Health Industry & Content Marketing: Takeaways from 2014 Content Marketing for Life Sciences Conf

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This infographic shares key takeaways from the 2014 Content Marketing for Life Sciences Conference to help the health industry further enhance content marketing practices. Two or three years ago, content marketing was a novel concept in communications. But this year, content programs are more prevalent in our industry than in the prior year. Content this year is largely unbranded, very visual, and filled with inspiring patient-focused storytelling. Whether pharma, healthcare systems or devices and diagnostics all kinds of organizations in health have found their way in the world of content marketing. Content marketing for life sciences now offers an engaging and educational way to be a more informed consumer of health information and to help HCPs take action that will help improve their own or their patients lives. MSLGROUP hosted the second year of Content Marketing for Life Sciences Conference in Philadelphia, PA.


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