Grade 3 English Writing Writing Requesting and Exclamatory Sentences

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Writing Requesting and Exclamatory Sentences

I. Learning Objectives

Write from dictation different kinds of sentences

Write requesting and exclamatory sentences

II. Subject Matter


Requesting and Exclamatory Sentences


PELC Writing13, p. 14

Basic English Skills Builders 3, pp. 75-78

Materials:box, strips of papers, pocket chart, picture, invitation letter

Value Focus:Respect for others; courtesy

III. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities

1. Motivation

Show a picture of a child who slipped on the floor because of scattered toys.

If you were the child in the picture, what would you say and how would you ask for help? Act it out.

B. Development of the Lesson

1. Presentation

Say:We will read a story of a boy who made a mistake in preparing his juice.

Teddy was mixing a glass of orange juice. Suddenly he said, Oops! I put salt instead of sugar. What shall I do? Please throw it away, said Mother. Will I throw it away, Mother? Yes. Throw it away. What kind of orange juice would that be? Kindly make yourself another glassful. Please be careful this time, said mother. I thought you will scold me. Thank you so much, Mother!

2. Analysis and Discussion

1.Who are the characters in the story?

2.What mistake did Teddy commit in preparing his juice?

3.Why did Mother request Teddy to throw away the juice?

4.If you were Teddy, would you do the same? Why?

(Study the sentences in the pocket chart.)


Please, throw it away.

Kindly make yourself another glassful.

Please be careful this time.


Oops! I put salt instead of sugar.

Thank you so much, Mother!

1. What did you notice in sentences A?

2. With what words do they begin? (please, kindly)3. What do the words please and kindly express? (politeness)4. When you ask somebody to do something for you, how will you say it?

5. Why should you use please and kindly every time you ask for something?

Children like you should use please and kindly whenever you ask a favor to show that you are polite. It is more important to make a request than a command.

Sentences in A express a request. What do you call these sentences? (request sentences)

(Let the pupils read the sentences in set B.)

1.What feeling do you have when you read the sentences? (strong feeling)2.What punctuation mark is used in these sentences? (exclamation point)3.What do you call these sentences? (exclamatory sentences)4.Let the pupils write examples of request sentence and exclamatory sentences on the board.

3. Generalization

What is a request sentence?

What is an exclamatory sentence?

C. Post Activity

1. Application

Work in dyads

A. Direction:

Write a request sentence for the following situations using please or kindly

1.You want your brother to turn off the light.


2.You need help for your difficult assignment.


3.You want to borrow your seatmates new pen.


B. Read the following situations. Answer the questions that follow in exclamatory sentences.

4.Your father arrived from Saudi with a bag full of toys for you. What will you say?


5.You saw on television the buildings that were destroyed by a strong earthquake in other countries. How could you have expressed your feelings through words?


2. Enrichment Activities

Option 1:

Mystery box

Teacher has a box that contains strips of paper.

Each strip has situation that may either require the pupils to write a request or exclamatory sentence.

Pupils will be called one at a time.

Read the situation aloud then write the answer on the board.

Examples of situations:

1. You and your friend took a walk on a grassy land. Suddenly you saw a snake. What could you have said?

2. You dont want your sister to use your things without permission. Write a request sentence.

3. Your classmates are very noisy. Write a request sentence.

Option 2:

A. Study the pictures. Then, write a request sentence for each.

1. 2.

3. 4.

B. Write an exclamatory sentence that tells something about each picture.

IV. Evaluation

Writing from dictation

Read the following sentences without emotions. Let them write it on their paper. Let them write whether the sentence is an exclamatory or a requesting sentence.

a. Oh! I dropped the eggs!

b. Please get the rug and wipe the mess.

c. Ouch! My stomach hurts!

d. Will you please give me a hand with my assignment in Math?

e. Mother, please give me a slice of cake.

V. Assignment

Write five request sentences and five exclamatory sentences. Use the correct punctuation marks.

A request sentence tells someone to do something. It is expressed in a polite manner using expressions like please or kindly. It ends with a period.

An exclamatory sentence expresses a strong feeling. It ends with an exclamation point (!)






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