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Guerilla Placemaking

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Guerilla Placemaking. …brings vacant or underused places to life. Guerilla Placemaking …. …meets an unmet need. …is a tool for public engagement in design & planning. Carrie Christensen Kristen Murray. Guerilla Placemaking In Minneapolis and St Paul . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Guerilla Placemaking

1. Activate the Street

Guerilla Placemaking

Bios here1brings vacant or underused places to life Guerilla Placemaking

Insert light image of others projects2meets an unmet need

3is a tool for public engagement in design & planning


Carrie ChristensenKristen Murray

Guerilla PlacemakingIn Minneapolis and St Paul

Lots of Projects well describe briefly, then Jeremy and Samantha will go into greater depth through some of their examples. As we talked about what GP is, we talked about projects, and also the role that it plays in planning and design processes, and things weve learned from doing it, so well be sharing some of those ideas, too.

5JXTA Bench Project:providing an unmet need

Juxtaposition arts a youth arts org in North MinneapolisOne of most used bus stops in the metroNo existing places to sitOne week installation with no permitFabricated by youth 6Corner lot party:exploring the potential of A place

Irrigate mission: By mobilizing artists to engage in their community, Irrigate will change the landscape of the Central Corridor with color, art, surprise, creativity and fun.Irrigate placemaking def: Placemaking is the act of people coming together to change overlooked and undervalued public and shared spaces into welcoming places where community gathers, supports one another, and thrives. Places can be animated and enhanced by elements that encourage human interaction from temporary activities such as performances and chalked poetry to permanent installations such as landscaping and unique art.7Corner lot party:exploring the potential of A place

8Wayfinding art bikes:piloting infrastructural improvements

Irrigate put in their def of placemaking and their missionWayfinding bikes with a community partner SAPCCPermitting processA way to help peds and bikes navigate the neighborhood, to increase automobile awareness of bikes and peds in the hood, to celebrate the bike and ped presence in the community, and to advocate for more biking and walking.Donate bikesPilot wayfinding system the community partner wanted to go this route

9Starling project:revitalizing vacant space during transition

10Park(ing) day:reimagining and reclaiming space

Park(ing) Day is an ..My students at the College of Design yesterday took part. Each team received extra credit to take part in it.Providing temporary public open space . . . one parking spot at at time.PARK(ing) Day is a annual open-source global event where citizens, artists and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into PARK(ing) spaces: temporary public places.

11Park(ing) day:reimagining and reclaiming space

Dinkytown Library


Graphing on the Curb:Data collecting for conversationA lot of changes are happening along this corridor and this was a way to document what is working and what isnt and try to work on changes that would be relevant to how people use the environmentEngaging people in conversation about whats happening in a placeResponding to a resident concern about ped safety at an intersection where the residents would like to have a no turn on red signNo permitUsing data collection as a tool for conversation with other residents to help inform design suggestionsFunded by irrigate13Graphing on the Curb:Data collecting for conversation

Heres the graphBy this you can see how far into the crosswalk the cars are stoppingThis GP act left a record of how people act in the urban environment

14Hennepin Ave Top 5 Video:a tool for activating and engaging

15Lessons Learned

Be public: You can start small, but be big enough that people will notice.

PR is critical. it makes it public.

Institutions or organizations with power can (and should) support & listen.

Plug into a bigger process, momentum or movement.16Thank you

Kristen MurrayStarling Project Resource Coordinatorresearch assistant, center for urban and regional [email protected]

Carrie ChristensenDesigner, Community Design Group, LLCAdjunct Faculty, University of MN, College of [email protected]