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Catalogue for the BA Media Students at the Heartlands Exhibition

Text of Heartlands Exhibition Catalogue

  • 1WHEAL BA Applied Media ExhibitionFilm,Video & Photography

    HeartlandsRobinsons Shaft. Dudnance Lane, PoolRedruth, Cornwall, TR15 3QYRegistered charity: 1142215

    Call 01209 722320info@heartlandscornwall.com


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    WHEALThe work in this programme catalogue was made in response to a module titeled:CREATIVE PRODUCTION IN A LOCAL CONTEXT

    Wheal is an exhibition of work produced by the newly established BA Applied Media top-up degree at Truro College. The work covers a range of media from photography to film to audio production, all working from the starting point of the geographic space of Heartlands.


    This programme aims to equip you with the opportunity to develop the requisite skills needed to work at graduate level. The suite of modules will provide a path to a final Specialist Production. The range of modules within the programme enables you from an array of different media backgrounds to study the Bachelor Degree. You will be encouraged to develop your own practice as well as a deeper professional practice and produce an appropriate portfolio that demonstrates your production expertise.

    The course is suitable for students from varied media backgrounds including photography, animation, advertising, digital visualisation, television and film production.

    The philosophy of the programme is underpinned by the concept of 360 Degree Media. This contemporary approach will ensure that students are fully equipped for the media Industries of the twenty-first century.

    The concept of 360 Degree Media has evolved in response to the requirements of production and consumption in a media industry continually in flux. It builds on the notion of media convergence, of technological change which brings all media closer together in methods and capabilities. 360 Degree Media incorporates not only the changes brought about by the shift in new media technologies but also the interrelationship of social, cultural, industrial, commercial and promotional environments. In essence this will allow the programme to create media practitioners who will understand the balance between their specialist knowledge and a wider awareness and understanding across media industries.

    knowledge, skills and media practices in collaboration with others to create enterprising media product(s). The media product(s) will be created in response to an identified complex employer or voluntary sector problem.


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    The Miner Statue, Redruth 2013

    View from Tresavean, Redruth 2013

    Hoby Allen

    The Journey

    The Journey is a short film documenting the journey Cornwall has been on over the last century. Starting in the mining era of Cornwalls past, it travels along the old tram lines, showing what once was. Followed by driving through Redruth to show the recent depression, and onto Heartlands to show the mass amount of regeneration that has occured in recent years.

    Hoby Allen is a 21 year old sound engineer, who runs a small recording studio based in Lanner. He has taken part in the creation and production of multiple releases from local music acts over the past few months and has a strong desire to take the music industry in Cornwall to the mainstream. On this particular project, Hoby Allen was the creative force behind the conception of the film, as well as the composer of the soundtrack, which was produced over a number of weeks in his studio.

    www.cfap.moonfuit.comemail: hobyallen_cfap@hotmail.co.ukfacebook.com/cabinfeveraudioproduction

    Mural, Redruth Town Centre 2013

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    Images( top left donw)

    Chain Display, Heartlands 2012Visitors, Heartlands 2012Miner Picture, Heartlands 2012

    Matt Binny

    Heartlands Promotional Video

    My Project is a short promotional video that shows the variety of displays and activities that Heartlands has to offer. The use of handheld camera work gives a first person view impression of what a visit to Heartlands is like.

    Matt Binnys time as a Moving Image HND student has given him the opportunity to create a variety of film based projects, ranging from promotional videos to short films. He has developed a variety of practical skills and theoretical knowledge of the film making process. Matt specialises in extreme sports videos which has helped him develop alternative filming techniques. His second year final major was short a video showing the local Roller-blading scene, which was very well received by its audience.

    Future: After completing the BA Applied Media course Matt will continue to make films and gain work experience wherever possible.

    www.vimeo.com/mattbinnyEmail: mattbinny@hotmail.co.uk

  • Morning sun burst

    Rainbow Tower Sun grasses

    Matthew Davis

    Regeneration through Regeneration

    Looking at regeneration through a regenerated camera. Contrasting modern technology with traditional, original and raw photography.

