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Instructions. Read and select the right option.

1. You found and read a cultural article in the newspaper yesterday. It was abouta) Broken marriages.b) Sales and shopping.c) Famous peoples creations.d) Finances and marketing.

2. A funny event in a first day preschooler class isa) Crying when mum left school.b) Having to work with other children.c) Swimming in a little pool.d) Writing some letters.

Instructions. Choose the expression that has a similiar meaning to the one underlined.

3. Tim perfomed this role many times.a) He took it out.b) Made it out.c) Acted out.d) Figured out.

4. Sams niece visited some relatives in Phoenix.a) Her poor friends.b) His aunts.c) Her cousins.d) His parents.

5. Abby: tell me, what was your trip like? Tony: we had a great time!a) It was terrific!b) Thats a good idea!c) It was boring!d) We had great friends!

Instructions. Find the expression that matches with the intention (function of the language).

6. Asking information about habits in the past.a) I was fixing his bike when I was 2 years old.b) What did you use to do when you were little?c) Were you helping your dad yesterday?d) She been working in that store for long time.

Reading comprehension.

Instructions. Read the text and choose the correct choice.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. He was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, who named him Steve Paul Jobs. He grew up in Mountain View, California. When his region was becoming a center for electronics people started to refer to the area as Silicon Valley because silicon is a substance used in manufacturing several electronic parts.

He had a rough time in elementary school, even his fourth grade teacher needed to bribe him to study. Nevertheless, he was very intelligent. His school administrators were suggesting to skip him ahead to high school when his parents refused. When he got to high school he liked to hang out at Hewlett-Packard.

When he was working there he met Steve Wozniak, a computer genious who was trying to build a small computer. This idea caught Jobs mind and suggested to Wozniak they should start a compay. Jobs was selling his Volkswagen bus when Wozniak sold his scientific calculator to obtain money to fund Apple.

Computers. In that moment Steve Jobs was only 21 years old. At a time when almost all computers were functioning as mainframes, he offered people the first personal computer. While mainframes could fill a room and were very expensive, Apple offered personal computers. The company had some troubles after the introduction of the Macintosh, a model that did not sell very well. He was running the company as the CEO when he resigned in 1985. He started a software company called NeXT Inc. He was running this company when he bought an animation company from George Lucas (which later became Pixar Animation Studios). They produced Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Later, Apple bought NeXT Inc. and Jobs returned to his post as Apples CEO in 1996.

With this, a new era of exciting and innovate products began. Apple launched products that revolutionized the world, like the Macbook Air, iPod and iPhone.

In 2003 Jobs discovered he had pancreatic cancer. He had a successful surgery and remained healthy for some years. He passed away on October 5, 2011, the next dat the introduction of the iPhone 4S, the last Apple event he witnessed.

7. Mount View changed to Silicon Valley because ___.a) Steve Jobs was born there.b) The city began to produce silicon.c) The city became the center of electronic companies.d) Silicon is used for manufacturing electronic parts.

8. In the text, we read: His fourth grade teacher needed to bribe his to study. Bribe means ___.a) Scold.b) Price.c) Warn.d) Punish.

9. Macintosh was a computer that ___.a) Had good sales.b) Was innovative.c) Did not sell very well.d) Changed the electronic world.

10. George Lucas was once the owner of ___.a) Apple.b) NeXT Inc.c) Pixar Animation Studios.d) Hewlett-Packard.


Instructions. Read and select the right option.

11. How do you notice important information in a public place?a) Its written by experts.b) Its important with special ink.c) It appears with different type of letters.d) It catches your attention as it is placed in visible spots.

12. Please, keep you belongings with your all the time! You can listen to this announcement: a) At a public library.b) In a commercial and shopping area.c) In private offices.d) At an airport premises.

13. Attention! Thieves will be prosecuted It means:a) They are unable to have a trial.b) They wont have any rights.c) They will be named criminals in a court.d) They are going to be badly treated.

