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1. LEAVE BEHINDTITLE PAGE 2. HELLO. WE ARE FUTUREPROOF. 3. ROOTED IN SOMERSET OUR CLIENTS 4. Over the three years that Futureproof have worked with Enterprise, their share price has enjoyed a more than five-fold increase, from 27p (2011) to 1.50 (2014). And as of March 2014 the firm reported like-for-like net income growth of 1.1% for the six months to March 31, making it three straight quarters of growth for the first time since 2008. 5. Raw Hope is one of the fastest growing innovations in the charity sector. It gathered over 5,000 regular givers in its first six months, representing over 25% of World Visions new donors. The product is a step change for World Vision and will be responsible for over 10m of donations in its first five years. 6. Since launch, High Definition has helped produced superb results, selling a spectacular 24,552 tickets during Valentines week and 14,249 during the Kids Go Free campaign, representing a 64% and 182% increase in weekly ticket sales respectively. 7. ABOUT US We are a progressive agency for the modern client. Small, nimble, fast, intelligent, passionate, and highly creative. We are a friendly team of twenty people based in Shepherds Bush. You may not have heard of us, but you certainly will have heard of our world famous clients and be familiar with the work we have done. 8. WHAT WE DO We specialise in brand strategy, ideas, and integrated communication. We are digital natives, understand the shopper and the consumer equally, are experts in innovation, and measure the effectiveness of our work against brand objectives, not the amount of awards it wins. INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION IDEASSTRATEGY 9. PROOFFUTURE We create the future, we base it on proof. We think the most effective work is a balance of extraordinarily creative and highly strategic thinking - our process aims to come up with work that is precisely that. Our model balances visionary, futuristic, creative ideation (The Future), with psychological, neurological, and behavioural understanding (The Proof). This process ensures that the work we produce is as effective as it can possibly be. HOW WE DO IT 10. A process of visioning, ideating, and creating possibilities. Using predictive trend analysis, directed brainstorming, and co-creation we aim to generate breakthrough ideas that can initiate positive change for our clients brands. We spend a lot of time researching the future. We have access to a plethora of trend data, analysis, and forecasting. We make sure we have the best chance of knowing what will happen next, and what ideas will work tomorrow, not just today. We ground all of our thinking about brands and consumers in the relevant macro and micro trends that surround them. Historically brainstorming and ideation has purposely had no barriers, no limits, no direction. We think it should. We think tighter ideas are formed with constraints, and with limiting factors. The scientists agree, in the laboratory, directed brainstorming has been found to almost triple the productivity of groups over undirected brainstorming. Our ideation process creates narrow tramlines for us, and we think we come up with more incisive work as a result. We continuously filter our ideas against the brief, the brand, the consumer, the insight, and the budget as we go - so we only show our clients ideas that are realistic, relevant, and focused. Certainly, there is a place for individual thinking, but truly great work comes when people collaborate. We do not hide our process from our clients, instead we like them to work with us. We regularly involve clients, consumers, and other relevant experts in our creative process. In all our combined time client-side - we have never known an agency to be this transparent with its creative process. We feel it is a unique, enjoyable, and immensely productive experience. TREND-WATCHING DIRECTED IDEATION CO-CREATION OUR APPROACH / THE FUTURE 11. Most neurological studies and decision science experiments conclude human decision making is goal-focused, and almost all brand/purchase decisions are based on six key motivational goals: adventure, autonomy, discipline, security, enjoyment, and excitement. We make sure we understand our brand and campaigns key neurological goal, and line up our communications to deliver against these motivations. Carl Jung defined twelve primary archetypes that symbolise basic human motivations. Each type has its own set of values, meanings and personality traits. Most, if not all, people (and indeed brands) have several archetypes at play in their personality construct; however, one archetype tends to dominate the personality in general. Archetypes help us to gain personal insight into behaviours and motivations, and Jungian seven-basic plots theory helps us create communication that customers and consumers find accessible and interesting. Behavioural economics is the study of the effects of social, cognitive, and emotional