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Green Vine snake. By Jak Jordan. What are they. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vine snake

Green Vine snakeBy Jak Jordan1

What are theyIt is a green snake, probably no thicker than a mans finger, it is usually about 1.5 meters long. But that's just the usual size they can be bigger. They normally eat small birds or animals, and they are almost the skinniest snake in the world. 2

What do they look likeThey are green snakes that are nearly invisible when they are in the right trees. They have something close to a checker patern on there belly, it is normally black and white. Sometimes there belly can be white. They have a brown eye with a black strip in the middle. 3

What do they eatNormally they eat small birds or lizards or any thing smaller than them really, but some times they eat bugs or eggs. They dont eat to much because there small snakes and they have more predators than prey. But they are rarely found by other snakes or other animals.4

Where do they liveThey live in trees or bushes and they try to find ones that are green to hide them selves.They hide them selves to catch prey some times they move slowly towards it or dont move at all. 5

venomThey have small amounts of venom that wouldnt kill any one but they have big teeth so you still dont want to get bit by one.6



videoGreen Vine SnakeHere is a scratch animation.8