Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS4

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Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS4. Photoshop CS4. CS stands for Creative Suite Photoshop is part of the suite Digital image a picture in electronic form Use PS to create original artwork, manipulate color images, and retouch photos. PS is an image-editing program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS4</p> <p>Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS41Photoshop CS4CS stands for Creative Suite Photoshop is part of the suiteDigital image a picture in electronic formUse PS to create original artwork, manipulate color images, and retouch photos2PS is an image-editing programImage-editing allows you to manipulate graphic images so that they can be reproduced by professional printers using full-color processesEvery image is made up of very small squares, called pixelsEach pixel represents a color or shadeCan create and format text, which is called type3The workspace is the area within the program window that includes the entire window, from the command menus at the top of the screen to the status bar at the bottomApplication bar contains the menu bar and title barTools panel contains tools associated with frequently used commands (on left)Options bar directly under the Application bar, displays the current settings for each toolPanels small windows used to verify settings and modify images (stacked on right)4Dock collection of panelsStatus bar located at the bottom of the window, has file size of active window and description of active toolRulers help you precisely measure and position an object5Composition 101Tone is the brightness and contrast within an imageUsing light and shadows you can shift the focus of the viewers eye and control the moodSharpness is used to direct the viewers eye to a specific area of the imageScale is the size relationship of objects to one anotherArrangement how objects are positioned to one another6LayersA layer is a section within an image that can be manipulated independentlyLayers allow you to control individual elements within an image and create great dramatic effects and variations of the same imageThe Layers panel displays all the layers in an open fileYou can use the Layers panel to create, copy, delete, display, hide, merge, lock, group, or reposition layers7LayersThe order in which the layers appear on the Layers panel matches the order in which they appear in the imageYou can make a layer active by clicking its name on the Layers panelOnly one layer can be active at a timeCan use the Layers panel to control which layers are visible in an image</p> <p>8History PanelPS records each task you complete in an image on the History panelWhen you delete a History state, you undo all the events that occurred after that state9</p>


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