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  • Girls in Basketball Texts: Representation, Resiliency, and Writing Elizabeth Dinkins, Bellarmine University

    2014 NCTE Conference

    Rez Ball is wide-open. Beautiful. Disciplined, but disciplined by Mother Natures rules and not by mans structure,

    which makes it a war of attrition. There is an innate flow and beauty to ithigh risk maneuvers, long passes, three

    pointers galore and, to be honest, not quite as much defense. But its beautiful. And natural. Colors of the wind,

    anyone? So theres conventional basketball then theres Shoni. -Gyasi Ross, Woman Crush Wednesday: Shoni Schimmel & Catching a Shadow

    Sample Guiding Questions for Inquiry:

    In what ways does basketball reflect and represent American Indian cultures and histories?

    How have native peoples made basketball a game of their own?

    What is the legacy of Native women in basketball?

    How have women been formative in shaping these legacies of womens basketball and American Indian athletes?

    How can writing (in a form of your choice) capture the role of women in basketball culture?

    Sample Writing Forms and Purposes:

    Academic paper (cultural synthesis, comparison, and/or critique)

    Journalistic reports (blogs, podcasts, infographics, news stories)

    Poetry & literary nonfiction

    Resources/Mentor Texts

    Film Poetry/Prose/Fiction Academic & Literary



    Off the Rez (iTunes: Tells the story of

    Shoni Schimmel and her

    family as they move off the

    reservation. Contemporary)

    Playing for the World (Montana PBS: Tells the

    story of the Fort Shaw

    basketball team who traveled

    to the 1904 Worlds Fair St.

    Louis. Captures the

    oppressive reality of Indian

    boarding schools & the

    beginning of women in the

    legacy of native basketball

    culture & history.)

    Natalie Diaz (an ex-collegiate

    & professional basketball

    player turned poet)

    Top Ten Reasons Why

    Indians Are Good at


    How to Love a Woman

    with No Legs

    Sports Blog Series Why We Play Basketball

    by Sherman Alexie(College English, 1995, vol. 58, no. 6)

    Hoop Queens by Charles R. Smith (collection of poetry

    about women basketball


    How Boarding School Basketball became Indian Basketball by Wade Davies, (chpt. 27

    in American Indians &

    Popular Culture: Media,

    Sports, and Politics (2012)

    Edited by Elizabeth Delaney


    Counting Coup: A True Story of Basketball and Honor on the Little Big Horn By Larry Colton (2000)

    A Season on the Reservation: My Sojourn with the White Mountain Apaches By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar &

    Stephen Singular (2000)

    Celebrating Rez Ball

    by Gary Every


    10 Reasons You Might be a

    Rez Baller

    by Vincent Shilling




    Woman Crush Wednesday:

    Shoni Schimmel & Catching

    a Shadow (Rez Ball Jim


    By Gyasi Ross







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