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    Golden Oldies World Festivals are open to everyone over 35 but it is important to keep in mind that open and enjoyable Rugby is the aim. No over-vigorous play and

    unsportsmanlike behaviour.

    Teams who are used to playing in a more intensive manner are always welcome at

    Festivals and will be drawn against like-minded sides. To ensure your team thoroughly

    enjoys its games it is important that the desired level of competitiveness is indicated

    to the Secretariat on the 'Games Information Sheet'.


    The normal Under 19 Laws of Rugby as per the International Rugby Board (IRB) shall

    apply but with variations (listed below) so the game will be open, enjoyed more and the chances of being injured are less.

    1. All 8 forwards must remain bound in the scrum until the ball has been cleared. 2. The half-back (scrum-half) must not follow the ball around the scrum.

    3. There must be no pressure scrummaging or wheeling of the scrum. 4. There shall be no striking against the head by the hookers.

    5. In lineouts all 8 forwards must take part. 6. Defending players may kick the ball only in their own 22.

    7. No taking out opponents without the ball (cleaning out) around the rucks and

    mauls. 8. Teams scoring a try shall also restart the game by kicking to their opponents.

    9. Unlimited substitution is permitted and 'subbed' players may return at any time.

    10. Players must observe the offside rule, particularly that of remaining behind the hindmost foot at rucks and mauls.

    11. Backs (both sides) must stay 5 metres behind scrums and 10 metres from

    lineouts. 12. Each game shall consist of three 20 minute periods.

    13. All players must observe the restrictions on tackling players wearing coloured shorts (see below).

    Coloured Shorts

    Teams may not use "coloured shorts" wearers to gain competitive advantage by

    playing off each other and/or when stopped, by passing the ball to another coloured

    shorts player who cannot be tackled or claimed. Referees are briefed to look out for these situations and will penalise for 'obstruction'.

    35 - 45 No coloured shorts

    45 - 59 years Normal team shorts or red shorts:

    If any player in this age category is wearing red shorts he cannot be tackled to the ground or pushed off his feet. He can be claimed or his forward motion

    stopped by being held firmly or 'wrapped' but must be allowed to play the ball.

    Only two players per team wearing red shorts in this age category are allowed on the field at a time.

    To avoid confusion, overall team uniforms in this age group cannot include red shorts.

    60 - 69 years

    Gold shorts: Not to be tackled or claimed (wrapped).

  • The defender may stand in front of the player with the ball (the gold shorts

    player) with outstretched arms to prevent further forward movement, but allowing the player to play the ball.

    70 - 79 years

    Purple shorts:

    Not to be tackled or touched

    80 +

    Special Events shorts: Not to be tackled or touched (or even breathed on too heavily!)

    Players wearing the official coloured shorts must release the ball upon being held or stopped or prevented from further movement - or after running 25 metres.

    The wearing of specified coloured shorts does not give a player the right to tackle

    other players wearing similarly coloured shorts.

    Age Groups

    The age groupings recognise that some teams in the 35 - 45 category still want to

    play their Rugby with more intensity and be more physical than those who are older.

    Individuals in this age category who are members of a team of predominantly older participants must be prepared to abide by all Law variations and respect the wearers

    of coloured shorts.


    Over 35 but under 46 in the year of the Festival. 46 years and over in the year of the Festival


    30 and over in the year of the Festival.


    "Claiming" or "wrapping" can best be described using this example:

    The player with the ball (a wearer of red shorts) cannot be tackled to the ground but may be claimed or held by wrapping ones arms about his body (Diagram 1) to prevent

    further forward movement but must be able to free the ball to play it. In other words, you can hold them but not tackle them.

    A defender can stand in front of players wearing other official coloured shorts with outstretched arms to prevent further forward movement, again allowing the player to

    play the ball.

    Diagram 1 Diagram 2


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