HB 2 Process Update Policy Committee Meeting September 21, 2015.

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<p>Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization</p> <p>HB 2 Process UpdatePolicy Committee MeetingSeptember 21, 2015Agenda IntroductionRecent HB 2 UpdatesSchedule and FundingApplicationsHB 2 Application CoordinationResolutions Needed for Local HB 2 SubmittalsSchedule for Regional ProcessDiscussion of FAMPO and GWRC HB 2 Regional ProjectsNext Steps</p> <p>2</p> <p>2HB 2 Schedule Key DatesSeptember 30th HB 2 Application Deadline</p> <p>October HB 2 Applications released to CTB and Public</p> <p>November/December CTB consideration of 2 additional HB 2 projects</p> <p>January 15, 2016 Expected release of HB 2 scores</p> <p>May, 2016 CTB FY 17-22 SYIP Allocations based on HB 2</p> <p>June, 2016 Final SYIP for FY 17-22</p> <p>August, 2016 Begin Round 2 for HB 23HB 2 Funding Estimates as of 9/17FY 17-22 SYIP (All funding by FY-21) Statewide High Priority ~ $600 MillionDistrictwide Grant ~ $600 MillionEstimate for Fredericksburg District Portion: ~$40 Million</p> <p>FY 18-23 SYIP (All funding for FY-22 &amp; FY-23) Statewide High Priority ~ $389 MillionDistrictwide Grant ~ $389 Million</p> <p>New Two Year HB 2 Cycle starts with FY 18-23 SYIP</p> <p>4Statewide HB 2 Applications as of September CTB Meeting256 Agencies potentially eligible, but only 88 are active</p> <p>141 Applications</p> <p>Many applications still incomplete</p> <p>$1.2 Billion in Funding available</p> <p>About $1.8 Billion in funding requests so far Note: This figure did not include any FAMPO or GWRC projects Potential Submittals from GWRC Area ~ $390 Million</p> <p>5GWRC Area HB 2 District Grant Applications</p> <p>Stafford 3: $10.2 MillionUPC 103085: Route 1 &amp; Courthouse Area Corridor Improvements (Phase 2)Route 1/Woodstock Lane Intersection Safety ImprovementsUPC 100449: Route 1 @ Potomac Creek DriveFredericksburg 1: $140,000Area 4 of VCR TrailSpotsylvania 2: $27.3 MillionUPC 105464: Rte 606 @ I-95: Reconstruction with added capacityUPC 107139/107140: Bridge Replacement on Rte 17 over I-95 &amp; Rte 17 Widening to Hospital BlvdKing George 1: $555,000Rte 301 NB @ Dahlgren Naval Base Gate B Turn Lane extensionCaroline 1UPC 106670 Rte 639: Reconstruction with added capacity between I-95 &amp; Rte 1</p> <p>GWRC Total: $38+ MillionOnly a few in the rest of Fredericksburg DistrictEstimate on Fredericksburg District Grant Program ~ $40 Million</p> <p>6HB 2 Project Submittal Coordination7</p> <p>Resolutions Needed for Local HB 2 Project SubmittalsTable 2.1 of HB 2 Policy Guide describes (page 9) </p> <p>FAMPO to approve Resolutions for Local District Grant projects in October</p> <p>Deadline for Resolution submittal for HB 2 is December 1st8Schedule for Regional HB 2 ProcessJuly 13 MPO/PDC staff and MPO/PDC member meetings to discuss Regional HB 2 priorities. Two I-95 River Crossing projects chosen with decisions on additional smaller projects deferred later</p> <p>September 2nd MPO/PDC member Staff recommendations on Regional HB 2 priorities to FAMPO Technical Committee</p> <p>September 14th FAMPO Technical Committee recommendations on Regional HB 2 priorities to GWRC and FAMPO Policy Committee</p> <p>September 21st GWRC and FAMPO Policy Committee Review and Approval of Regional HB 2 priorities</p> <p>FAMPO/GWRC staff submit Regional HB 2 priorities prior to September 30th deadline</p> <p>9Number of HB 2 Regional ApplicationsState has discouraged eligible agencies from submitting too many applications and applications for projects which are not considered ready</p> <p>Only three applications assured of being rated</p> <p>Priority order of three applications does not impact rating</p> <p>GWRC/FAMPO currently have six potential applicationsFAMPO 3 ApplicationsGWRC 3 Applications</p> <p>10Discussion on Regional HB 2 Priority Projects for FAMPO and GWRCThree Larger Projects: FAMPO Consideration 9/21I-95 SB at Rappahannock River (Consensus 7/13) - $125 Million I-95 NB at Rappahannock River (Consensus 7/13) - $152 MillionI-95 SB General Purpose Lane Widening from 3 to 4 lanes between Mpt 143 to Mpt 140 (New project from VDOT 8/26) - $55 Million</p> <p>Three Smaller Projects: GWRC Consideration 9/21(Consensus 9/2 &amp; 9/14)VRE Brooke &amp; Leeland Station Improvements - $10.1 MillionI-95 @ Courthouse Rd Park &amp; Ride Lot Expansion - $9.7 MillionNew PNR Lot for US Rte 1 @ Commonwealth Drive</p> <p>11Discussion of Next Steps12</p> <p>Questions?Paul AgnelloFAMPO Administrator540-642-1564agnello@gwregion.org</p> <p>13</p>


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