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Group 4Rahadiyan Danar A.(18) M. Hawin F. (14)

riting Batik Handw from Sidoarjo

Sidoarjo batik has two areas to be "trademark", there are from Jetisan batik and batik Jetis Kenongo

Batik Jetis

Batik Kenongo

History of Jetis batikJetis batik has a long history, began in 1675 when it was supposedly a fugitive nobleman came to the area of Kauman Sidokare. These areas have a community and the market called "krempyeng" (traditional market), then that nobleman teaches at the local community to writing batik.

Batik processBefore drawing process of batik motif, first cloth soaked with oil as peanuts and soda dissolved in water is called pengetelan process. This process is intended that during the process of batik cloth are not experiencing contractions. Also making the process easy batik colors attached and not easily fade.

MotivesMotives when they make it, has its own philosophy adapted to the local community. Among other bayem flower motif (spinach), sugar (lots of sugar factory / garden cane), rice utah (rice spilled. It was in the 80s there was a large rice penggilangan. Indicates prosperity and a surplus of rice in the region), sliced tempeh , isukafternoon (a classic motif) and others.Motives of Jetis Batik

The artisansCurrently Jetisbatik artisans only 16 artisans and can produce 50 to 200 batik /artisans. This number has decreased compared with 10 years ago. Jetis areas where every house, sister is batik. The decline was because they started to have an alternative that feels better to have an income.

Zainal affandi, one of the batik artisa

History of Batik KenongoBatik Kenongo is the oldest of batik batik village of Reinforcement. Starting out as a military retiree Mr Osman, who returned to his native area of Sidoarjo from Jakarta place for service. He then build artisans in Reinforcement area. But they are no longer batik with the conventional way but in a way to make batik design motif. Kenongo Handwriting Batik

The Difference of Jetisan Batik and Kenongo batikBatik Jetisan Batik Jetisan has a classic motif, and only a few modifications. Batik Jetisan more colorful (Full Color) Batik Jetisan has existed since 1675 Batik Kenongo batik Kenongo is a designer's work. batik Kenongo only three colors maximum. Kenongo batik began in 1974