Health Care Pathways Partnership with: Anoka County WorkForce Center Anoka Ramsey Community College Anoka Technical College Metro North Adult Basic Education

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  • Health Care Pathways Partnership with: Anoka County WorkForce Center Anoka Ramsey Community College Anoka Technical College Metro North Adult Basic Education Benedictine Health Center at Innsbruck Crest View Senior Communities Volunteers of America Homestead of Anoka Lutheran Social Services Offered by the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership and MN FastTRAC
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  • Personal Care Attendant Home Health Aide Nursing Assistant Universal Health Care Worker Medical Assistant Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
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  • Career Pathways Advanced nursing assistants may choose to become specialists, in areas such as Alzheimer's care, Hospice care, or Restorative care, as well as mentors for new nursing assistants.
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  • Direct Care Workers will be Largest Occupation Group in US by 2020 Source: Paraprofessional HealthCare Institute May 2012
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  • Wage Difference for Senior Living Workers Required to work every other weekend, often starting out 2 nd shift and part time. Sources: 2010 LTC Imperative Salary Survey and 2010 MN Health Care Cost Information Service Hospital Salary Data
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  • Health Care Industry Culture of Work Provide hands-on care to patients, under the direction of medical staff. Tasks vary, but usually include feeding, bathing, and dressing, grooming, toileting and moving patients. You will spend many hours standing and walking, and often face heavy workloads. You must be a team player, able to take direction well and adapt to the personal preferences of the individual. You must also be emotionally stable. It is important that you are patient, compassionate and respectful. Attendance
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  • Purpose By the end of this training, you will: Have 7 college credits Be a Nursing Assistant-Registered Start working immediately Become self sufficient Build skills and learn about other health care occupations Create employer tuition reimbursement opportunities to return to college Move towards a rewarding career
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  • HEALTH CARE PATHWAYS TRAINING SCREENING How did you hear about the program? Do you have a counselor at the WFC? Do they know you are interested? Make sure they are aware. Do you have anything on your criminal background that will prevent you from working in Health Care? Are you physically able to do the job? Lifting 50lbs, emotionally stable. It is a tough job. Are you available to work every other weekend? It will be a requirement. Are you suspended from another college or have an unpaid debt at a MN College? If MN College unpaid debt they will not be able to do college classes until it is paid off.
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  • Prep Class
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  • Learning Objectives: Commit to classroom expectations Develop academic and personal skills for succeeding in Nursing Assistant courses Prepare for college entrance exam Improve listening, speaking, math, reading and writing skills Work on communication and computer skills Succeed in independent study You will tour a nursing home, Anoka Technical College and Anoka Ramsey Community College.
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  • Culture Change Learning Objectives: Understand the process of aging Learn the physical, mental and social challenges of your clientele Introduction to the psychology of aging Discuss common assumptions and stereotypes of older adults and myths associated with aging Universal Health Care Worker
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  • Directing and Supporting Activities Learning Objectives: Explore the philosophy and importance of educational and physical activity in the life of an older adult Discuss activities that keep the mind, body and spirit alive Opportunity to plan and implement educational and physical activities for residents Use creativity to coordinate arts and crafts, light exercise, games and music
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  • On Course (1 Credit) Learning Objectives: Utilize self-assessment inventories. How to use college services and resources. Develop goal setting and time management strategies. Develop personal learning strategies. Evaluate the effectiveness of his/her decision- making and self-motivation strategies.
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  • Introduction to Holistic Healing (2 Credits)
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  • Introduction to Holistic Healing (2 Credits) Learning Objectives: Learn about the field of Integrative Health and Healing Evaluate emerging trends in holistic health Develop methods of self-care Learn methods of addressing pain naturally and dealing with chronic illness This class will have a research paper, assignments on D2L (online site) and about 2 to 4 hours of homework a night.
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  • Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aid Introduction of concepts related to Basic human needs Basic nursing and personal care skills Mental health and social needs Restorative services Residents rights Home health care (5 credits)
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  • Hands-on training in supervised lab setting Group clinicals at local nursing home site 24 hours @ a nursing home Adding experience to your resume Opportunity to impress an employer that may hire you After the passing the class you will take the Nursing Assistant Exam Written and Skills portion Name will go on the Registry for employers to pull Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aid
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  • Job Seeking Resources Job search workshop Individual resume development Career Assessments Interview workshop Networking List of local employers NCRC Marketing training to employers Employer days Job leads Reference Follow up
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  • Critical Components Upfront screening Rubric in the Bridge Class Cohort Model Navigator providing wrap around services Employer investment and participation Completion of the Bridge Class and completion of Integrated Classes Obtainment of Credential Employment Training related Continues Education GED and High School completion Increased Confidence Self-sufficient Close MFIP case due to income Success
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  • Challenges Funding for ABE partner and navigator position Performance measures in MFIP are not met when customers are in Prep Class FAFSA eligible programs that are short term and lead to credential Child care assistance waiting lists MnSCU Buy in and seeing the value of ABE Prep classes from the credit side
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  • Outcomes 93 students started the Bridge class -83 completed 93% of the students met college requirements to move into the College classes Pre-Nursing Accuplacer or TABE scores. 75 students moved into the integrated class 66 completed 88% of the students obtained college credits and passed both the written and skills exam to obtain their CNA Credential. 98% that took the CNA exam passed both written and skills and are currently on the Nursing Assistant Registry. 72% of those are working in a training related position 3 of the graduates currently not working have returned to school 90% of the graduates were interested in continuing their education in Health Care in the near future. (Results from 2011-2012 cohorts)
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  • For More Information on the Health Care Pathways Program contact: Amy Lord, 763-783-4855 Anoka County Workforce Center

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