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Font Styles

For My CD Cover and Promotional Poster

by: Khalid Daley

As one of my tasks for A2 Media was to create an album cover and promotional poster (to back up my originally made music video) I started researching different kinds of handwriting fonts so that the font on my album cover and promotional posters would look professional and also so that it makes the album and poster look realistic and eye catching.

The following slides show the main handwriting fonts that I liked and that I thought could be the chosen ones, to be featured on my CD/album cover and on the promotional poster. Also the names of the handwriting fronts are featured on top of the handwriting fonts.

Although I may not use these handwriting fonts, for my CD/album cover and promotional poster

I still wanted to show the different fonts, that I thought looked ideally professional.

The fonts that I found, were from the website www.dafont.com, in which they have a numerous amount of different font styles and layouts, in which is extremely helpful when looking to see different styles that could possibly work.

Dutch & Harley

Bleeding Cowboys

Beyond Sky

Lady Jane Old



Ballpark Weiner

Complete in Him

All Over Again

Sketch Block