Nov 2008.