    My photographs offer a unique, unaltered view of the modern world. Implementing new ideas, with old techniques. Inspiration and ideas comes from a variety of sources. With a great empathy for the surroundings, and a keen interest in history my images show compassion and soul. Far away from from ultra high resolution crystal clear images, Matthews photographs depict heart with an understanding for the land and the space that sired Heartlands.

    www.mtdimages.co.ukemail: mtfd@gmx.com

    tumblr: mtfd@tumblr.comtwitter: @topmat1980

    Rainbow pool

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    Heartlands, Camborne


    Andrew Harvey

    The Journey

    Andrew Harvey and Hoby Allen have collaborated together to make a road movie that takes us to Heartlands. Andrew Harvey produced and edited the film whilst Hoby Allen produced the soundtrack. with contributions coming from a local band. The film was shot using a Go-Pro which was suctioned to the front of the car.

    Andrew Harvey is a 21 year old media student at Truro College. He is currently completing his BA in Applied Media having progressed from the HND Moving Image course last year.

    Andrew specialises in short filmaking, but he also enjoys getting in front of camera to act. His favourite genre is the Western which is evident when looking back at some of his recent short films.

    email: aharvey2607@talktalk.net

    Heartlands, Camborne

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    Vic Hill

    A Heartlands Carol

    Heartlands executive Phil is transported to a void of nothingness where a spirit guide shows him visions of Heartlands past, present and future in order to help him understand what Heartlands really is.

    Vic is one of the members of Hat Day Films - a group of people who love getting together and making films and videos. They make weekly videos and have numerous on going creative and corporate film projects.

    After she finishes her degree, Vic will coninue with her creative filmmaking as part of Hat Day until the day she dies.

    www.hatdayfilms.comemail: vic@buttonpress.net

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    Jason Hoole-Jackson


    Druth is a photographic study of a regerneration project. Redruth was a small market town until the rise of the mining industry in the 18th century and at its height became one of the richest towns in Britain. Although now a shadow of its former glory Redruth is still held in high regard by the Cornish.

    Jason Hoole-Jacksons Redruth is a photographic documentation of the state of the towns regeneration three years after its completion. His aim is to convey to the viewer that reneration projects are not always the econmic saviour for an area that was promised.

    Jason is planning to take a teaching qualification once he has finished BA with a view to leave his current employment to pursue a career in education.

    www.jhoolejackson.comemail hoolejackson282@btinternet.com

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    Chris Hopkins


    Using Heartlands as a central location, Chris Hopkins visited particular geographic areas and by busing a compass application on his smart phone, he recorded land co-ordinates. He then made a series of photographs pointing in the directions where many of the Cornish Diaspora travelled in the past.These images attempt to explore a visual representation of the different routes the Cornish took after the decline of mining.

    Chris Hopkins completed a two year foundation degree in Photography and Digital imaging and is now studying for a BA (Hons) in Applied Media.

    After completing his degree Chris will continue undertake art projects and work on commissions for clients.

    go to facebook and typecornish tin miners reunitedwww.chrishopkins.moonfruit.com

    Demolition Reflection, 2013

    Poker, Heartlands, Pool, 2013

    Railway, 2013

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    The images in this catalogue are digital representations of the finished work.

    Chris Jones

    Robinsons Desseni

    Robinsons Dessini consists of a short film and a collection of Argyrotype prints. Their purpose is to remind us of Cornwalls prolific industrial mining past.

    Chris Jones mining images are printed by use of the Argyrotype process. This iron based silver printing process is a modern method of printing that replicates the look of the Calotype process that was prevalent in the pictorial movement of the late 19th Century.

    As with Chris photographs, the short film, also entitled Robinsons Desseni is a visual representation of the site at Heartlands being haunted by its human and industrial past. The use of industrial mining sounds