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Gamineazy Invitation To Our Corporate Friends

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The Gamineazy team is delighted to invite you and your employees/ associates/ team-members to explore a whole new world: Exergaming - Part-exercise, part-gaming, ALL FUN! De-stress! Unwind! Bond! PLAY!

Text of Gamineazy Invitation To Our Corporate Friends

  • 1. Partnering with Sony Playstation, the Gamineazy team strives to promote Gaming as a healthy life-stylechoice among Indians, by focusing on the entertainment + recreation + exercise advantage that motion-sensor technology provides. Motion gaming or Active gaming involves a level of interactivity betweengamers and the game in an immersive, sensory experience that is both entertaining and healthy.Our company hopes to bring this to people in various settings and help them understand the multi-foldbenefits of exergaming. We make it easy for people to access the technology and experience it first-handthrough our innovative lounge/retail/event-management model.Gamineazy provides a novel entertainment mode for employees to unwind, de-stress, have funand, if they so choose, get some exercise as well! Heres what we offer for our friends in theCorporate world: Team-outing/ parties:o A refreshing alternative to team-outing options. Lets look beyond the oh-so-commonbowling + dinner plans, shall we? o We offer attractive packages for parties/ events involving up to 18 people.o Choose from a variety of zones Standard/ Premium/ Racing/Allo We can arrange for finger-food and non-alcoholic drinks to be served in our lounge in aspecial buffet-area within the lounge.o Based on preference, we can also create a package that includes gaming at our loungeafter which employees could head over to Caf Coffee Day for a drink and snacks and/orhave food at Taco Bell. Both brands have stores in the Gopalan Innovation Mall, wherethe Gamineazy store is located. The malls food court also provides a variety of cuisinethat your employees could explore.o Pick-up/ drop service can also be arranged from the office to the lounge and back.

2. Onsite recreation/ exergaming zones: We have the skills and experience to help you setup awesome gaming/recreation areas within your offices. This is just one of many ways you can show your employees you care! o As a client, you can choose to either buy or lease one or more Playstation3 exergaming stations from Gamineazy and have the area/units customized for your organizations specific needs/ infrastructure. o Optionally, you can also engage Gamineazy to provide the support/ maintenance of the exergaming units, which includes important system updates and a periodic refresh of the available set of games, based on employee preference and availability of newer game titles in the market.Exergaming? Huh? What? Exergaming is a concept that is gaining immense popularity inthe US, Europe and Australia. Gamineazy hopes to raise awareness-levels in India and createopportunities for wholesome entertainment like never before!Exergaming: Part-exercise, part-gamingALL FUN!!! 3. Please allow Gamineazy to help your organization create amazing experiencesyour employees will love, remember and cherish for months to come!Contact information:E-mail:care@gamineazy.comWebsite: Landline Number: +91-80-41289235Other references:Facebook:

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