Happy birthday mechanism and machine theory and happy birthday IFToMM

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  • Mech. Math. Theory Vol. 25, No. 1, p. i, 1990 0094-114X/90 $3.00 + 0.00 Printed in Great Britain Pergamon Press plc



    With this issue, our journal Mechanism and Machine Theory celebrates the start of its 25th year of service to the mechanisms community. The past quarter century has seen a number of changes in this important field and we anticipate that the future will hold many more exciting developments. Perhaps one of the most important parts of this occasion is for us to thank the many volunteer advisors, editors, reviewers and contributors who have given so signficantly to the success of our publication. On this occasion of our birthday, we salute you in thanks for making our publication an ongoing success.

    At this time we also salute our affiliated organization, I FToMM-- the International Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms--which celebrated its 20th birthday in i989. Thanks to the efforts of many scientists and engineers around the world, IFToMM is able to contribute to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the area of focus for our journal. Contained in this issue is a special report on the many positive results that have come as a result of the work of IFToMM. On this occasion of the birthday of IFToMM, we salute the many workers worldwide who contribute to the progress of this important organization.

    May Mechanism and Machine Theory and IFToMM have many more birthdays. May they continue to serve the worldwide scientific community with technical results and new knowledge for the benefit of all people.

    TERRY E. SHOUP Editor-in -Chief

    January 1990

    MMT 25/I--A i