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Government Process Reengineering

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Government Process Reengineering. IIIT-Hyderabad. Background to Modernisation of PDS. 58% of subsidised food grains do not reach the below poverty line (BPL) families because of identification errors non-transparent operations and unethical practices in the implementation of PDS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Government Process Reengineering


Government Process Reengineering


Background to Modernisation of PDS

• 58% of subsidised food grains do not reach the below poverty line (BPL) families because of identification errors non-transparent operations and unethical practices in the implementation of PDS




COREPDS Objectives

To improve Service Delivery• Primary purpose of the initiative is to

improve service delivery at FPS in terms of quality of the commodities, quantity of commodities and behavior of FPS sales person with beneficiaries.

COREPDS Objectives

To reduce Diversion• COREPDS is targeted towards

elimination of diversion by using “Online real time mechanical authentication”, at the time of service delivery, at the FPS.

COREPDS Objectives

To empower beneficiary• The objective of COREPDS is to

empower the beneficiary with the facility to pick up her rations from an FPS of her choice. In fact the beneficiary, in COREPDS, becomes a partner of the government in the process of monitoring.

Which of the three objectives of COREPDS are met by the following?

[Improve Service delivery, Reduce diversion, Citizen empowerment]

• Smart ration card

• Handheld + Fingerprint authentication

• Inventory Management [Entitlement vs FPS replenishment] through central COREPEDS Server

• Portability [choice for SRC holder to go to any FPS]

Recall Gujarat TPDS…

• IN YOUR OPINION, how does Gujarat TPDS meet the same three objectives?– [Improve Service delivery, Reduce

diversion, Citizen empowerment]

Gujarat TPDS objective

To empower beneficiary• System assigns a default FPS to each beneficiary

household, but they would be given the freedom to choose another shop at the time of coupon generation if they are not satisfied with services at the designated FPS. In this way, monopoly of FPS shopkeepers over beneficiaries could be reduced, and competition among FPS shops can also be encouraged.

• [GTPDS goal similar to COREPDS?]

Why might GTPDS be using coupons?

• There are a percentage of people (old & single, handicapped, sick etc.) who can not come to FPS to take their ration, but request people from neighborhood (who may not be the same person ever month) to bring their ration– COREPDS Solution: Limited number of Non

FP authenticated Transactions– Gujarat Solution: Ration coupons can be

presented by anyone without any limit

Why might GTPDS not be favouring use of handhelds at

FPS?• Connectivity and reliability issues

related to ‘gadgets’ like handhelds…– Gujarat Solution: Ration is obtained on

presenting Coupons. Beneficiary not exposed to ICT problems at the point of delivery of goods.

• [Gujarat’s Presumption- FPS dealer WILL erect barriers to ICT use? ]

• COREPDS solution: Mobile FPS, Limited number of offline transactions


Why might GTPDS be using two stage PDS process

[Obtain coupon from CSC and then visit FPS?

Gujarat TPDS objective

Improving Economic Viability of the FPS Dealer

• Considering that proposed approach of PDS reforms would curtail irregularities in the TPDS, there is an urgent need to review the FPS viability in order to make it more rewarding for them

• [GTPDS goal different from COREPDS?]


• Finger Print Rejection Rate (FRR) is about 6.5 % using single attempt of Citizen’s best finger and can be reduced to 1 % in the case of two best fingers, three attempts.

• For Hyderabad of 2013, this might mean that ICT will create between 70,000 and 3.5 lakh unhappy families every month if FP authentication is made a pre-requisite for Government service delivery