Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! We make the custom Bennington Salad Servers for a great addition. Family Reunion

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  • Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! The pleasure of giving begins with the choosing . . . We have again made our special holiday gifts just for you. It gives us such plea- sure to think of you while we plan and then make the three unique gifts, avail- able only here and not for sale anywhere, for your choosing and for your delight.

    We thank you for being a friend of Bennington Potters and for supporting a 62 year old pottery that makes practical, durable, beautiful pieces handmade right in Bennington, Vermont. Come see it made. We’d love to meet you.

    Special Holiday Offer through December 31st only! ✦ Shop here for easy gift giving of our most popular pottery gift sets ✦ Choose gifts of Bennington for your family and friends

    AND… ✦ Get a holiday gift (or 2 or 3 gifts!) made especially for you! (See details inside back cover.)

    Call us TOLL-FREE 1-800-205-8033, or shop online at Please remember: this special holiday offer ends December 31st, 2010!

    All best wishes for health and happiness from our house to yours,

    Tami Niles aNd all The PoTTers

    Our pottery is... Oven safe!

    Dishwasher safe! Food safe! American


    P.S. Love the white on white glaze? The big news for 2010 is that the potters have promised to make enough dinnerware

    this season for everyone and to keep it in stock! See page 7.

    Trigger Mug #1340-07 $15 Set/4 #M41340-07 $60

    See more great g i f t ideas a t benningtonpot ters .com2

  • Banneton & Crock Gift Set Our most unique shape is

    also our most versatile! It

    was designed originally for

    bread but our customers

    have shown us its many

    other uses. Now we can’t

    imagine ever putting it

    away. The two piece set

    comes with our signature

    handled banneton (12" L)

    and petite crock (4 oz).

    Banneton/Crock Set #52341 $39

    To l l F r e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3

    Gifts Bold & Beautiful!

    Farmhouse Presentation Bowl A perfect centerpiece, an outstanding wedding

    or corporate gift – a country heirloom of classic

    quality and scale. Holds 6 quarts of bread dough,

    fruit, anything at all. 6" H x 111/2" W

    Farmhouse Bowl #2186 $99

    Tol l f ree 1 -800-205-8033 3

  • Family Reunion Bowl This great bowl holds 71/4 quarts and at 14"

    wide is the biggest bowl made in New England

    today. It’s beautiful. We make the custom

    Bennington Salad Servers for a great addition.

    Family Reunion Bowl #2181 $99

    Bennington Salad Servers #2208 $49

    Antique Pitcher & Tumblers Our homage to the wonderful old farmhouse

    pitcher that sat modestly on every New Eng-

    land table. Gently oval in shape, our version

    holds 11/2 quarts. The 11 ounce tumblers are

    the perfect companions because stoneware

    keeps cold drinks cold longer.

    Antique Pitcher #2903 $52 Set/4 Tumblers #M41340T $52

    Vis i t us a t benningtonpot ters .com

    Handle Bowl Gift Set The signature handle on this stackable bowl makes it a wonderful workhorse: sour cream dip, chili,

    chowder, ice cream! Scoop up on ready-to-give with an all natural herb dip mix — add sour cream and,

    voila! instant party! — or treat yourself to a set of four. You will love them! 15 oz

    Bowl/Mix Set #62385 $29 Set/4 Bowls #M41894 $96

    Give Bennington Special Gifts for Special People

  • Painted Ladies Luminous, handpainted, each one

    unique, the Mt Equinox group offers

    the collectability of art pottery and the

    utility you always get from Bennington

    Potters. Bold and beautiful, these

    wonderful pieces — an elegant pitcher

    and a large and low bowl — make a

    splendid statement. The extra large

    mugs are eminently giftable.

    Equinox Mug, 16 oz #9925ME $28 Set/2 Mugs #M29925ME $56 Molly Pitcher, 1 gal #9906ME $99 Reunion Bowl, 71/2 qt #2181ME $129

    Pair of Platters Classic oval platters: at 19" L x 15" W,

    the large platter will hold turkey and

    fixings for family feasts and do double

    duty as a tea tray. The medium platter,

    16" L x 12" W, is the perfect size for

    everyday service.

    Large Platter #2197L $79

    Medium Platter #2197M $59

    To l l f ree 1 -800-205-8033 5

    Give Bennington

  • Mix in Morning Glory Yellow

    for a sunny state of mind

    Trigger Mug (4" H, 11 oz) #1340 Enjoy the mug that made mugs famous!