14. What chores one has to do at home?a) Make some friends.b) Do physical exercise.c) Feed the pets.d) Take a shower everyday.

15. If you ready to go to schoola) You are behind time with tidy clothes.b) You bring only notebooks and pens.c) You wear school clothes and carry your items.d) Have ID card in your school bag.

16. Wendy, put at risk her kids at that time. They were out of sight!. That means:a) She was a careful mother.b) She was afraid to look after them.c) She didnt take care of them.d) She didint look after them.

Reading comprehension.

Instructions. Read the text and choose the correct choice.


There was once a prince. He wanted a princess, but it had to be a true princess! So he journeyed all around the world to find one, but no matter where he went, something was wrong. There were plenty of princesses, but whether or not they were true princesses he couldnt find out. There was always something that wasnt quite right. So he came home again and was very sad, for he wanted a true princess so very much. One evening there was a terrible storm. The lightning flashed, the thunder boomed, and the rain poured down. It was really frightful! Then somebody knoked at the city gate, and the old king went out to open it. A princess was standing outside, but heavens, how she looked from the rain and the bad weather! Water poured off her hair and clothes and ran in at the toe of her shoe and out the heel, but she said she was a true princess.

Well, well soon find out! thought the queen, but she didnt say anything. She went into the bedroom, took off all the bedding, and put a pea on the bottom of the bed. Then she took twenty mattresses and laid them on the top of the pea and then put twenty eiderdown quilts on the top of the mattresses. There the princess was to sleep that night. In the morning, they asked her how she had slept. Oh, just miserably! said the princess. Ive hardly closed my eyes all night! Heaven knows what was in my bed! Ive been lying on something so hard that Im black and blue all over! Its simply dreadful! Then they could tell that this was a true princess, because through the twenty mattresses and the twenty eiderdown quilts she had felt the pea. Only a true princess could have such a delicate skin. So the prince took her for his wife, for now he knew that he had a true princess!

17. in line 3, the word whether refers toa) Climate.b) Contradiction.c) Alternative.d) Conclusion.

18. A synonym for pour off is ___.a) Serve.b) Dry.c) Wet.d) Drain.

19. A pea is a ___.a) Fruit.b) Plant.c) Rock.d) Vegetable.

20. The princess couldt sleep well because of the ___.a) Bed.b) Pea.c) Mattresses.d) Quilts.


Instructions. Read and select the right option.

21. Where ___ hamburgers from?a) Is.b) Am.c) Are.d) re.

22. I ___ like to order.a) Will.b) Would.c) Wont.d) Could.

23. How would you like your meat? _____.a) Very well.b) Very much.c) Well done.d) Much.

24. What ___ your favorite dish?a) Are.b) Am.c) Is.d) Goes.

25. Do you like milk? _____.a) Very good.b) They love it.c) Not so much.d) Yes, you like it.

26. How ___ sugar do we need?a) Much.b) Good.c) Bad.d) Many.

27. She ___ want that cake.a) Dont.b) Doesnt.c) Do.d) Really.

Reading comprehension.

Instructions. Read the text and choose the correct choice.


I have been to the movies many times before and I never asked myself how it all started. Yesterday in my communication I couldnt really understand it. There were many inconclusive things so I went to the library to investigate more about it. After looking for information for a couple of hours I found the second part of the story and some interesting articles about mute films.

The second part of the movie explained the reasons of these events. The bald man and the woman were husband and wife and they were smugging some alcohol because in those times it was forbidden to sell it and you could get a lot of money if you sold it illegally. The man started a business with some friends and they were getting a lot of money from what they sold but the woman started to fall in love with one of the husbands partners. They became lovers and decided to run away with the money of the alcohol they sold but they needed to have a plan to run away together. So they decided to fake an attack to the woman and when they were distracted with the woman the man could get the money. The plan class my teacher was talking about the origins of films and she told us some very interesting facts about them.

What parti