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Global Real Estate: Local Markets

Global Real Estate: Local Markets

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Global Real Estate: Local Markets. introduction. Course Overview. How the Global Economy Shapes Your Market Your Hometown Global Market Cultural Literacy for Business Serving the Global Market Networking Power Planning>Action>Results. Exam and Activities. 30-question exam Open-book - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Global Real Estate: Local Markets

  • Global Real Estate:Local Markets


  • Course OverviewHow the Global Economy Shapes Your MarketYour Hometown Global MarketCultural Literacy for BusinessServing the Global MarketNetworking PowerPlanning>Action>Results*

  • Exam and Activities30-question examOpen-bookMultiple-choiceActivitiesGroup assignmentsExercisesDiscussions*

  • Earning the CIPS DesignationGlobal Real Estate: Local Markets (all students)Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools (U.S. students)The Business of U.S. Real Estate (Non U.S. students)Three elective courses:Europe and International Real EstateAsia/Pacific and International Real EstateThe Americas and International Real EstateAt Home with Diversity (U.S. students)*

  • Earning the CIPS DesignationOne of the following courses can count as one elective option:CRS 200 Business Planning and Marketing for the Residential SpecialistCRS 204 Creating Wealth through Residential Real Estate InvestmentsCCIM - Residential Real Estate Financial AnalysisOne Real Estate Advanced Practices (REAP) module from the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS) (Non U.S. students)International real estate experience- 100 Points


  • Self-Assessment: Are You Already Global?*


  • In This ChapterGlobal economy, local real estate marketsGlobal flow of capital and wealthReal estate as an investmentTrends and indicators*

  • Global Economy, Local MarketsGlobal economic forces impact your businessReal estate is a storehouse of wealthWhich indicators and trends should you monitor?Design a personal data plan *

  • Viewpoints*

  • A Shrinking World?Spread of capitalism New wealth seeks opportunities and safety in real estate *

  • Most Stable and Secure*Source: Association for Foreign Investors in Real Estate

  • Best Capital Appreciation*Source: Association for Foreign Investors in Real Estate


  • ConnectivityInternet*Source: Internet World Stats

  • ConnectivityFacebook*Source: Internet World Stats

  • Round-the-Clock Financial Markets*FTSE 100 LondonHang Seng Hong KongDAX FrankfurtCACParisNikkei TokyoDow, S&P500, NASDAQNew York

  • Interdependence and SpecializationAdvantage: economic efficiencies and benefitsDisadvantage: dependence on other countriesWorkers remittances = 3x official government foreign aid*

  • Ease of TravelAffordable airfares Convenient flights to hub cities and resortsImmigrants maintain homeland tiesU.S. expatriate retirees*

  • Twenty-first Century WorkforceGlobal businesses and their workers enter new marketsRemote workers choose to live and work apart from company officesEntrepreneurs start businesses from anywhere in the world*

  • CapitalWhat Flows?CurrencyAssetsCapital goodsDebtCreditInformationTechnologyInnovation *

  • *

  • Capital Flow TheoriesBargain Rate TheoryLoss Avoidance TheoryMarket Linkage Theory*

  • Staying in the KnowSelect, monitor, compare key indicatorsThe Economist, Financial Times, Wall Street JournalGovernment Web sitesNAR Economists Outlook *

  • IndicatorsGDPEmploymentConsumer Price Index Labor Productivity Retail Sales Exchange Rates Interest Rates Flow of FundsMortgage Rates Imports, Exports, and Trade BalanceDirect Investment AbroadForeign Direct Investment*

  • *Key Point Review