Grow Haiti’s   April   Haiti’s Children ... and Lilia Santiague spent the week with the children, playing soccer, ... child. Individuals and families page 1
Grow Haiti’s   April   Haiti’s Children ... and Lilia Santiague spent the week with the children, playing soccer, ... child. Individuals and families page 2
Grow Haiti’s   April   Haiti’s Children ... and Lilia Santiague spent the week with the children, playing soccer, ... child. Individuals and families page 3
Grow Haiti’s   April   Haiti’s Children ... and Lilia Santiague spent the week with the children, playing soccer, ... child. Individuals and families page 4

Grow Haiti’s April Haiti’s Children ... and Lilia Santiague spent the week with the children, playing soccer, ... child. Individuals and families

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  • March trip to Haiti

    Growing Children, Growing Needs

    Grow Haitis Children

    phanage staff and children.

    Our next trip will be in ear-

    ly October of 2016 and,

    hopefully, we will be able

    to involve travelers in pro-

    jects over the coming sum-

    mer months. Anyone inter-

    ested in participating

    should contact Cathy Olds,


    com or 480-899-1990, ext.

    130, for more information or

    to apply.

    On Wednesday, March 2 seven

    travelers left for Jeremie, Haiti.

    Gerry Smith, Lindsey Smith,

    Thibault Denamiel, Tevin Mil-

    ler, Nik and Henry Helfenbein

    and Lilia Santiague spent the

    week with the children, playing

    soccer, building with Legos,

    painting the girls fingernails,

    visiting the childrens schools,

    taking lots of pictures and

    measuring the children for

    shoes and clothes.

    Fr. Gary, the founder, and Mdm. Dilene,

    the director, met with our group to dis-

    cuss finances and the growing needs of

    the children.

    Travelers were able to join the children

    for Sunday mass at Fr. Garrys parish

    and enjoyed the hospitality of the or-

    We have 70 growing children

    between the ages of 5 and 19

    years old at Our Lady of Perpet-

    ual Help Orphanage. Each trip

    we take we bring clothing and

    shoes. With the shoe collection

    from last fall, we still have a

    good supply. Clothing, socks,

    underwear are often a more dif-

    ficult project. To meet the need

    for clothing we are initiating a

    clothing sponsorship for each

    child. Individuals and families

    can pledge to shop and provide

    play clothes, socks, underwear

    and dress clothes for one of the

    children. We will provide, sizes

    and a current picture of the boy

    or girl being sponsored. In Octo-

    ber and March we will deliver the

    clothes during our semi-annual


    Other needs include, backpacks,

    donations for 14 computer tablets

    for older students to be used at

    school, tuition for a nursing stu-

    dent and a cosmetology student.

    March Trip 1

    Growing Children 1

    Travel Reflections 2

    How to Get Involved 4

    Dining Room Renovations 3

    Priorities for Development 3

    Fall Fundraiser 4

    April 2016 Volume 1, Issue 3

    Inside this issue:

    Haiti Outreach of St. Andrew the Apostle

  • Traveler Profiles: Trip Reflections from Lindsey Smith

    My Experiences and Reflections On The Spring 2016 Trip To Haiti By: Lindsey Smith

    As I boarded an evening flight bound for Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and even-

    tually Haiti on March 2, 2016 with strangers I would be proud to call friends in only one short week, I had many preconceived notions of what I would

    see and experience. Many of these notions proved correct, however I

    came away with so much more.

    For me it was a trip that opened my eyes to the humanity behind the words

    orphan, poor, and third world. I came home with a love of the people I met, a respect for the fortitude of the orphans and the orphanage staff, a

    deeper appreciation for the modern conveniences and securities that I en-

    joy at home in the United States, and a stronger desire to help better their living situation.

