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HD-EP10 HD DVD PLAYER - (ダイナブック HD-EP10 HD DVD PLAYER Toshiba HD-EP10 HD DVD player takes the performance and convenience of HD DVD to the next level. For the

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Text of HD-EP10 HD DVD PLAYER - (ダイナブック HD-EP10 HD DVD PLAYER Toshiba HD-EP10 HD DVD...

  • HD-EP10 HD DVD PLAYER Toshiba HD-EP10 HD DVD player takes the performance and convenience of HD DVD to the next level. For the highest level of picture quality with today’s best performing high-definition TVs, the HD-EP10 adds 1080p output. That’s twice the resolution of a 720p signal. Featuring 1080p/24 frames per second (24p) support, this offers a smoother, more film-like viewing experience. Traditionally, movie films are captured at 24 frames per second. The HD-EP10 HD DVD player maintains this frame rate, allowing consumers to enjoy movies the way the director intended.

  • Disc Compatibility HD DVD Video



    DVD-R (Video)

    DVD-R Dual Layer (Video)

    DVD-RW (Video/VR*)

    Audio CD (CD-DA)

    CD-R & CD-RW

    Signal System PAL/NTSC

    Audio Output PCM**



    Dolby DigitalTM Plus**

    Dolby Digital TRUE HDTM**

    DTS-HD Master Audio TM (core only)

    Video Processing Maximum Resolution Output 1080p/24 fps***

    720p1080i1080p Direct Resolution

    Video Terminals HDMITM 1.2a Output x 1 (Rear) Component Video Output x 1 (Rear)

    Composite Video Output x 1 (Rear)

    S-Video Output x 1 (Rear)

    Audio Terminals Analogue 2 Channel Output (Rear)

    Digital Optical Output (Rear)

    Other Terminals Extension Terminals x 2 (Front)

    Ethernet LAN Port (10/100BASE) x 1 (Rear)

    TV Control Yes

    Power Supply 220 - 240V AC 50/60Hz

    Power Consumption 41W

    Set Dimension (W x H x D) mm 430 x 65.5 x 345

    Set Weight (kg) 4.1

    Warranty 2 Years NOTES 1. Since up-conversion is from standard definition video, image quality may not match that of an original High- Definition source. 2. Firmware update may be required for some interactive features depending on content, which may also require an always on internet connection. Some features may require additional bandwidth. * CPRM content not supported ** 5.1 channel via digital output *** Firmware update required Toshiba (Australia) Pty. Limited ABN 19 001 320 421. Specifications subject to change without notice. Trademarks as indicated are the property of the respective owners. Toshiba Australia Pty. Limited, Information Systems Division 12/07.

    HD-EP10 Product Specifications

    1080/24p *video output•

    Playback of HD DVD, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW and CD formats•

    Standard DVD Video Upscaling • 1 to 720p, 1080i, 1080p via HDMI TM

    Audio support for Dolby Digital • TM, Dolby Digital Plus TM, Dolby True HD TM,

    DTS TM and DTS-HD Master Audio TM (core only)

    Outputs: Component Video, S-Video, 2 Channel Analogue, HDMI • TM,

    composite, digital optical

    Ethernet port supports internet connectivity for access to additional HD •

    DVD feature content 2 and Firmware updates

    2x extension terminals•

    * (requires firmware update)

    What is HD DVD?

    Known as HD DVD, it’s the most advanced High-Definition entertainment experience available for home. Razor-sharp true-to- film images, advanced surround-sound, and a wide range of available titles from the biggest movie houses all add up to the excitement of “bringing the cinema home” with HD DVD. Add the bonus of web-based interactivity and extensive personalised control of your own viewing experience, then you can see why HD DVD has quickly become the vision of next-generation entertainment, available today.

    Key Benefits of HD DVD

    Up to 6 x the Resolution of standard DVD• Up to 7.1 Channels of High- Definition Sound• Online Interactivity and additional web-enabled content only • on HD DVD Plays and Upscales your existing collection of standard DVD to • near HD quality