Gloucester Works Supporting People and Business in The City Sarah Danson

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Gloucester Works Supporting People and Business in The City Sarah Danson Employer Engagement Manager. Regenerating the City. An estimated 1 billion of investment planned for the Citys infrastructure over a seven year period The investment is anticipated to create 5,000 new jobs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Gloucester WorksSupporting People and Business in The City

    Sarah DansonEmployer Engagement Manager

  • Regenerating the CityAn estimated 1 billion of investment planned for the Citys infrastructure over a seven year periodThe investment is anticipated to create 5,000 new jobs In 2008 City Employment and Skills Plan - Gloucester Works is developed and seen as the primary vehicle through which to address jobs, skills and employer issues in the City

  • City Employment Plan: Leadership and DirectionLed by Management Board of Chief Execs and Area Directors from: City CouncilLSCCounty CouncilGloucestershire 1stGHURCJob Centre PlusSWRDA PCT

  • The Gloucester EconomyContinued decline of key economic sectors (manufacturing, hospitality & catering, financial services)Employment growth in City is markedly slower than County and South West economyIncreasing reliance on public sector employmentSkills in economy predominantly at lower and intermediate levels (up to level 2)Higher proportion of unemployed and inactive benefit clients compared to County as a whole40% of employment accounted by in-commutingDuplication, gaps and fragmentation in services

  • Challenges FacedLack of confidence in the Gloucester BrandDisconnect between future plans and local perceptionsHow will local people access employment?What opportunities will there be?Changing economic climateBuilding a winning mentality and a cando culture

  • CESP Geographical Focus

  • What Are The Key Components?Employer EngagementCommon approach: no wrong doorEmployer OfferIntegrated service for employment, skills & aftercareCentral Jobs Bank: bringing job opportunities to a wider audienceClient OfferPersonal support and bespoke trainingNeighbourhood EngagementLinkages between jobs, skills & other services including welfare, health and housing

  • Client Offer

    Advice and GuidanceReferral to training CV and Job Search SupportOn going mentoring

  • Gloucester QuaysGloucester Quays Phase OneOver 1700 people and 30 employers Employment & Information Event in April 58% of vacancies in Phase One filled through Gloucester Works support On going recruitment support and training

  • Gloucester Quays58% of people who gained employment at Gloucester Quays received support through the Gloucester Works programme.

  • Progress To Date

    Over 2000 clients assisted in personal development, skills and employment support with more than 1100 achieving formal qualifications404 individuals have moved into employment

  • What We Offer To Employers Support for recruitment including Gloucester Works Jobs BankPre and post employment training packagesAftercare and continuing workforce developmentOrganisation-wide needs analysis Sign posting and brokered solutions for employment, skills, business support and development

  • Employer ProgressOver 900 employers assisted in training, recruitment and vacancy matching250 hard to reachMore than 1900 employed clients receiving training support

  • ****When we think of the City traditionally we look at the inner city wards

    Project is unique as it brings together the entire City and Brockworth and offers a cohesive offer over the City from Quedgeley in the South to Brockworth in the North.

    Here in the CESP team , we have a community coordinator allocated to each area who will work with community based organisations and of course you the providers to recruit and coordinate the recruitment into the CESP



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