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Gautier High School Library Orientation

Gautier High School Library Orientation. WELCOME!

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Text of Gautier High School Library Orientation. WELCOME!

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  • Gautier High School Library Orientation
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  • Hours 7:45 AM 3:45 PM on regular school days
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  • Before & After School You DO NOT need a pass before or after school
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  • Student Expectations Use your inside voices in the library. Work quietly and do not disrupt other students Food and drinks are not allowed in the library
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  • GHS Student Handbook Expectations Pants up and shirts tucked No cell phone No other electronics use, such as MP3 Players, games, ipods, etc.
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  • Books Your student lunch number is your library card Books check out for two weeks Reference books do not check out
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  • Ask for help! Thats the only way we will know you need help.
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  • Newspapers & Magazines Mississippi Press Sun Herald USA Today The library subscribes to over 30 magazines. Newspapers & Magazines can not be checked, but please feel free to read them in the library.
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  • Fines for Late Books Ten cents a day Lost Books Cost of the book plus $2.00 reorder fee
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  • Library Computer Lab Microsoft 2000 Apple IMAC B & W printers
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  • Library Web Page The GHS Library Web Page is a great place to start your homework assignments Library Web Page www.psd.ms Databases (Magnolia, Opposing Viewpoints, ect. Online Catalog
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  • Computer Expectations Must Sign in to use the computers District Internet Acceptable Use Policy Do not change any file on the computer Do not try to circumvent the filter No food or drinks in the computer lab No game playing Do not plug in your iPod, etc
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  • Copy machine Ten cents a page for all copies Printer Printing is reserved for school assignments Free Do not exceed 3 pages unless it is pre-approved
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  • Other Library Services School supplies: pens, pencils, paper, posters, notebooks, folders, etc. Color Copies: 50 a page
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  • Library Worker Volunteer, you do not earn any credits Run errors for the library Check in and check out books Stamp date due cards Shelve books Must be a Junior or Senior with Good Behavior
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  • Library Worker Benefits Read new books before everyone else Free copies from the copy machine Free printing from the computer Forgiven library fines under $5 Letter of Reference for a real job
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  • Whats in the Library? Fiction F Nonfiction Biographies Reference ELL books Bilingual books Reference Audiovisual equipment Professional materials Mississippi Collection DVDs and VHS TVs, VHS, and DVD players. Periodicals And much more!!!
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  • Ask for help! Thats the only way we will know you need help.
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