Glasgow Talk March2015 FINAL

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Glasgow Talk March2015 FINAL


  • Dr. Chip Halverson is a licensed naturopathic physician in both Oregon and Montana. Dr. Halverson regularly lectures locally and nationally on a variety of health topics and their connections to optimal wellness. He is a primary care physician with experience in acute and chronic health issues, including some of the most difficult health conditions.

    !Dr. Halversons health talks have been well received as he intertwines many stories about health that people can relate to and understand. During this interactive presentation, people will be given strategies to optimize their health potential. At the end there is a popular Q and A time for people to ask any health related questions.

    !Dr. Halverson was a teacher for 15 years before returning to medical school and opening Selah Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He is a native Montanan from Glasgow who spends as much time as he can in the Big Sky Country with his wife and three children.

    !A special thanks to family, friends and patients in Montana who encouraged Dr. Chip to return to Glasgow. He is excited to share this timely topic with his hometown.

    Optimal Wellness:

    Managing Inflammation, Pain & Chronic Illness

    Presented by Dr. Chip Halverson, ND

    !Selah Natural Medicine


    How can natural medicine help me in managing chronic illness and pain?

    What is the anti-inflammatory diet?

    In what ways can inflammation and pain lead to chronic illness?

    How are my organ systems affected?

    Is it really pain or something else causing my problem?

    How do the foods I eat contribute to inflammation and pain?

    What is the difference between feeling well and being well?

    Explore the relationship of natural laws and health, including optimal nutrition, sleep, hydration and movement.

    How do you get from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state and give your body the ability to heal, reduce pain and inflammation?

    How can I help my child, grandchild and young people in general?

    How does my body compensate and adapt to stress, pain and inflammation?

    How can I improve my health?

    Upcoming Optimal Wellness Health Talk

    !6:00-7:15 pm Tuesday, March 24th


    Cottonwood Inn Convention Center (406) 228-8213

    For more information call 503.206.6996