Getting Started With Twitter, Part 2

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  • 1.Getting Started With TwitterPart 2Setting It All Up April 21, 2010

2. Overview Sign up for Twitter Set up profile Getting organized Link to other social networks Add relevant followers Find out more about followers Auto Follow NWA Hashtags Security Etiquette Spotting Bots2 3. Sign Up For Twitter Go to and click the Join the conversation! Box Select a username Use the shortest version of your name possible (ccondray vs. collincondray) to free up more space in Tweets. Avoid underscores (reduces retweets) Find connections in your email 3 4. Set up your profile Name Use your real name Location Can help other local people find you Web For longer posts try using Posterous or Tumblr Bio Should be related to your goal Picture use a real picture. Gives you a human face thats easier to relate to. 4 Design Change from the default one to make you unique 5. Organizing Your Activity With Hootsuite Post to all major social media networks from one place (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Organize using Twitter lists based on location, topic, personal friends, etc. Set tweets to be posted during the day when more people might see it 5 6. Link with other networks Facebook LinkedIn (or by using the #in tag) 6 Others: MySpace 7. Adding Relevant Followers Mr 7 8. Find Out More About Followers With TwimailerExtra information 8 9. Autofollow New Followers Using 9 10. NWA Hashtags #479 #NWAark Zip codes ( Bentonville #72712 Fayetteville #72701 Rogers #72756 #72758 11. Keeping Safe Remember everything but DMs are public Make sure you dont put out any personal information(email, home address, etc.) 11 12. Etiquette You tweet, you dont twit Give Credit: RT, via, ht. Dont just blast out to your followers, interact with them Know the difference between Reply and DM Do not retweet yourself When retweeting someone elses retweet, its sometimes okay to drop the secondary source and just retweet the original poster of the information. 13. Spotting Bots Hot chick pictureFollowing/Followers outof proportionIncomplete or non Unrelated postsdescriptive profile Generic news stories information 14. Thank you!Collin