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Arrow (2012 ) Episode ListSeason: ORYear:

Season 1S1, Ep110 Oct. 2012 Pilot Billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen, has been considered dead or ive years. !o", he has returned. But so#ethin$, durin$ those ive years, has chan$ed hi# into a #ysterious $reen hooded archer. S1, Ep21% Oct. 2012 Honor Thy Father &rro" #oves urther alon$ his ather's list "hile battlin$ a#ily issues "ith his #other, (oira, and especially "ith his sister. )e also #a*es a#ends or past diiculties "ith +aurel. S1, Ep,2- Oct. 2012 Lone Gunmen & #ysterious sniper called .eadshot is ta*in$ out bidders at an auction or an industry co#pany. /he bidders include Oliver's stepather, 0alter Steele. S1, Ep-,1 Oct. 2012 An Innocent Man 1eter .eclan has been char$ed "ith #urderin$ his "ie, and only Oliver believes he's innocent. &rro" as*s +aurel to loo* into .eclan's case. (ean"hile, 0alter investi$ates a "arehouse that (oira #ysteriously bou$ht "ith the co#pany's #oney. S1, Ep2% !ov. 2012 Damaged Oliver is accused o bein$ the hooded archer and is put under house arrest. &lso, he thin*s bac* to his ti#e on the island, "here he irst #et Ed"ard 3yers and .eathstro*e. S1, Ep41- !ov. 2012 Legacies Oliver's ne5t tar$et is Scott (or$an, a po"er e5ecutive "ho 6ac*s up prices or electricity"hen people #ost need it. 7ohn .i$$le su$$ests they $o ater the $an$ o ban* robbers that recently "ounded a police oicer durin$ a dayti#e heist. Oliver is not so *een but 7ohn isn't the *ind o $uy "ho $ives up very easily. Oliver 8uic*ly identiies one o the# as a hi$h school ac8uaintance, .ere* Reston 9 and learns that Reston #ay have turned to cri#e because o so#ethin$ Oliver's ather did. /o##y #ean"hile isn't havin$ #uch luc* "ith his hoped or ro#ance "ith +aurel. ... S1, Ep%2: !ov. 2012 Muse of Fire & ne" vi$ilante is *illin$ o the people that "or* or #ob boss, 3ran* Bertinelli. S1, Ep:2 .ec. 2012 Vendetta Oliver Queen atte#pts to train )elena Bertinelli in the hopes that she "ill 6oin hi# in his i$ht or 6ustice. (ean"hile, 0alter Steele delves deeper into his "ie's secrets. S1, Ep;12 .ec. 2012 Year's nd Oliver Queen atte#pts to trac* do"n a #ysterious copycat vi$ilante "ho is *illin$ people on the list. S1, Ep1014 7an. 201, !urned Oliver's conidence is sha*en ater bein$ beaten by the .ar* &rcher and he ta*es a brea*ro# bein$ &rro". )o"ever, "hen +aurel calls &rro" or help investi$atin$ a irei$hter's suspicious death, he reluctantly a$rees but his hesitance "hile i$htin$ al#ost costs hi# his lie. (ean"hile, /o##y thro"s a beneit or the irei$hters and /hea tries to lit (oira out o her depressive state. S1, Ep112, 7an. 201, Trust !ut Verify &ter a strin$ o violent ar#ored car robberies, Oliver suspects that /ed