    Morning Glory Yellow (or Blue) $14 White on White $15

    Tankard Mug (4" H, 11 oz) #S1 Use for hot or cold, a great alternative !

    Morning Glory Yellow (or Blue) $15 White on White $16

    Pasta Bowl (81/2" W, 16 oz) #1961 Rimmed and rugged yet very elegant.

    Morning Glory Yellow (or Blue) $26 White on White $28


  • Serving Bowl (12" W, 64 oz) #1969 Friends and family will gather round this

    bowl for more of your delicious food.

    Morning Glory Yellow (or Blue) $52 White on White $56

    This glaze is a member of the agate family, but different because it is

    accomplished with two whites, one shiny, one matte for a subtle marbling

    low contrast effect. White on white requires special firing techniques but

    the potters are committed to keeping these white on white pieces in stock.

    White on White!

    Vis i t us a t benningtonpot ters .com or ca l l to l l f ree 1 -800-205-8033 7

    Dessert Plate (6" W) #1661 Small but mighty: bread & butter,

    side salad, dessert after.

    Morning Glory Yellow (or Blue) $16 White on White $17

    Luncheon Plate (81/2" W) #1628 Happy medium: sandwich, large

    salad, virtuous dinner or big dessert!

    Morning Glory Yellow (or Blue) $22 White on White $24

    Dinner Plate (101/2" W) #1669 The classic dinner plate that

    makes for memorable meals.

    Morning Glory Yellow (or Blue) $24 White on White $26

  • 8

    Bakeware Stoneware is

    — easy-to-clean, long lasting and beautiful

    Rectangular Baker 8" x 16", 3 qt

    #1889 $50

    Muffin Pan 8" x 111/2"

    #9915 $34

    6" Plates, Set/4 (see also pages 6-7)

    #M41661 $64

  • 9

    Bennington bakeware is so right — so substantial, so oven-friendly, so

    cook-friendly, so dishwasher-friendly that we say that the pleasure of

    cooking begins when you pick up the pot. Our twice-glazed agates bake

    up evenly, clean up easily and go to table proudly. Yeah, it’s that good.

    Call us, or shop for additional glazes!

    Centerpiece Pie Pan 11" W, 11/2 qt

    #1850 $40

    V is i t us a t benningtonpot ters .com or ca l l to l l f ree 1 -800-205-8033

    Kitchen Essentials Some things just don’t change: a good covered crock, a trusty loaf pan were essentials a hundred years ago and are still so today. Replace your own oldies or set up someone special.

    Stocky Crock Senior 8" H, 2 qt #1396 $55 Basic Loaf Pan 51/2" x 12", 11/2 qt #1874 $32

  • Sweet Gifts for Savvy Shoppers — give pleasure everyday


    If gift giving is on your to-do list, look no further! These sets were chosen

    for their charm, excellent value and delicious appeal. Best of all they are

    great for family-to-family gift giving — perfect for everyone on your list —

    unique and totally re-useable. These are the gifts that keep on giving long

    after their occasion has passed.

    Cow Glass NEW Although Italian, these bovine

    embossed glasses have flown out

    of our store for years. Now sold

    open stock, so order to family size

    or gift list length! 5" H, 11 oz

    Glass #7046 $4.95 each

    Brownie Lovers Gift Set This gift features our popular

    8" square baker and includes

    The Best Ever Brownie Mix. Our

    easy-clean pan baked these rich

    fudgey brownies so well we could

    hardly wait ’til they cooled —

    okay, maybe we didn’t.

    Pan/Mix #62247 $42

    Tol l Free 1 -800-205-8033

  • To l l F r e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 0 5 - 8 0 3 3 9

    No. 1 Family Favorite New England Batter Bowl Gift Set Vermonters love a hearty breakfast of pancakes and real maple syrup. Now

    you can too. 3 piece set: our famous 11/2 qt batter bowl with easy grip handle

    and easy pour spout, locally made pancake mix (for 24 cakes), and a sample

    of genuine Vermont maple syrup. Bowl/Mix/Nip #63233 $42

    Blueberry Mornings Gift Set Enjoy our easy-clean 6 muffin

    pan & delightfully packaged

    blueberry muffin mix. Nothing

    matches Bennington stoneware

    for delicious muffins with golden

    crusty tops. Mmmm. Check out

    the loving message of home

    cooking on the back. 8" x 11"

    Muffin Pan/Mix #62224 $39

    Each muffin cup bottom carries this unique backstamp.


  • Blue Agate

    Family Serving Bowl We have always loved this large serving bowl and a