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The gift of The Spirit was given for our profiting. Discover the diverse gifts and how the can help your everyday life.

Text of Helping Spirits



    The Spirit of Guidance.4-6

    The Spirit of Grace and Supplication...7-9

    The Spirit of Joy.10-11

    The Spirit of Power..12-14

    The Spirit of Servanthood.15-17

    The Spirit of Meekness..18-20

    The Spirit of Obedience..21-24

    The Spirit of Boldness.25-28

    The Spirit of Wisdom29-32

    The Spirit of Diligence.33-36

    The Spirit of Sacrifice..37-41

    The Breakthrough Spirit.42-46

    The Spirit of Faith47-50

  • Helping Spirits 3


    God wants us to be able to declare that

    He is our Helper and thats why He said

    He would never leave nor forsake us.

    When God says a thing He makes

    provisions to backup what He has said. If

    He had said Hed be our Helper, then He

    has made His Spirit available to help us.

    But its impossible to receive help in any

    area if youre not properly acquainted of

    His help in such areas. This book will

    connect you to the help that God has made

    available to you! Be blessed as you read!



    For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they

    are the sons of God. Rom 8:14

    The leading of the Lord is the cure for man's

    frustration. Anytime you ignore His leading you

    run into crisis. It might interest you to know that

    when God leads you; He goes before you, He goes

    with you, He does what He has lead you to do for

    you and then accomplishes the mission for you.

    Above all, He protects you. Guidance simply

    means direction, the bible says; "The Lord directs

    our heart to the love of God..." And we know from

    scriptures that "love never fails because love is

    God". This means that God leads you in a direction

    through which you'd never experience failure.

  • Helping Spirits 5

    God's principal tool for guidance is His word,

    because it makes your way prosperous according

    to Joshua 1:8. And it's important to know that the

    word of God is a Spirit, you need a spiritual

    approach to be lead by it. The reason why many

    people are not experiencing the leading of the

    word is because they see only letters when they

    open their bible; the bible says the letters kill, it is

    the Holy Spirit that breaths life into the letters.

    Even when God created man, He still had to

    breath life into man before man could exist. That's

    the same way the Holy Spirit breaths life into

    every word from scriptures; otherwise those words

    would be lifeless. If you don't have the Holy Spirit,

    you can't be guided by the word. The Spirit of

    guidance is a Spirit that enables an individual to

    submit to guidance; if you don't have this Spirit

    you'd soon be put off guard. Pride is an enemy to

    guidance; it is difficult for a proud person to

    possess the Spirit of guidance. Please understand

    me, it is one thing to be guided by the Holy Spirit,

    and it is another thing to receive the guidance of

  • the Holy Spirit. You need the Spirit of guidance to

    receive guidance from God and other earthly

    spiritual leaders like our Pastors, Prophets and

    many others. Remember! Jesus possessed this

    Spirit while He was in the world, He can give that

    same Spirit to you! May God give us


  • Helping Spirits 7



    The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first,

    that the glory of the house of David and the glory of

    the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves

    against Judah. Zech 12:7

    It's important to note that prayer is not complete

    until the answers come. As a fact, until the

    answers come, you've not prayed. The Spirit of

    grace and supplication is the Spirit that helps

    Christians to pray and also organizes the answers

    for them. If you are trying many things and

  • nothing seems to be working, withdraw to pray,

    just like Jesus withdrew to pray in Lk 6:12. In that

    same chapter, Jesus healed a man with a withered

    hand on a Sabbath day, and this was unlawful in

    that land. Jesus knew what they were thinking,

    but what He didn't understand was why it was

    unlawful to do good on the Sabbath day; the next

    thing He did was to go up a mountain to pray all

    night, and when He returned, He appointed twelve

    disciples. There is an appointed prayer; anytime

    you pray at the appointed time, you'd always

    provoke results. But how do you know when to

    pray without the Spirit of grace and supplication?

    Many believers have become so frustrated and

    tired of praying because they don't see the

    answers to their prayers; the reason is because

    they pray when the enemy has already won the

    battle. While those people were yet thinking of

    what to do to Jesus, Jesus withdrew to win the

    battle in prayers. Please understand me, though

    the bible says we should pray always, but that

    doesn't mean we should open an office and start

  • Helping Spirits 9

    doing prayer as our duty, no! That's why it further

    says we should watch and pray. Jesus watched

    what was going on, and then He withdrew to pray.

    Many of you are watching but you're not praying;

    anytime you don't feel like praying, check your

    spirit man, you've not received the Spirit of grace

    and supplication; you can't have this Spirit and not

    feel like praying. It might interest you to know

    that this Spirit prays for you even when you are

    asleep. One morning while I was on Shiloh

    ground, my friend approached me and said I

    heard you praying in tongues, even though you

    were deep asleep". Remember! What this Spirit

    does is to give you special access to God, it fills

    you with exact words to pray, and it always draws

    you to pray. Jesus had this Spirit, only He can give

    you such Spirit! May God give us understanding!


    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,

    longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith. Gal 5:22

    To be joyless is to be hopeless; the greatest

    enemy of joy is sorrow. Joy is an essential spiritual

    virtue that can never be bought with money,

    though is given freely by God. We need joy as

    much as we need air; joy is not affected by

    circumstance. There are difference between joy

    and happiness; happiness is based on happenings,

    joy is based on the spirit, happiness is born from

    the mind, joy comes from God. Joy is a fruit; it is

    not a gift of the Holy Spirit. Joy is a choice and a

  • Helping Spirits 11

    commandment; the bible says "with joy shall you

    draw water out of the wells of salvation". This

    means that; it is impossible to receive from God

    without a joyful heart. Joy is like a candle; until

    you light it you can never enjoy it. Every joy-filled

    person is a strength-filled person. Take heed, Joy

    is not the absence of challenges, no! It is the

    reality of the presence and faithfulness of God.

    I've heard people say "the bible says; money

    answers all things" joy is not a thing; it's a fruit of

    the spirit. I've seen many rich individuals that still

    wallow in pain for one trauma or the other. Now

    listen, no man can be joyful voluntarily, he needs

    a force that provokes the fruit of joy in him, and

    that's the duty of the Spirit of joy. What this Spirit

    does is to continually process the fruit of joy in

    you till it's fully processed. Remember! Joy is a

    fruit of the spirit (a born again Christian), that

    makes joy a Spirit, and Jesus is the giver! Listen to

    me, as I speak to you right now, receive the Spirit

    of joy! In the name of Jesus! May God give us



    Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up

    the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of

    my hands. 2 Tim 1:6

    Power is given to silence the enemy; power

    naturally puts you in command, the enemy

    notwithstanding. Jesus gave the disciples power to

    tread upon witches and devils, to a point that

    nothing was able to hurt them. There are many

    Christians who have received power from God but

    they don't know when and how to use it. What the

    Spirit of power does is to activate the power in

  • Helping Spirits 13

    you when it is required and also enforce you to

    use it. There is a difference between being

    powerful and being power-filled; powerful

    individuals are those who operate with the Spirit

    of power, while power-filled individuals are those

    who are filled with power but they don't know how

    to use it. So you can be power-filled and not be

    powerful, but you can never be powerful and not

    be power-filled. Demons don't fear power-filled

    people, no! What they fear is the powerful ones.

    The reason is because; powerful people are

    actors, they exercise authority. Power-filled people

    don't act, they behave like spiritual weaklings even

    though power dwells in them. Demons don't wait

    when a powerful individual is coming their

    direction, they flee for their lives. A friend told me

    to give him communion so that he can administer

    to his sick brother, and immediately I