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Get Involved Guide 2012

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Information about opportunites at Subcity Radio in 2012. (Photos by Sean Anderson)

Text of Get Involved Guide 2012

  • Subcity RadioGet involved Guide2012

  • Subcity independent, not-for-profit collective based at the University of Glasgow who aim to provide a platform for and to create forward thinking unique radio. Our content is produced by over 200 contributors who are editorially independent of the station, follow no set playlists and are ultimately in charge of their own output.

    The station was founded in 1995 as an alternative to the options

    on the FM dial in Glasgow, following an American freeform college radio format. Today the station continues to aim for unique content that is free from commercial restraints and that is a product of a decentralised community organisation.

    If youre looking to become part of our established community of creatives as well as improve, promote and create fresh,

    alternative content that wouldnt be found elsewhere, there are various ways to get involved, on and off air. You dont have to be a student, and no prior experience is necessary. Subcity is run entirely by unpaid volunteers with a passion for what the station provides. For most roles there are no specific time requirements, it is largely up to you how much you wish to put in, and get out of your experience with the station.

  • FeatureSIf youre not looking to make a long term commitment, you can also use our studio and other facilities to make one-off pieces of content - sessions, documentaries, current affairs pieces etc. For these, we would be looking for things that can stand alone and usually cover a specific area of interest. If youve got an idea for an episode or something a bit different that you dont think would work over the long term, get in touch and we can help you to put it together. email: [email protected]

    applying For a Show...Subcity is currently accepting applications for new show ideas. At Subcity, the creators of a show are in charge of its production, content and promotion. There are no restrictions on who can apply. Applications are open to experienced pros, newcomers,

    students, non-students, groups, individuals... The only prerequisites are imaginative ideas and an enthusiasm for making fresh and exciting radio content. For more details on what Subcity looks for and what to consider when filling in your

    application read our guidance notes.

    Applications can be submitted at until the 27th January.

  • other opportunitieS...content analyStSThe downside of giving our contributors complete creative freedom can sometimes be our contributors having complete creative freedom. Content analysts will keep an eye on those who fancy a segue into the hits of Boney M during a 2 hour minimal techno set, but can also sense when a trip into the musical unknown leads to truly quality radio. If youre looking to expand your musical horizons, and improve content through constructive criticism on top of exercising pedantry (all from the safety of the internet!), becoming a content analyst is a good way to learn more about the kind of content we make and get involved at the station.

    For the articulate among you who are also interested in exploring Subcitys content, were looking for contributors to write copy for the Subcity website and essential listening posts.

    Data analyStSData analysts look for statistical patterns that are relatable to how our contributors produce and distribute their content. It will primarily be your job to analyse the websites traffic, looking at statistics station-wide and at an individual show level, and implement changes based on your findings.

    trainingThe training team are responsible for improving the quality of broadcasting, the stations training materials and the organisation of Subcity. Itll be your job to work alongside the head of training to coordinate this, ensuring a transfer of knowledge amongst contributors and establishing partnerships with appropriate experts on radio and media. Those involved will work closely alongside our analysis and programmes team to identify and facilitate improvement in specific areas of weakness.

    tech teamThe tech team are responsible for planning and implementing the production at our events, maintaining our studio and recording equipment, sound engineering for live sessions and events and assisting with training materials and sessions. Contributors can join and participate at any skill level, and the stations heads of technical run a wide range of practical training workshops to help develop new skills or give you more experience.

    web teamThe web team are about to start work on building a new website for the station. Some groundwork has been done in terms of design, planning and feature speccing, but the bulk of the work is yet to

    begin. This is an ambitious project to build a market leading website that innovates and pushes some boundaries, for which we need developers and web designers.

    eventSSubcitys events are a key part of the stations funding, activity and community.

    PR is vital to a events success, and PR methods are constantly changing. If youve got ideas for innovative new ways to bring our events to the public, can organise a team and dont get too bummed out by drunk people, then youre just the sort of pragmatist were looking for as PR coordinator.

    Not that youll be alone with only some damp flyers for protection. We also need a PR team - a group of enthusiastic folk wholl work with Events, help formulate our PR campaigns and then get the word out across the city.

    Were always looking for event photographers to capture our club nights, sessions (and contributors drunken mistakes) for posterity. If you have a good eye, have a DSLR and will travel wed like to showcase your photographs on the subcity facebook, website and flickr.

    intereSteD?Fill out our form -