factors on the economic decisions of individuals. In our filtration system we test strongly for heuristics - the fact that people often make decisions based on approximate rules of thumb and not strict logic. We use prototyping and testing to see what consumers and shoppers actually do, as opposed to what we assume theyll do. NEUROLOGICAL DECISION SCIENCE PSYCHOLOGICAL ARCHETYPES BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICS A process of rigorous understanding, research, and filtration. Using principles founded in decision science, psychological archetypes, and behavioural economics. We filter our insights, ideas and executions before they make it out of the agency. We are essentially testing to understand if our campaigns are robust enough to create the desired behaviour change in our target audience. OUR APPROACH / THE PROOF 12. WHY WE DO IT Futureproof was founded in 2009 by Lizzie Penny and Matt Campbell who were both senior marketers (client-side) at the global drinks giant Diageo. They had a desire to create a better agency; an agency that was more suited to producing effective marketing, made output that was more relevant to todays consumers and was a more collaborative partner to modern clients. This passion for improvement, moving forward, and being better is at the very heart of Futureproof. We are always looking at how we can do things more effectively, with more agility, faster - how we can make them better. We love thinking about whats next, ideating about how to progress things, and looking at problems from new angles. This applies to our work and ourselves. Our mantra is Obsessed with Better. 13. WORKING WITH US We like to be collaborative partners with our clients. We love working together, and welcome co-creation. We know that it is important to feel a sense of partnership with your agency, a sense of shared purpose. We believe so strongly in client-agency alignment, we link our fees to the effectiveness of our work hitting our clients objectives. We are purposeful with our creativity, not eccentric, were honest, but not precious. We dont have a swanky Soho office, private club membership, or a company jet. Were just obsessed with brands, people, and marketing - and we dedicate ourselves to producing outstanding work for our clients. 14. Futureproof understand our unique requirements and are brilliant at balancing creativity and results. We love working with them. INNOVATION MANAGER, COMIC RELIEF 15. Strategically and creatively Goliath, but with the pace and dexterity of David. Marketing Director, Hovis Ltd We are incredibly impressed by the level of ambition, the quality, and the flexibility that Futureproof have shown. MARKETING DIRECTOR, METRO INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPERS 16. OUR WORK 17. OUR WORK / RAW HOPE 18. A TRUE CASE OF INNOVATE OR DIE World Vision is the worlds largest international childrens charity. 80% of their funding historically came from one single product child sponsorship. They hadnt innovated beyond this product since the foundation of the charity in 1950. We worked with the charity to resolve a number of issues they faced. Firstly, they were too commercially reliant on child sponsorship. Secondly, they couldnt make child sponsorship work in the most dangerous countries. Thirdly, the horrors facing these children in unstable countries were so extreme, no major charities had dared to tackle them head-on. As a leading global charity for children, World Vision had a duty to help these children living in immediate danger. Our solution was Raw Hope. Most charity products focus on sustainable, proven, long-term change. Raw Hope focused on the immediacy and uncertainty of life and death. A completely new product, Raw Hope subverted traditional charity thinking, instead using an insight taken from the gambling and gaming category, I want to maximise the potential of my money, even if that means risking it all. Raw Hope was aimed at a younger, more masculine demographic, open to risk. A new audience not only for World Vision, but for the third sector more widely, where older, risk-adverse females tend to be the main audience. It tackled the issues that other charities shy away from, such as female genital mutilation, child marriage, rape, and child soldiers. We also identified that to keep consumers giving regularly, we had to give them something back regularly. We produced a monthly film based on raw footage gathered in the unstable countries for whom we were raising funds. The unedited, often shocking, video was used to illustrate the genuine danger and need for donations. Raw Hope is one of the fastest growing innovations in the charity sector, dealing with some incredibly difficult issues honestly and directly, and protecting and saving children in the worlds most dangerous places. It gathered over 5,000 regular givers in the first six months of launch. This represents over 25% of total new donors to the World Vision brand. The product will be responsible for over 10m of dona