Happy Birthday!

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And you thought it was the End??

Not so soon the JERRneYHas only began..

How could it be with such Torture from your end?

Getting to hearThe same question

Are you twins?Again & again

Was this crisis not enough..

That noodles had to taste betterFrom your plate?

That your accessories

Seemed better to me always?

That u had a great sense ofhumour

In sad and happy days

That you have been an ad for colgate

Life and happy daysThat you seemed alwaysUp to some mischief in every space?

That you have been an alibi forMe always

What more can I say About my tormentorHmmm let me guessA great Gabbar.. No.. Doctor

NSS member

Wildlife photographer

A tomboy

World Record setter


And a Beautiful Mermaid

To the best Sister in any race

And This time I did not 4get d cake

Happy AnniversaryBOKA