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    GUILD NEWS Scouting Spirit in Action

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    Patron – Hon Wendy Baden Powell (Granddaughter of B-P)

    President: Derek Elton 01384 371904

    Vice President: Alec Fraser 01162 386070

    Chairman: David Harbach 01384 861001 70 Vicarage Road, Wollaston,

    Stourbridge, W Mids DY8 4QX

    Vice Chairman: Julie Wacey 01886 833465

    8 Seymour Court

    Malvern WR14 1EW

    Secretary: Allan Page 01886 832940

    Hadley, 29 Grit Lane,

    Malvern, Worcs WR14 1UR

    Treasurer: Peter Skilton 01684 565542

    29 Victoria Park Road

    Malvern, Worcs WR14 3DZ

    Editor: Pat Parks 01684 565516

    18 Christ Church Road

    Malvern WR14 3BE

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    Editorial A belated Happy New Year to you all! Some things don‟t change, though. I

    had pictures of floods in my last editorial and you will have read media reports

    of the latest flooding. This time around the authorities have got the flood

    barriers erected. We must all spare a thought for those less fortunate than

    ourselves. Yvonne, from Malvern Branch, lives in Upton upon Severn and she

    left at great speed at the end of our last Guild Meeting.

    The cover photo shows Rangers at the World Jamboree, Hylands Park, Essex.

    Malvern Branch Chairman, Lew Nash, was very pleased to welcome four

    Rangers to the branch to give a talk of their experiences. A power point

    presentation by these Rangers highlighted the fantastic atmosphere and the

    meeting of so many other Scouts from around the world, an experience they

    said that will always be with them.

    Our young people are very quick to embrace all the new technology and ideas

    and I was interested to read about the new badges which youngsters can now

    work towards and achieve within Scouting. I think this is good for Scouting

    but the original Scout laws still give youngsters a brilliant framework within

    which they can live their lives.

    Best Wishes Pat

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    Members Go On a Breakfast Run

    Yes it‟s true a Breakfast Run: And not a jog before breakfast either.

    Sunday morning the 7 th

    October members of Stourbridge and Malvern

    Branches set off early in their cars to meet at the Downs Inn near

    Bridgnorth, Staffordshire.

    Now the landlord of this establishment has a well known reputation of

    putting on a fantastic full English breakfast (self service), yes have as

    much as you want, with coffee or tea on arrival.

    These breakfasts are not for the “faint hearted” and proved to be a great

    success. Everyone enjoyed a chat, catching up on news and events.

    Another Breakfast run is planned for next year.

    Allan Page

    Sorry folks, I just couldn’t resist it! Editor

    A ‘crazy’ story from Amsterdam, Holland, submitted by Allan Page

    A man claiming to be a catholic priest was arrested at Schiphol Airport

    carrying nearly 8lbs of cocaine under his robes.

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    Woodbastwick is a picturesque village eight miles north east of

    Norwich, situated on the edge of the Norfolk Broads. It has one of the

    most photographed village greens in Norfolk, a green dotted with estate

    cottages which date from the 19 th

    century. Some of the cottages are

    thatched and some have biblical texts on their frontages. The village is

    home to Woodforde Broadland Brewery.

    Iris and Peter Skilton of Malvern Branch were on a short break in the

    area last October and certainly enjoyed their visit to the village. Peter, a

    keen photographer, emailed this photograph to me:

    Peter and Iris spent a while talking to one of the residents who told them

    the origin of the notice. However, they are not letting us into the

    secret…letters to the editor please if you have any interesting


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    Guild Members Hold Christmas Carol Service.

    Saturday the 8

    th December Guild members from the Midlands attended

    the Annual Christmas Carol Service arranged by the Stourbridge and

    District B-P Guild held in Stourbridge. Some 200 attended and joined in

    singing many of the traditional carols.

    The Host Compare was Guildsman David Tomlinson who did an

    excellent job which included many of the local Ely & Aly jokes. The

    service also included solo singers and bell ringers.

    A buffet supper completed the evening.

    Trefoil Guild inspired by Flame Project.

    On Saturday the 27 th

    October, at the Town Hall, Burton upon Trent,

    Trefoil Guild members held their Midlands Regional Fellowship Day

    gathering. Around 260 members from all parts of the Midlands came to

    enjoy a day of activities, talks and displays of the good work being

    undertaken in various countries in Africa.

    During the meeting our National Secretary, Allan gave a presentation on

    the Flame Project in the UK.

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    Guild Help with District Fun Day

    Eastnor Park was the setting for the

    Malverns District Centenary Fun

    Day. Groups from Worcester and

    Pershore were also present . The fun

    day consisted of 4 zones, with each

    zone having different activities.

    The Guild were asked to run Reception . All leaders had to book in all

    those taking part and were given coloured security tags for all


    Picture shows Guildsman Pat Garbutt attaching a security tag to a Scout

    taking part in the fun day.

    During the Fun Day the District Commissioner Eddie Gover organised a

    plaque to be placed here to commemorate this day in the 100years of


    A group of Guild members holding the commemorative plaque.

    Guild members Lew Nash and Sue Page waiting to take a turn on the


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    On Thursday the 15

    th Nov members of Bebington were given a talk about

    the active service of the Royal Marines and Commandos. Lt Col Steve

    Wotherspoon explained the roll of the Marines in today’s present British

    Forces. Steve explained how the Marines are trained to become

    commandos and their active role in conflicts around the world, a most

    interesting talk.

    B-P Scout Guild Scotland To Hold AGM in Troon.

    The B-P Scout Guild Scotland will be holding their 2008 AGM in

    Troon, Ayrshire on the 29 th

    March 2008. The venue will be the South

    Beach Hotel, Troon.

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    Lord Robert Baden-Powell A notable person died about 65 years ago who is still in the news. The spirit of

    scouting lives on and I have him to thank for a very useful and most interesting

    life spent in scouting. Discussing B.P. with a member of my church, I

    mentioned that I had met him. He replied that I must be one of the few around

    now who have had this honour. This inspired me to set pen to paper and let

    others know of this great occasion.

    I was assistant Scout Master of St Barnabas Troop, 42 nd

    Sunderland and

    attended a Jamboree with my Troop held at Raby Castle in May 1936. This

    was the home of the County Commissioner Lord Barnard.

    The weather was terrible the day we paraded for B.P., the heavens

    opened and the tents were flooded. B.P. said this always happened when

    he meets Scouts: it didn‟t dampen our spirits though. B.P. and Lord

    Barnard were having fun asking us to judge who had the knobbliest

    knees between the two of them. I always looked on this day as the

    beginning of my Scouting days. My brother, two years older than me,

    was also there with his Wolf Cub pack. He has given up helping old

    ladies across the road – chasing blondes across the road now!

    Later, I was „called up‟ to do six months training (the Militia) and served

    as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers at Aldershot. After being there a day

    or two, I was informed by our N.C.O., who had noticed my Scout Badge

    when I enlisted, that the local Scout Troop, St George‟s, could do with

    some help. I did help on Troop nights but very soon war was declared

    and the Scout Master and I were posted elsewhere so I don‟t know what

    happened to the Scout Troop.

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    Early in 1940, on being posted overseas, our convoy sailed into

    Columbo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), where I had a few hours ashore and

    called in at a Scout Headquarters. The Scouts were pleased to meet a

    Scout from England and walked me around sight seeing. This was my

    first encounter with foreign Scouts.

    My next activity with Scouting was also in 1940, when I was working

    on the docks of Alexandria, Egypt. I came into contact with sailors in the

    Royal Navy who were Deep Sea Scouts, the first time I had heard of

    them, who were serving on various ships lyi