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  • Mitel Getting to Green Contributing to a Greener Future Together
  • Changing Business Landscape
    • Carbon metrics, disclosure, and pricing by 2010
    • Rising Corporate Energy Costs
      • Estimated energy costs can be 40% of the cost of operating a data center.
      • According to EPA statistics, it costs $4.5 billion a year for the electricity to run the nation's server farms
    • Facilities vs. IT Accountablity ?
      • Offices consume 16.4kwh/square foot / year
        • 7% for lighting, staff
      • Data center consumes 575kwh/square foot /year
        • 50% for IT equipment
        • 43% for cooling that IT equipment
      • Smaller servers, higher rack densities looming problems
    A strategic plan for reducing the costs of energy consumption is now a must for gaining competitive differentiation
  • Identifying Corporate Challenges...
    • Cost Control
    • Margins Competition
    • Risk/liability Mitigation
    • Cost Reduction
    • Energy Management
    • Facilities Location
    • Logistics & Transportation
    • Waste Management
    • Sustainable Procurement
    • Corporate Brand / Loyalty
    • Product Information
    • Productivity
    • Corporate Mobility
      • Corporate Travel Reduction
      • Employee Tele-work
    • Training
    • Sharing intelligence in a dispersed organization
    • Corporate Responsiveness
  • The Bigger Picture Source: The Climate Registry, 2008
  • Coordinating Internal Activities
  • The New Reality Source: IDC YOU, Me and Green IT 2008 40% of enterprise CIOs indicate payback on Green IT within 1 year
  • Global IT Spending on Servers & Power vs. Cooling Energy management in the Data Center is now a key area for energy and cost optimization IDC, 2007
  • Power is Top of Mind IDC, 2007
  • A New Corporate Business Case Triple Bottom Line (3BL)
    • Why Consumption Matters: Power, Fuel, Materials
      • Higher opex, reduced revenues
      • Soaring energy prices impacts sales of energy consuming products
      • Energy disruption impacts supply chains, production
      • Inefficient usage impacts brand, competitiveness
    • If the world is changing faster outside your organization than inside, the end is near Jack Welsh former CEO, GE
    Financial Performance Social Commitment Environmental Responsibility
  • The Power of Collective Action Taking the First Steps Our Company Reducing our corporate footprint Step 4 Our Commitment End of Life Recycling Take IT Back Programs Step 3 Our Solutions Lowering the carbon footprint of our customers Step 1 Our Products Most energy efficient on the market Step 2
  • Our Solutions
    • Meet Globally, Stay Local
    • Mitel Live Business Gateway
    • Mitel 5300 Integrated Office Companion
    • Quick Conference
    • Mitel Hosted Audio & Web Conferencing Solutions
    • Mitel Remote Support
    • Apply Green Building Principles
    • Lower Energy Consumption
    • Building Systems Integration
    • Corporate Responsibility
    • Certified ISO 14000 EMS
    • Climate Registry Founding Member
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Energy Star Compliant Power Sources
    • Environmentally Conscious Product Design
    • Support Telecommuting
    • Mitel Teleworker Solution
    • Mitel Your Assistant
    • Mitel Audio & Web Conferencing
    • Virtual Call Centers
    • Mitel Contact Center Solutions
    Reducing unnecessary corporate and employee travel while improving corporate productivity and decision-making
  • Centralized Administration of Geographically Dispersed Sites Saves trips to do on-site maintenance and MACs, thereby saving time, money and fuel. 3300 ICP PSTN Headquarters 3300 Survivable Media Gateways PSTN Hosted Apps Centralized Management 3300 Call Controller Branch Office 3300 Survivable Media Gateway PSTN Small Office Small Branch or Home Office Line Interface Module DSL / Cable Modem IP Set LAN PSTN WAN / Internet
  • Reduce Corporate Travel Between Sites
    • Put voice on the converged network
    • Management and cost savings
    Mitel Teleworker Workstation Mitel Quick Conference Microsoft Office Communicator New York Los Angeles Toronto WAN / Internet
  • Reduce Corporate Travel Mitel Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions
    • Reduce travel but keep teams and business processes connected
    • Breakdown the barrier of distance with IP telephony, presence, instant messaging, video and messaging
      • Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing and Quick Conference
      • Mitel Your Assistant and Personal Communicator
      • Mitel Live Business Gateway (Microsoft Office Communications Server)
      • Mitel Web Conferencing Remote Support
      • Video-Conferencing Solutions
    A 600 employee company with 10% flying in U.S. monthly generates 2160 tons of greenhouse gases per year
    • The Challenge
    • streamline communications, preserve resources, minimize travel and enhance service delivery
    • The Solution
    • Mitel Axxess Converged Communications System
    • Mitel Contact Center Suite
    • Mitel Web Conferencing Remote Support IP-powered customer-service and collaboration solution
    • The Impact
    • Work with customers to remotely install software and provide training - all from company HQ in Kentucky
    • Travel cut in half
    Reduced travel to customer sites to train store personnel Laurel Grocery Company Remote Support for 400 Retailers
  • The Impact of Commuting
    • 2004 CO2 emissions from personal vehicles in the US were 314M metric tons*
    • Americans vehicles cause 45% of CO2 emitted by automobiles worldwide
    * Source: Environmental Defense report, June 2006 If 10% of the workforce tele-worked one day a week, it would save over 1.2M gallons of fuel per week (US EPA)
  • Reduce Employee Commuting Mitel Teleworker Solutions
    • Primary Drivers for Telework
      • Real estate savings: 24%
      • Recruitment and retention: 39%
      • Emergency / pandemic planning: 32%
      • Increase in employee productivity: 35%
      • Better work / life balance: 74%
    • Tools that enable full office communications from any location
      • Mitel Teleworker Solution
      • Mitel Your Assistant Softphone and Collaboration Suite
    64% of U.S Businesses Believe Telecommuting May Represent an Efficient Way to Address Global Warming (Source: 2007 CDW Telework Report )
    • The average employee who commutes five days a week:
    • Commutes 43.5 miles / week
    • Spends 245 hours / year driving
    • Spends $10,580 / year on the commute
    • Disperses 8 tons of pollutants into the environment each year
    Source 2007
  • Creating a Virtual Work Place
    • The Impact
    • Allows company to attract and retain skilled employees
    • Allows company to interact with employees all over the country
    • Provides employees with a virtual and visual presence and availability at all times
    • Avoided real-estate costs
    • The Solution
    • 8 Mitel 3300 ICPs
    • 1200 Teleworkers (200 more planned)
    • Mitel Applications Suite
    • Contact Center with 6110 Enterprise Mgmt Server
    • Mitel Your Assistant (350 clients)
    • The Impetus
    • To enhance customer service
    • Retain valu