Guerilla QR Final Presentation

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Guerilla QR Final Presentation


  • What is Guerilla Art?! Guerilla art, commonly referred to as

    "street art", is art developed in public spaces. The term can include traditional graffiti artwork, sculpture, stencil graffiti, sticker art, street poster art, video projection, art intervention, flash mobbing and street installations. Guerilla art is done in unauthorized locations.!

  • But You Might Want To Contact Air Traffic Control by Banksy!

  • "Painting in the Global Tradition" by Ces53!

  • Lego Terracotta Army by Leon Keer!

  • What is a QR Code?! A QR code (Quick Response

    code) is a type of matrix barcode that consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. QR codes are similar to the barcodes used by retailers to track inventory and price products however the key difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold.!

    When you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled Smartphone, you can link to digital content on the web. !

  • What is GuerillaQR?! GuerillaQR is a web-based game that

    rewards players for promoting their art through the creative distribution of their individually assigned QR codes. !

    GuerillaQRs goal is to gamify art promotion by making the daunting and often tedious process of promoting ones art into a fun, positive and constantly rewarding experience. !

  • How to Play! Players sign up for an account through either the

    GuerillaQR website or from the mobile app. They will be assigned a QR code that will link to their personal page where visitors are given the option of liking their work.!

    Users are encouraged to integrate logos or other elements into a unique design featuring their QR code to attract users to their GuerillaQR page.!

    All you need to participate in this game is the GuerillaQR app for your smart phone and a free GuerillaQR account.!

  • Examples of QR Code Integration !

  • The Home Screen! The home screen is the

    default screen that players first see when they use the app.!

    The screen lists game news and updates and allow users to navigate to the different parts of the app!

  • The Camera Screen! The camera screen

    allows users to scan in QR codes through the camera view.!

    When a valid GuerillaQR code is detected, a prompt to access the code owners User Screen will become available.!

  • The Locator Screen! The locator screen

    shows the user all the registered GuerillaQR works around his/her vicinity.!

    The works highlighted in orange have already been liked by the user.!

  • The User Screen! The user screen will have a

    gallery of work by the user that the visitor can browse through.!

    Visitors will be given the option of admiring the users work. !

    The number of likes a particular work has will show up on the locator screen.!

    Visitors will need a registered GuerillaQR account to like a user screen.!

    Clicking on the artists name will take the user to the artist work page.!

  • The Artist Work Page! The artist work page

    shows more works in the area by a particular artist.!

    The works highlighted in orange have already been liked by the user.!

  • The Settings Screen! The settings screen

    allows users to turn sound effects and push notifications on and off.!

    The settings screen also allows players to logout of their GuerillaQR account.!