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Geography and some facts. STATE SYMBOLS National flag Official emblem of Slovakia

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Text of Geography and some facts. STATE SYMBOLS National flag Official emblem of Slovakia

  • Geography and some facts

  • STATE SYMBOLSNational flagOfficial emblem of Slovakia

  • They are right in the geographic centre of Europe...

  • The Czech Republic in the westPoland in the northUkraine in the eastAustria and Hungary in the south


  • Capital :BratislavaBratislava is a small historical city, butlargest in Slovakia and a youngest european metropolis.

  • The population of Slovak republic is over 5,4 million people.

    According to the latest statistics:-Slovaks form 85, 7% of the population,-Hungarians makes 10, 6% -Romans 1, 6% of the population-Czechs represent 1%-Ukrainians 0,3% -Polish 0,1%.

  • Since 2004 Slovakia has been a member of European Union and NATO.Since 2009, Slovakia has been a member of Euro zone and they have had Euro currency since then.Slovakia has been a sovereign state since 1993 after the separating with Czech Republic.Slovak parliament, government and President are the main bodies of the political system.Slovakia is a safe and democratic country where you will meet nice and hospitable people.

  • The Slovak landscape is noted primarily for its mountainous nature :-Carpathian Mountains,-Fatra-Tatra Area (including Tatra mountains, Greater Fatra and Lesser Fatra),-Slovak Ore Mountains, -Slovak Central Mountains,-Beskids

    Gerlachovsk tt (2655 m), the highest peak in Slovakia.

  • Ochtinsk Aragonite CaveDobinsk Ice CaveGombasek CaveDemnovskCave of LibertyDomica

  • Most of them are in the Slovak Paradise

  • There are 9 national parks in Slovakia.The longest river in Slovakia is Vh (403 kilometres (250mi)), the shortest is ierna voda.There are around 175 naturally formed tarns in High Tatras.trbsk pleso natural lake is a popular tourist destination in the High Tatras

  • Vek Hincovo pleso is the largest and the deepest tarn in Slovakia. Liptovsk Mara one of Slovak dams

    *State symbols

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