    Before embarking on this trip I was told of the tremendous hospitality that

    Father Gary, Dilene and the staff and children of the orphanage extend to their guests from St. An-

    drews. This was indeed true. From the delicious food prepared for us at lunch every day, to the daily hugs, attempts at English, and time and effort the kids and staff put into planning a blow out celebration

    at the end of our trip, the people we support in Haiti exemplify hospitality. Every day when we arrived

    at the orphanage, we were greeted with swarms of beautiful children wishing us Bonjour with hugs, kisses, and hand holding. This is where I began to experience tumultuous emotions. I was touched by

    the sincere gestures of kindness and affection of the kids. Yet, I was heart broken because, as I got to

    know many of these wonderful kids, I could see that while their basic needs are well met, our visit brought them a novelty that the orphanage staff simply cannot provide, and that is one on one attention

    and affection. The staff is truly kind and committed to the children. With a staff of 12 and 70 children

    combined at both the boys and girls homes, regular individualized attention simply isnt realistic. As a mom to my own 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter my heart broke wide open as time after time

    one little 8 year old girl named Anne Stassy, who was newer to the orphanage, would come and hold my

    hand and hug my leg without any words every day for 20 minutes or longer at a time. One day I even picked her up to hug her, and she very needily wrapped her legs around me and laid her head down

    on my shoulder. It was very rewarding to know that each of us who came to visit could provide these kids with more individualized attention. It was also bitter sweet at the same time because unlike our

    own kids at home, that one on one experience doesnt come nearly often enough.

    All of this said, these kids really do have a better living situation than many of their counterparts living

    in the surrounding area who do not know if they will get to eat every day, go to school, or have shelter

    from the elements. While there was a significant language barrier since I dont speak French or French Creole, the frequent smiles and upbeat attitudes of most of the kids and teenagers conveyed to me that

    they too know that what they have at the orphanage is superior in many ways. Its my hope that many

    other parishioners will take a week to travel to meet these great kids personally. I can promise that they will touch each visitors heart in the same way they touched mine. Its also my hope that everyone

    that comes home from their visit will bring with them the same motivation to continue to help these kids

    just as I did.

    Page 2

    Lindsey Smith with a special hair do

    the girls provided.

  • During our regular trips to the orphanage

    we assess needs for both the children and

    the facilities . Here are some of the short

    and long term goals:

    Short term goals include:

    Continue working with the Knights of

    Columbus to complete the rewiring

    project of the boys facility and raising

    the electrical standards for a safer facili-

    ty. There is a need for battery power

    for fans and lights in the bedrooms and

    an exhaust fan in the kitchen to remove

    carbon monoxide from the wood fires.

    Repair water system in the boys facility,

    re-piping the shower area, converting

    pvc pipe in high use areas to galvanized

    pipes, adding a second water storage

    Priorities for Development

    Page 3

    tank on the roof, repair cistern, install water

    pump to move water from cistern to storage


    Long term goals include:

    Establish a scholarship fund to put our high

    school graduates through college, university,

    or vocational school.

    Purchase a delivery vehicle to extend bread

    sales into the community at large.

    There are generous donors for some of the short

    term projects. Our hope is that we will be able

    to obtain grants and major donations for the larg-

    er projects.

    Over the past year, work has been done to

    renovate the boys dining room. A year

    ago, the room was unpainted cinderblock

    walls and ceiling. See the picture to the

    right. Over this past winter we were able

    to have local workers sand and smooth

    and paint the walls, floors and ceiling. This

    provides a safer and healthier space for

    the children to eat.

    Other renovation projects are in the planning

    stages. With the financial support of the Kights of

    Columbus, Paul Hursh and Gerry Smith are head-

    ing a committee to fix the electrical system at the

    boys dormitory. We also have a donor for reno-

    vations to the substandard water system at the

    boys dormitory. Anyone interested in infor-

    mation on these projects can visit our web site to

    view pictures and progress on these projects.

    Dining Room Renovations

    Dining room after renovations

    Dining room before renovations

    Non-Profit Status has been granted

    to Grow Haitis Children!

  • How You Can Get Involved

    Page 4

    We Are on the Web at :


    Vision Statement

    We of Grow Hais Children, the mission out-

    reach of St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Faith

    Community to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Or-

    phanage join with other members of the body of

    Christ in joyful response to the Lords words

    Love one another as I have loved you. In re-

    sponding to this Gospel mandate, we choose to

    walk in solidarity with the Hai(an people, rec-

    ognizing them as family, promo(ng their dignity

    and encouraging their self-determina(on.

    Therefore, through our presence, collabora(on,

    educa(on for jus(ce in Hai( and the United

    States and the channeling of resources and tal-

    ents, we commit ourselves to empower the Hai-

    (an people to realize their full poten(al. Joining

    hands and hearts