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Hemophilia 2

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Hereditary bleeding disorderLack of particular clotting factors bleeding from injury Hemophilia A Hemophilia B Hemophilia A is most common90% of people Hemophilia A occurs in about 1 in every !000"10!000 male births1#!000 people in America have Hemophilia$00 babies are born %ith hemophilia each year&aused by 'enetic error (emales have t%o ) chromosomes %hile *ales have a + and a ) chromosomes (emales are carriersHemophilia only a,ects males-e%ish holy te.t /ocument revealed that t%o brothers died from being circumcised0ueen 1ictoria passed the gene to her son and through several of her daughters2pain ! 'ermany and 3ussia*ain treatment" replacement therapy3eplacement therapy" giving or replacing the clotting factor that4s too lo% or missing *ay have replacement therapy on regular basisto prevent bleeding3educe risks you might take clotting factor concentrates that don4t use human blood5&omplications of replacement therapy include6 /eveloping antibodies! act against the clotting factors /evelop viral infections from human clotting factors /amage to joints! muscles! or other parts of the body resulting from delays in treatment7he major signs and symptoms are e.cessive bleeding and easy bruising2igns of e.cessive e.ternal bleeding6 Bleeding in the mouth8cut! bite! losing a tooth9 :osebleeds for no reason Heavy bleeding from minor cut Bleeding from a cut that resumes after stopping for a short time 3esearchers are trying to develop %ays to correct the defective gene4s that cause hemophilia 2uch as gene therapy hasn4t yet developed to the point that its an accepted treatment 3esearchers continueto test gene therapies for hemophilia in clinical trails 3are bleeding disorder that causes e.cessive bleeding and easy bruising if you have hemophilia you have little to none of certain clotting factors;hysical activity is important for the children and adults living %ith hemophilia /octors %ho specialinancial issues ! transportation ! and mental health2pecial /entists ;rotect toddlers %ith helmets and knee pads %hen riding a bicycle 2eat belts ! high chair safety belts ! stroller safety belts (urniture %ith sharp edges ?eep harmful and dangerous items a%ay from small children %%%5nhlbi5nih5gov%%%5tellme%hyfacts5blogspot5com

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