Grades 9-12 School Counseling 9-12 School Counseling Curriculum ... classroom guidance lessons, ... January Naviance Students meet with counselors to begin to continue

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Text of Grades 9-12 School Counseling 9-12 School Counseling Curriculum ... classroom guidance lessons,...

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    Glen Ridge Public Schools


    Grades 9-12 School Counseling Curriculum

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

    -Nelson Mandela

    Curriculum Committee

    Lindsey Deptula

    Joe Mazzarella

    Vivian Petrosino

    Curriculum Developed

    Sep 2015 Aug 2016

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    Glen Ridge Public Schools

    School Counseling Department

    Table of Contents

    Section Pages


    Mission Statement 3

    Technology 4

    Role of the School Counselor 5

    Benefits of a Comprehensive School Counseling in Glen Ridge 6


    School Counseling Template 7

    Academic Development 8-9

    Career Development 10-11

    Personal/Social Development 12-13


    Curriculum Pacing Chart 14-18

    Parent Presentations 19


    Using Data 20-21

    Resources 22

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    Glen Ridge Public Schools

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Glen Ridge School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental program to promote lifelong learning

    and enhance student success. As advocates for students, allies with teachers, and liaisons with parents, the purpose of the school counseling

    program is to provide all students with the skills that optimize their academic, career, and personal/social development needed to become

    responsible citizens in a global society. In doing so, the Glen Ridge School Counseling Program recognizes the uniqueness and personal worth of

    each student, and strives to provide equity of access to a supportive safe learning environment for every student. We value the importance of

    programming that promotes education, prevention, and intervention with a focus on student success outcomes.

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    Use of Technology

    Use technology to effectively disseminate information and analyze results

    Inform the community regarding updates in the school counseling department

    Acquire knowledge of basic computer literacy skills, internet resources and software that are related to school counseling

    Facilitate students access to internet resources related to career information and the college planning process

    Maintain confidentiality of student information

  • 5

    Role of the School Counselor


    Identify goals of the school counseling program and the resources needed to carry out those goals

    Provide individual or group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, consultation services, career and academic advising, and systemic



    Ensure that every student gains access to rigorous academic preparation that will lead to greater opportunity and increased academic


    Promote student success by closing achievement gaps wherever found

    Collaborate with teachers, administration, and other community stakeholders to influence system-wide changes and implement school



    Monitor the academic, personal/social, and career needs of every student

    Embrace diversity and advocate for acceptance and tolerance in race, ethnic background, economic status, abilities, and lifestyle choices

    Collaboration and Teaming

    Collaborate with all school staff and community stakeholders to work toward the success of every student

    Foster a community within the school that encourages all staff to contribute to the education of every student

    Engage all stakeholders in the implementation of the school counseling program

    Data Informed Practice

    Analyze, and interpret data to identify needs of students

    Work collaboratively with building administrators and faculty to identify any achievement gaps

    Monitor student attendance and classroom performance

    Demonstrate accountability for how the school counseling program positively impacts student achievement

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    Benefits of Comprehensive School Counseling in Glen Ridge

    Bulleted below are examples of how district stakeholders benefit from the implementation of a comprehensive and developmental counseling program:


    Receive individual student planning, and responsive services

    Benefit from proactive strategies and responsive interventions to minimize and eliminate education barriers

    Gain multiple opportunities to develop skills in the three counseling domains: academic, personal/social, and career


    Foster collaborative and positive relationships with school counselors, students, parents, and colleagues

    Welcome classroom support in order to improve student achievement


    Receive support from school counselors as a critical leader in the educational process

    Collect data to strengthen school climate and student performance/achievement

    Encourage participation in professional development opportunities

    Parents and Guardians

    Attend educational and informational sessions

    Communicate with teachers, school counselors, and administrators

    Obtain access to available school and community resources


    Partners with school stakeholders

    Offers helpful resources

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    School Counseling Template



    Throughout School Year

    Personal/Social Development

    Throughout School Year

    Academic Development

    Throughout School Year

    Career Development

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    Personal/Social Development

    Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self

    and others

    Knowledge Skills ASCA CCC

    Provide individual short term counseling services to students and parents

    Build upon positive character traits

    Develop a broad range of interest and abilities

    Understand how effort and persistence positively affect learning

    Students will make decisions, set goals, and take necessary action to achieve goals

    Develop resiliency skills

    Interact positively with others

    Conflict resolution with peers

    Demonstrate dependability, productivity, and initiative

    PS: A1 PS: A2

    2.1-2.4 9.1 9.3

  • 9

    Knowledge Skills ASCA CCC

    Identify personal values, attitudes, and beliefs

    Understand changes as a part of growth

    Recognize, accept, respect, and appreciate individual differences

    Recognize, accept, and appreciate ethnic and cultural diversity

    Identify and express feelings

    Understand the need for self-control and how to practice it

    Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors

    Learn how to communicate effectively with others

  • 10


    Academic Development

    Students will understand the relationship of academics to the world of work, life at home, and in the community

    Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that contribute to effective learning in schools and across the life


    Knowledge Skills ASCA CCC

    Take pride in work and achievement

    Identify attitudes and behaviors which lead to successful learning

    Display a positive interest in learning

    Accept mistakes as essential to the learning process

    Develop academic self-concept

    Apply time management and task management skills

    Develop skills to advocate for self

    Know when and how to ask for help

    Work both independently and cooperatively

    A: A1 A: A2 A: A3 A: B1 A: B2 A: C1

    9.1 9.3

  • 11

    Knowledge Skills ASCA CCC

    Find new academic interests

    Understand the relationship between classroom performance and success in school, and how both impact future

    Realize how establishing challenging academic goals will help create a strong foundation for future career success

    Connect academic interests with career and college exploration

    Balance school, studies, extracurricular activities, leisure time, and family life

    Opt for a rigorous course load that helps to develop strong work ethic

    A: A1 A: A2 A: A3 A: B1 A: B2 A: C1

    9.1 9.3

  • 12


    Career Development

    Students will acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and make informed

    career decisions

    Students will understand the relationship between personal qualities, education, training, and the world of work

    Knowledge Skills ASCA CCC

    Discover the variety of traditional and nontraditional occupations

    Understand how to make education decisions

    Determine how to set challenging and realistic goals

    Learn about the right and responsibilities of employers and employees

    Understand the importance of responsibility, dependability, and puncuality

    Learn to locate, evaluate, and interpret career information

    Learn how to write and evaluate a resume

    Apply decision-making skills to career planning, course selection, and career transition

    Maintain a career-planning portfolio

    C: A1 C: A2 C: B1 C: B2 C: C1 C:C2

    9.2 9.3 9.4

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    Knowledge Skills