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  • ADD. 19 b Al Obour Building Salah SalemSt.,HelioplesCairo, Egypt

    Tel.: 00202 226 20 24 1- 010 21 24 760E-mail info@goalsegypt.org goalsegypt@hotmail.com


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  • G Eoals gyptManagement ConsultantsWe have the pleasure to introduce GOALS Management Consultants services, our mission is toBuild a better service with a firm commitment to continuous improvement, and GOALS isDedicated to provide complete customer satisfaction.UOur vision:To become the preferred partner for providing efficient and cost effective HR solutions, tailorMade for each organization thereby achieving it through supporting the new wave of change inRaising and developing operational standards, contributing to the success of individuals andBusiness enterprises.

    UOur MissionTo emerge as the most competent and efficient HR by hiring the right people and empoweringThem with the right tools and knowledge in a cultivating atmosphere.

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    UOur service1-Recruitment

    2- Performance Appraisal



    5- Market Survey

    6- Training Support 6-7 - Payroll Training (Taxes Calculation Social Insurance- Govern Raise)

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    Recruitment ProcessRecruitment is an important part of an organizations human resource planning and their competitiveStrength. Competent human resources at the right positions in the organization are a vital resource andcan be a core competency or a strategic advantage for it.The objective of the recruitment process is to obtain the number and quality of employees that can beselected in order to help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. With the same objective,Recruitment helps to create a pool of prospective employees for the organization so that theManagement can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool.The Recruitment and selection is the major function of the Human resources department.And recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the recruitmentStrategic advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure fromSourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources andTime.

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    Performance AppraisalU

    Performance appraisal is necessary to measure the performance of the employees and the organizationto check the progress towards the desired goals and aims. Performance appraisals of Employees arenecessary to understand each employees abilities, competencies and relative merit and worth for theorganization. Performance appraisal rates the employees in terms of their performance.Performance appraisal helps to rate the performance of the employees and evaluate their contributiontowards the organizational goals. If the process of performance appraisals is formal and properlystructured, it helps the employees to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and givedirection to the individuals performance. It helps to align the individual performances with theorganizational goals and also review their performance. And it takes into account the past performanceof the employees and focuses on the improvement of the future performance of the employees.

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    OutsourcingOutsourcing refers to process of contracting out of a business function to an external provider that maybe viewed a components to the growing division of the labor.In this case two organizations may enter a contractual agreement involving exchange of service andpayment. In todays global competitive environment organizations need to focus on cost-cuttingstrategies and high qualitative results. Organizations has to deal with tax filling, they have to adhere tothe sate employment law. These complexities have force the organizations to outsource their payrollprocesses. Outsourcing helps an organization to stay focused on the business operations. It results incost-effectiveness and time saving. The organizations are relieved from law regulations and taxformalities. Organizations have to set an additional department for the purpose resulting in the salariesof those responsible for performing the activities of payroll process. It also includes the cost associatedwith payroll checks, bank accounts and other charges, record maintenance, computerized aids such aspayroll software, etc.

  • 3-Outsourcing:Outsourcing is needed when organizations started delegating their non-core functions to an external organization that wasspecialized in providing a particular service, function or product. In outsourcing, the external organization would take on themanagement of the outsourced function.Its B en efits:Most organizations choose outsourcing because outsourcing offers a lot of advantages. When organizations outsource, theybenefit from lower costs and high-quality services. Moreover organizations can concentrate more on core functions once theyoutsource their non-core functions. Outsourcing can also help organizations make better use of their resources, time andinfrastructure.The Process:You send the salaries for all employees by E-mail.Then: we send three sheets for you Salary sheet, Insurance sheet and taxes sheet with Invoices in details and Pays lips.After confirmation, we prepare the transaction and send it to bank to be done.When we pay the taxes to Labor Office and Social Insurance for Insurance Office, we send copy of receipts.N.B: Before add any new employee to salary sheet, we should issue Form 1 and assure he sends to us the official documents.(Our Fee will be from (gross salary + Company share) depends on the number ofemployees and the value of their salaries. We have a payroll system that used incalculation the Taxes and Social Insurance.)

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    PayrollHuman Resource is the most vital resource for any organization. It is responsible for every decisiontaken, every work done and every result. Employees should be managed properly and motivated byproviding best remuneration and compensation as per the industry standards. The lucrativecompensation will also serve the need for attracting and retaining the best employees.Compensation is the remuneration received by an employee in return for the contribution to theorganization. It is an organized practice that involves balancing the work-employee relation byproviding monetary and non-monetary benefits to employees. Compensation is an integral part ofhuman resource management which helps in motivating the employees and improving organizationaleffectiveness. Compensation does not include only salary but it is the sum total of all rewards andallowances provided to the employees in return for their services. If the compensation offered iseffectively managed, it contributes to high organizational productivity.

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    Market SurveyOrganizations have to bridge the gap between the industry standards and their salary packages. Theycannot provide compensation packages that are either less than the industry standards or are veryhigher then the market rates. For the purpose they undertake the salary survey. The Salary survey is theresearch done to analyze the industry standards to set up the compensation strategy for theorganization. And the analysis is done on the basis of certain factors defined in the objectives of theresearch.Objectives of Salary Survey

    To gather information regarding the industry standards To know more about the market rate i.e. compensation offered by the competitors To design a fair compensation system To design and implement most competitive reward strategies To benchmark the compensation strategies.